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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

What is it about Flixton and Urmston? I left there over 60 years ago, but it is still in my heart. A decent place to grow-up in. Splendid amenities, decent housing, good schools, nice people, My move to Manchester in 1954 was a culture shock.Slums, over-crowding, too many people, no fields and farms,but plenty of jobs. Eventually, I escaped to Whitefield with ny wife and three children in 1967. It was very much like Flixton but with hills. My wife, a townee freaked out when cows and horses trespassed in out back garden, so we ended back in Manchester. Such is life.
Thanks to bob potts!

I understand your feelings. I left in 1962 aged 18, but I'll never forget what a great place it was to grow up in. Didn't appreciate it enough at the time.
Thanks to Les Burges!

John Dowd, who grew-up at The Grove in Flixton, died three weeks ago. I attended his 4th birthday party in 1941. He had an elder sister called Molly who was five years older than him. Sadly, she pre-deceased him a few years back. She joined in all the fun and games on the school field next to The Grove. I mentioned their names to preserve their memory.
Thanks to bob potts!

Does anyone have a photo that they can add to the Times Gone By Gallery of Woodsend Petrol station, remember it in the early 1960's, from memory I think they sold Shell petrol, and it also had a car showroom as part of the shopping complex. The exact position of the garage is now occupied by two new houses after the old Woodsend shops were demolished to make way for the new Sainsbury store. Thanks.
Thanks to Mike L!

It is my sad duty to inform all readers that our good friend and colleague David Smith died on the 8th of December inst. at Salford Royal Hospital.He had lung cancer.He will be greatly missed.BOB POTTS.
Thanks to Bob Potts!

I did not know David Smith personally. However, I will be forever grateful to him for creating this wonderful website.A fitting monument to a talented man.RIP
Thanks to Old Flixtonian (R Platt)!

David and I go way,way back. He was in 3rd. Flixton Scouts with me..Also, he was in my sister Connie's class at Flixton Parochial School 1940s. Both were friends of classmate Marina Lumb of Shawe Hey Farm, Flixton. He had a keen interest in the history of the Urmston Urban District. He will be greatly missed.
Thanks to Bob Potts!

I was in that St Michaels class with Connie and Marina, but I didn't know that David Smith was in that class also. Don't know why I don't remember him, I emailed him numerous times in the early days of Urmston.net. This great website is a wonderful tribute to him. RIP David.
Thanks to Les Burges!

I am doing some research on St.Catherines,Bromyhurst Vicarage and would really appreciate any information at all, Photos would be really helpful, and any dates of occupancy etc. Even any information on the Bromyhurst farm and house. I am from Barton and the Vicarage was a very special building to me as a child. Later when it was abandoned we would walk there. My aim is to do a piece of writing, an article possible a book, depending on the depth of information obtained. thank you
Thanks to Lisa!

Message for Lisa. St. Catherine's BARTON-ON-IRWELL. There is a full page on this subject in Mike Billington's book THE STORY OF URMSTON FLIXTON AND DAVYHULME published in 2018. Urmston Library may have a copy. Failing that try URMSTON BOOKSHOP
Thanks to bob potts!

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