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Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Topic posted by Babycatcher ... dated:04 January 2010
Does anyone know who I can contact regarding the Zebra crossing on Barton Road at the top of Kingsway Park?
Everyday I have to risk my children's lives when drivers continue to drive straight across the zebra when we are already crossing it.
I understand some drivers are not able to stop in time and they will usually acknowledge you to say sorry, but the vast majority look directly at you as they drive on.
I have contacted highways Dept to ask them to consider making it light operated but have had no reply.
Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:26 December 2018

It is visible making it something we can only guess at. My thoughts are that it was a footpath before the bridge took on its dimensions for today. Interesting find. Nothing different shows on O/S mapping to aid any other ideas.

Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:26 December 2018

On the extreme left of this image (you may have to register to see it properly) the bridge over Bent Lanes Brook has a little extension:

Does anyone know what this was for?  It appears to still be there, albeit heavily overgrown.

Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Bigal ... dated:09 January 2010
Forget it love, the Residents on Barton Road have tried to get a Pelican Crossing for years, the council just say it will slow down the flow of traffic plus the cost. They are not bothered about people trying to cross a road that as never been upgraded to take that amount of traffic since the mid fifties.
Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Angiesluck ... dated:09 January 2010
You need to get in touch with the Traffic Division at TBC as the highways covers all aspects and so may get overlooked especially due to the recent bad weather.
Hope your get a reply as I agree a Pelican Crossing would be better there as it would help to relieve the traffic coming out of Broadway which can be a nightmare. Start a petition, I am sure many would be willing to sign for a Pelican to be placed there instead....Good Luck.
Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by MikeL ... dated:04 January 2010
Have you tried holding up your hand it might work, ie like a policemen etc when you are on the crossing. After all you do have right of way when on a crossing even if it is only one foot. Try and cross with others so that you have a witness should cars ignore you and get their numbers. Good luck.
Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Ed ... dated:04 January 2010
A few years ago when I lived in the north east, I was one of a group of residents who asked the council to convert a zebra crossing to a pelican one. After 2 and a half years and a long petition from the neighbourhood it was changed. We also had a few of those demos where a group of about 30 people constantly crossed to and fro on the zebra, delaying traffic for a few minutes until the local policeman decided we'd made our point for that day.
It might be worth sounding out your neighbours, but don't get too hopeful as most of them will drive to work and or school every morning and won't be too concerned about the matter.
Given today's traffic zebra crossings are outdated, especially during rush hour when too many motorists won't stop unless compelled to for mere pedestrians who don't even pay road tax.
Re: Zebra crossing on Barton Road
Reply posted by Dave - ... dated:04 January 2010
Babycatcher, this is the zebra crossing with the island in the middle right? I'm very careful with zebra crossings; I wait until the person has completely crossed, as you're supposed to. But because this crossing has an island in the middle I would deem it okay to continue driving over the crossing on my side of the road even if someone is crossing on the other side. For me, the island splits the crossing into two separate crossings in the same way as the ones near Davyhulme roundabout. From a pedestrian's point of view I would expect to stop, wait, cross, stop, wait, cross.
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