How to post without being logged in as a member
Having listened to the issues that some people are having with passwords and cookies, and the fact that some members are not interested in using the member's features, I have created an alternative means of posting to the forum. This simple method enables an existing member to post to the forum without the need to be logged in as a member. Instead, the user verifies their account by entering their username and a pin number whenever they submit a post. Basically it's almost the same as posting to the old forum, except that you'll need to enter your pin as well as our username.

Tell me about my pin number?

Your pin number can be set from your members homepage so, okay, you're going to have to login to your members's homepage one more time but once you've set your pin you can post to the forum without logging in again. Your pin can consist of any four keyboard characters so it doesn't have to be a number but it should be something that's easy to remember. Your pin is encrypted too so I have no idea what your pin is. Indeed, if I view your pin number on the database, it consists of a meaningless jumble of keyboard characters. If you forget your pin you will have to login and create a new one.

Pin numbers encrypted on MS SQL

The image above shows the pin field for seven different members. Five of these members have not yet set their pin but for the two that have, you can see that the four characters chosen for their pins have been encrypted. Further information about the encryption process can be found here.

How does it work?

When you reply to a topic a bit of code checks to see if an cookie exists on your computer. If one cannot be found, instead of redirecting you to the login page, you will now be redirected to a verification page. Here, after correctly entering your username and pin, you will be able to post a reply to the topic. All replies using this method will be moderated however, even if you have permission to post directly to the live site.

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