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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

Rick, I think we must have travelled the same ferry many times. I thought my memory was fairly good but you have brought many more flooding back i.e. the lamp on the boat in the dark and farmer Jacksons field. I wonder if Farmer Jackson knew just how scared we all were when we thought he was coming. In the summer we would go just around the corner of Ascot Drive on the right hand side and collect caterpillars, this would be near the Hayes's house and Harrisons do you recall any of this ? Yes the liners on New Years eve - I'd forgotton about that. They looked as though they were sailing along the field they were so close.
Thanks to lesley goodacre (nee Welsh)!

I think the cobbler was a Mr Hardman,he had grey lips from the nails he always had in his mouth. The newsagents shop on Carrington road called Kellys used to be called Ellis's. Mr Ellis was wounded in the first world war and had a bad limp. He had two daughters Blanch and Brenda. I remember the Ladies called Brady, they made lovely soup. Stan Lea was the green grocer and before him it was Fawcetts. Opposite the greengrocers which was really on Morris Grove was the air-raid shelter and on the open space near Kelly's was this huge tank of water, the Emergency Water Supply (EWS) for the blitz.
Thanks to Gordon Lumby!

Mrs Higginbottom was my geography teacher at wellacre also went on the ski-ing trip in Italy with her husband at sappada resort.Remember the fights that took place behind The Red Lion pub near wellacre school.I still have the bruises from memories.Does anybody have/know where any teachers are now from wellacre 1975-1977.Is Peter Howarth butchers still in business after his unforeseen passing away.I used to live on Bridle Close off Goldsworthy road,near the Harrops house (beryl,Patricia and Christine)Jeff Noone where are you.Simon Brown,Ian ActonDavid Brown,Paul Brown,David Bruce,Stephen price,Simon Ashurst,Michael Ainsworth.Is the Indian restaurant still open on the right hand side of the Curzon ?
Thanks to Nick James!

"Nellie Barton's" was the name of the off-license next to the alker hall.
Thanks to C Russell!

My mum is Susan Holdsworth who you had a crush on!!!!!
Thanks to Sarah!

The licensee of the off-license opposite the lacross club was Nellie Barton, I used to deliver her papers when I was at school. I don't beleive it was the name of the shop. I travelled on the Irlam ferry regularly, to visit a school friend who lived on "the other side" (Irlam). We used to think it was great to scull the boat over, I suppose we were just doing the ferryman's work for him. As time progressed, things changed and we used to drive there instead, over the (then) M62 bridge, when the M62 only ran from Stretford to Warburton. It would have been around 1960.
Thanks to Noel Johnson, Winnipeg, Canada!

The "offie" is now a privately owned house. As a kid I used to nip there from our house in Holly House Drive next to the Alker and waste my spends on the penny tray. We're talking late seventies, here.
Thanks to Mat Nichol!

I seem to remember the Mary p Cooper sinking, I must have been about 4 at the time and we lived on Fairfield Road on Stockton Heath, I was pretty sure that was where it went down. I was dragged out to watch with my sisters and was utterly terrified in case there were floating bodies. In the event it was pretty dark and I only seem to remember seeing bubbles.
Thanks to Louise!

I also remember Faulkners Food Store. I think it was a bit further round from Wareings Shop. I remember my parents used to get all their weekly shopping from there. I went to Canterbury Road Junior School and was also in the same class as Jonathan Wareing (Jonty) I have heard that his daughter is an actress in one of the popular soaps.
Thanks to Gillian Gilluley (Byrom)!

My god you did exactly the same as I did, lived on Ascot and played in the fields. Listened to the hooter from cws. (do you remember dusty the dog howling every time). Terrified of farmer Jackson, I was there same time as the Shaws and Forresters.
Thanks to C.T!

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