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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

I'm glad someone else out there remembers the banana boat,the fishing lake was called "the old river"the pub was called "the boat house". I to remember going to the curzon cinema with my silver sixpence.you could buy a penny lolly inside and if you were lucky there would be a complimentary ticket for the next saturday matinee and if you were doubly lucky you could win a small price if they called your ticket number out, i remember going on stage one saturday and winning a toy town post office set. Who remembers our heroes in them days? there was hoppalong cassidy, gene aurtry,the cisco kid , and of cause everyone's favourite flash gordon.remember stomping our feet when the goodies came on the screen, and booing when we saw the baddies on the screen. i also remember tho victoria hotel with it's cobble stones at the front, there was also another picture house around the corner on higher road called the empress, or as we called it "the flea pit".
Thanks to Michael Fox!

The ship that crashed into the locks was the MANCHESTER COURAGE. We had a trip to the locks when i attended woodsend primary school to see the damage and did a project on the ship canal. The canal was only usable to small coastal traffic for weeks until the gates were replaced with a pair that happened to be lying at runcorn spare!
Thanks to L.and.L Campbell!

I used to live at 69, Lostock Road until 1971. For the enlightenment of Mr David Brady I believe the old cobbler he refers too was called Mr CARCASS or similar.
Thanks to Steve Smith!

I remember the banana boat incident talked about, and green bananas strewn up the hill from Irlam Rd onto Lytham Rd - and foreign sailors handing them out. Also remember a herd of cows escaping from farmers land and running wild thru' the streets - with all the local kids running after them ! Also the M/C Liners on the canal on New Year's Eve - sailing past (we lived on Ascot Drive) all lit up and hearing parties going on onboard, then all the hooters and sirens going off at midnight. We used to have days out in Irlam, going on the ferry, past the 'old river' and taking picnics, spending the day in Irlam Park in the sandpit and paddling pool. There was a bell/gong on this side of Flixton to call the boat over, but the ferryman didn't bother if he just saw kids there, only for the men with their bikes going to shiftwork at Irlam Steelworks. There was a big lamp onboard when it started getting dark - very eerie at night when a big ship sailed past ! Also the 'hooter' going off directly opposite us at the CWS Margarine Works in Irlam - 7.25 am and 7.30 am every day - we didn't need alarm clocks. We used to pinch sour rhubarb from Farmer Jackson's fields and I remember him running after some boys with a gun. All the more fun ! We played on the land where Dunster Drive, etc. now is - building dens with old carpet and rubbish found there, and by the 'yellow river'. re the pop bottles - I remember some boys going round the back of the Greyhound Pub to the empty bottle store and pinching pop bottles, then taking them into the pub for the money back. Does anyone remember going to see Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon and the Paper Dolls at the Princess Rooms in the 60s - it was closed down after the Wild Angels appeared there and there were riots.
Thanks to Rick Edington!

i remember ''faulkners shop'' next to wareings record shop...not so sure about the cobblers though.. john wareing was in the same class as me at canterbury road, I believe his daughter is in one of the well know soaps
Thanks to geoff keen!

The off licence opposite the lacrosse club was called 'Claytons'. I used to attend St Monica's School with their daughter, Pat.
Thanks to Anne Rowley!

In response to Michael Fox's letter about cinema hero's from the 50's, my favourites were Superman and the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers. I was recently in the official Roy Rogers Museum in Victorville, California, and was pleased to discover from many tributes to him, that he was also a genuinely good guy.
Thanks to Les Burges!

Where the garden centre is now, there used to be an old airaid shelter, half lit up, the other half pitch black. We used to dare each other to run through the dark bit. Over the road, where I think it is a computer shop, previously a vac shop, used to be the old co-op and butchers. We used to nick the bottles from round the back and take them in the shop and get the money on them.(didn't we all?). There used to be a couple of old ladies who lived on the same side of the road as the garden centre. They used to walk there black labs and one owned an old bubble car. Anyone remember seeing that around? I used to live at number 12 Carrington Road, at the end of Church Road. Every sunday we used to go to the sweet shop next to the Greyhound and buy our treats for after tea. Those were the days *****sigh*****
Thanks to Mike Agnew!

the little sweet shop next to the Greyhound was run by Eddie Birtwell's mother
Thanks to Margaret Wright (was Broadbent)!

Ah, Irlam ferry ! Going back to the early 60's now my mum would take me across the 1p ferry to Irlam. I was always a bit scared, convinced a huge great liner would crash into us. Once off at Irlam side we would walk along a footpath until we reached Irlam Park where there was a sandpit and paddling pool for us kids. The canal area at Flixton always frightened me to death, there was the thick black oily water and if that wasn't enough the 'Thunder Bridge' (as we used to know it). My mum and dad owned a bit of land where they kept pigs it was on the other side of the sewerage works. At this time we lived in Ascot Drive opposite the Margarine Works in Irlam, I always knew when it was time to go back to school after lunch when the 'buzzer' went off. Happy days. I'd love to hear from anyone that may have similar memories.
Thanks to Lesley Goodacre (nee Welsh)!

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