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This section is where you can submit memories of the good old days. I have converted the original page into a database-driven page and have included a feature that will group entries with a particular theme together. If you wish to contribute information that relates to an existing entry you will need to click on the Contribute to this topic link that appears next to the existing entry. Otherwise you can simply click on the link above to submit your memories of times gone by.

I am doing some research on St.Catherines,Bromyhurst Vicarage and would really appreciate any information at all, Photos would be really helpful, and any dates of occupancy etc. Even any information on the Bromyhurst farm and house. I am from Barton and the Vicarage was a very special building to me as a child. Later when it was abandoned we would walk there. My aim is to do a piece of writing, an article possible a book, depending on the depth of information obtained. thank you
Thanks to Lisa!

Message for Lisa. St. Catherine's BARTON-ON-IRWELL. There is a full page on this subject in Mike Billington's book THE STORY OF URMSTON FLIXTON AND DAVYHULME published in 2018. Urmston Library may have a copy. Failing that try URMSTON BOOKSHOP
Thanks to bob potts!

Hi Shirley, I remember you when you lived on Rothiemay Road and your brother was a keen pigeon fancier. I lived in Whitegate Park and went to Wellacre Juniors. I now live in Whitefield and often visit my brother who still lives in Flxton.
Thanks to John Rigby!

My great uncle Wilfred Baden Tyler, presided over his own small butchers shop at 396 Third Avenue, Trafford Park, Manchester from 1926-1934. On occasion, my mum would be asked to run an errand to his shop for her own mother with the secret code message: Ask for something to go with a rabbit. When she reached the shop, my mother would gleefully repeat this to Wilf who would then feign shock and outrage: The cheek! Something to go with a rabbit? Well, never mind then you'll have to have something I suppose! etc.etc. all the while rolling up a bulging parcel of chops, sausage and many other extras that were hard to come by unless you had a butcher in the family. The general feeling was that he was more than happy to do this but couldn?t, or didn?t display emotion and the whole back and forth became a kind of joke between him and the kids. My mother and her own mother found it uproariously funny. Whether there was ever a rabbit actually involved (or indeed, secreted away between the strong paper with the chops) remains unclear. Has anyone heard of my delightful great Uncle Wilf? My late mum was Janet Sutherland and worked for Vickers before marrying and emigrating to South Africa and Canada.
Thanks to Sue!

I only know 2 stories about my (great) Uncle Wilf, Wilfred Baden Tyler whose butcher or corner shop was at 396 Third Street, Trafford Park 1926-1934 and this is the second tale. Whilst under Uncle Wilf?s care at the shop, my mother and her brother were helping to make ?treacle dabs? from scratch. This confectionery involved bringing everything to a rolling boil and then like peanut brittle, it is left to cool on a flat tray and may later be broken in neatly-sized shards. (Why and how they were doing this minus adult supervision is beyond my own comprehension!) At any rate, my mum and her little brother had the brilliant idea that the highly polished brass scale from the shop with all its little associated weights (of which Wilf was obsessively particular) would be the perfect tools for breaking up the treacle. Let us say that this enthusiasm was not shared by Uncle Wilf when he returned. My mum (Janet Sutherland) and her family lived at Eastwood Avenue and more recently her sister, Ethel Probyn and her husband Wally lived on Davyhulme Road till they passed. Would love to hear if anyone recalls anything about the shop or Wilf heard from parents etc.
Thanks to Sue!

Does anyone remember the Forrester family who lived at 39 Moss Vale Rd Urmston ?
Thanks to John Forrester!

Are the 1st Nelson sea scouts still going ? They were situated at the back of Trafford football club,Shaw view.anybody from that area growing up remember me ?I lived at No8 Chassen rd opposite the model railway gate,we were never off that park ! Great days growing up, I now live in Kettering, Northants.
Thanks to Garth Hanson.!

Yes Hi Dave I still have the team photo you are on it.
Thanks to Dave Abbott!

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