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At the bottom of Roslyn Avenue in Flixton,there was an old railway line that I used to play on (after the tracks were taken up of course)! St.Michael's Junior School on Church Road, which now has houses on it, the caretaker used to live next door in the house that is still there opposite the car park entrance to the Church Inn. Does anyone remember the Irlam Ferry, you know, the little butte boat that used to take you from Flixton to Irlam? The ferryman used to have one paddle at the back of the boat and swished it backwards and forwards? Does anyone even remember when the first computerised steered tanker crashed into the docks at Irlam? When I was young, my mum used to send me shopping into Flixton Village. As I came over the bridge at Flixton Station, and if I was lucky enough, I would stop to watch the steam trains thunder past, the shops as I remember came in this order:- Where the ATM is now, this used to be the Post Office run by a little old lady (sorry I cannot remember her name), and where Heads Employment is now this used to be the Village store. The one thing that stands out more than anything about this store was that it had a coffee bean machine right in the doorway, and when you walked in you got this stupendous aroma of coffee beans. The machine was maroon in colour and even then looked like an antique! Next door to that, as I recall, was the local barber shop called Gene's. My dad used to take me there to get my haircut, short back and sides for winter and a crew cut for summer. This was all well and good apart from the fact that the only style the barber knew was a crew cut, or it seemed to be because I came out of there with identical hair cuts winter or summer!!! Where the post office is now used to be derelict land that was owned by the railway, speaking of the railway who remembers Flixton Station when it was in it's prime? Separate waiting rooms for men and women, a ticket collector on BOTH sides of the track, and who remembers the sidings that were there? Not many I'm sure! Next door to the barber shop was a chemist and where the car accessory shop is now , that used to be a bakers. Next door to that was Holdsworths the butchers, (I went to school with Ian and I remember having a crush on his sister. Between this shop and the newsagents at the end which was called Dysons, there used to be a habidasherie shop, and it always reminded me of the shop that Mr.Swindells used to run in the early episodes of Coronation Street. Across the road from these shops was Flixton Park. Who remembers the public toilets there? Who also remembers the swings,slide(noted to be the second biggest in the area and the slippiest), horse with eight or was it six seats and the monkey ladder? In those days you could cut through the wire fence at the back of the park and end up at the Penny Bridge near Chassen Road Station. Who remembers the three Silver Birch Trees that stood proud on Carrington Road where the Garden Centre is now.
Thanks to Bill Outhwaite!

After reading bill outhwaites memories about flixton I remember going into gene's barber shop, I also remember coming out with a crew cut, so styles never changed in flixton. I also remember playing on flixton park, every year silcocks fair use to come and we use to go on the rides. does anyone remember the shop that was situated next to the greyhound pub (see Kathy Davis Rochester below), can you remember what it was called, it has been converted to a house now. I also remember those trees where the garden centre is now. Does anyone remember those shops that were where the bus terminus is now, there was four shops I think and a row of terraced houses, if I recall one of the shops belong to a certain mr lea, he was the local greengrocer. I also remember when the brickworks was producing bricks by the lorry load, we use to go and get the empty pop bottle's of the workers and take them back to harrison chippy and get threepence for each one. also does anyone remember the cobbler who use to work at the back of the old co-op building if so I would appreciate his name as I used to take our battered shoes to him for to repair.
Thanks to Michael Fox!

I've just read the note by Michael Fox enquiring about the four shops where the bus terminus is in Flixton. In fact, one of them, a cafe where bus drivers could get a brew and a bite, was run by my father's two unmarried sisters, May and Nora Brady, who are both now, I'm sad to relate, dead. Though they were both middle-aged, they did each eventually marry and the shop was closed. I can't remember the exact date, but it must have been in the early 60s. We then obtained their massive (in those days) shop fridge for our domestic use.
Thanks to David Brady!

I don't know the Flixton barber that Michael Fox refers to, but can anyone remember the name of the cobbler who had a booth just behind Faulkner's at the Nag's Head? He was also closely associated with the spiritualist church that met in the room above him.
Thanks to David Brady!

Regarding Bill Outhwaites enquiries concerning Kelly's newsagent and Mr Leas, these were situated on Morris Grove the first house next to Kelly's was where my grandparents lived before moving to Merwell Road. As to Irlam ferry I remember the ship hitting the lock gates, I think the ship belonged to MANCHESTER LINERS . Does anyone remember the sinking of the mary p cooper? Also does anyone recall the day when a Ffyfe banana boat had to unload its cargo at Irlam locks?, I think everyone on Irlam road and woodsend lived on bananas for several weeks. The boat ferry use to carry up to six people which didn't include their bicycles, the charge was 1d. I remember going to the locks and watching the foreign ships going up and down the canal, when they stopped at Irlam we use to ask the crew for empty cigarette packets but I don't think they understood us because they always threw full packets, how many of us starting smoking because of this. Also who remembers dutton farm it was situated where de brook pond is now?
Thanks to Michael Fox!

In answer to Michael Fox's question about the shop next to the Greyhound pub. It was owned by Mrs Bertwell. My brothers, Bill and John and I used to go there all the time. It was sad to see it close. We used to live at 40 Carrington Road, my husband, Colin, and I moved to Michigan USA with our then two year old daughter Joanne in 1975. Are there any old Flixtonians in Michigan? We live in a town called Rochester which prides itself in being named after the Rochester NY which was named after Rochester England. It was great to hear the old names such as Stan Leas, Brady's and Kelly's. Can anyone remember the name of the off license near the Alker Hall across from the Lacross Club?
Thanks to Kathy Davis Rochester MI USA!

In response to kathy davis' e-mail if i'm not mistaken the off licence was called Nellie Bartons, we used to go there when we were kids. It is now a chinese take away
Thanks to Michael Fox!

I well remember the shop opposite the old St Michaels school in Flixton. In the 40's and 50's it was called Birtwells, but was known to one and all as Birties. Run by Mrs Birtwell it sold penny lollies she made of Vimto, and sherbert lemons at 6d for 2oz, which was my weeks pocket money. Also some yellow powder called kaylie, which I have never seen since I moved to Scotland in 1962. I also recall Genes the hairdresser, and confirm he could only do crew cuts, which he had himself. The chippy at the corner of the Mile Rd was my haunt every night around 1960, we used to sit in the little dining room supping bottles of coke and feeding the juke box (6d). There was a girl called Denny, a Janet Lowe and her friend Bubbles, a guy called Adj, Mike Owen, Jeff Davies, others I can't remember the names of, and myself.
Thanks to Les Burges!

Reading Bill Outhwaites memories of Flixton Village took me back 30 years (and more) I remember my friend Marina and myself sneaking into Flixton House Gardens together when we were about 10, children weren't allowed in without an adult. I also remember the dentist Mr Berman although he was commonly referred to as 'Butcher Berman' by all my family.
Thanks to Anne Rowley!

I laughed when I read about the banana boat oh how I remember that, I think that's where the saying owt fer nowt bring a barrow started. I remember the penny ferry going acoss to Irlam past that pub which was by that short river where people fished, and the free ferry further up towards MC.Saturday matinees ,going with 6pence and still having lots of money to go to Higginbottoms round the corner from the Curzon Cinema for caps and cap bombs ,water pistols and bows and arrows.Miss Higginbottom was my teacher at wellacre, I think her parents owned the shop.I remember watching the diver going down by the lock gates to do repairs etc, I think it was common knowledge that as dirty and smelly as the canal was a few feet down it was as clear as anything.
Thanks to Graham Eckersall, Canada!

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