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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

Another result noted.
Thanks to Baz wilde!

Hi, I am looking to re-locate the air raid shelters on the playing fields of Flixton Junior School. I understand they are now covered over. Could you possibly inform me of the location on the field?
Thanks to Matthew!

Not only covered over but filled in Matthew, which unfortunately means you will find nothing. The one shelter left in tact is also covered now on Flixton Road. It is under the ground at the bus shelter by the clock.
Thanks to David Smith!

Summer Sunday evenings in the Garden of retreat Flixton house, just magical.
Thanks to Baz Wilde !

After being away for a while, I couldn't help notice the changes to the area whilst strolling down Brook road the other day.
Thanks to Baz Wild!

I was in Flixton CC in the late 50,s and remember Brian and Tony Timms his younger brother who was a particular friend of mine.Brian scared the life out of me coming down Mam Tor on the back of his Tandem. He could really handle that bike. Where are you guys now? Syd Morgan, Harrogate, N Yorks.
Thanks to Syd Morgan!

I remember the ferry behind the Union Inn. We used to hang out there and the ferryman taught me to skull the ferry boat. Once, standing on the bow, waiting to leap ashore and secure the boat, we hit a submerged object and I fell into that wonderful canal. I was in trouble when I arrived home since I was not supposed to go near the canal and it was difficult to disguise where I had been. The ferryman was named Roy Sharrat, I believe. Approximately, 1959.
Thanks to Barry Chadwick!

I remember the shelters well as I lived on Trevor Road as a child and went to both schools. There were 4 air raid shelters at the junior school end of the field and 2 at the infant end level with no 69 Trevor. One of the shelters at the junior end and one at the infants were open to access and so we sometimes played in them. The mounds of earth on top of the shelters were prone to wasps nests and I remember getting stung on the eyelid in 1972. I have a photo of my school class next to one of the shelters taken in 1975 although the quality of the picture is not great. Does anyone else have a photo of the shelters please?
Thanks to Andy Pitt!

Hi I'm new to times gone by really Interesting. My sister was married to Alf Sanders and still in the same house on bent lanes. I remember the chip shop (we used to call it greasy Charley's )at nags head circle brilliant anyone else remember?
Thanks to Shirley jakeway!

Oh I was never out of Atkinson's every day on way home from school I also Remember the paper shop I went in for tabacco for my dad it should have been an ounce of bullwalk I said an ounce of cowrun I was only 7yrs anyone out there use bullwalk in there pipe in them days.
Thanks to Shirley jakeway!

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