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Urmston Carnival
Topic posted by Rob ... dated:16 October 2003
Anyone know if the Urmston Carnival is ever likely to re-appear ?? I've fond memories of the carnival from childhood, and in turn my kids enjoyed watching it up until it's recent demise. They particularly remember the group of hairy blokes who dressed up as majorettes and performed comedy marching routines !! Any other memories of the parade ??
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:04 August 2018

Theres no carnival parade this year.

Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:31 July 2018

From my limited access to the Carnival's Facebook page (their old website no longer seems to connect and I do not personally do Facebook) it appears that the Carnival this year will be held on Sunday, the 2nd of September on Woodsend field.

Unless I have misread the postings on their page there will not be a prade through Urmston this year due to the cost of road closures.

Feel free to correct me if I have got this wrong.

Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Shrubb ... dated:05 September 2016

Not only was there little advertising, the carnival itself was 'blink and you will miss it'.  It passed the house in about 5 minutes, with about four or five wagons advertising local businesses, following the band.

Such a shame when you remember the carnivals of the past - but, if people don't want to take part, there is little the organisers can do.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:04 September 2016

I had no idea it was on. Didn't see any advertising for it, and only knew something was happening -  but not what until now -  when I popped out on Saturday lunchtime and found the junction at Church Road was blocked by cones. 

Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Douglas ... dated:04 September 2016

There was a lack of advertising of the parade itself - on Friday several people went into Urmston library to ask if the parade was happening this year but they did not have any information either

Urmston Partnership did post on Facebook on 31st August that the parade would start from St Michaels at 12 and reach Urmston centre at about 12:20 and followed that up with a reminder yesterday morning

Silcocks Funfair had several banners out though

Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 September 2016

The lack of support for this parade leaves me cold. An opportunity for local enterprise to advertise or introduce themselves to the public is missed. Urmston used to love the fun and laughter brought by the carnival as it passed through town, what a miserable lot the present community is. I applaud the organisers for their effort.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:02 September 2016

It's the Urmston Carnival Parade on Saturday, plan your route if you are driving.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 October 2014
Ian the carnival brings pleasure to a lot of people even if it is not your cup of tea. Who knows a two day event could bring in a little extra for the nominated charity.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Ianw ... dated:02 October 2014
Is not one afternoon a year sufficient to 'flog the dead horse'?
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Douglas ... dated:01 October 2014

Just seen this posted on Facebook :

"Just a quick update the carnival will be running over two days next year. So any wishing to come and help out. Can contact use through. The website,twitter,facebook."

Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Douglas ... dated:07 September 2014
There were some small posters around but nothing not even a poster in the library community noticeboard nor a notice on the station bridge/railings. It was and is noted for being held on the first Saturday of September each year though 
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:07 September 2014
There were also numerous signs attached to lampposts along the route - they were up on Church Road for the last week or so.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:07 September 2014
Oscar it was advertised all over the place, even on here under events. It was in the local papers and could be found in many shop windows. The traffic problem was quite well handled as stewards only stood at side roads to close them as the parade passed. This meant traffic disruption could be kept to a minimum. The carnival parade is only on for a few hours. It happens once every year, the first Saturday of September, and raises money for charity. Most people can tolerate a little inconvenience because of this.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:06 September 2014
Did anyone bother to tell anyone about this years carnival, I stumbled upon it today whilst out driving. No signs or anything warning motorists and there didn't appear to be any road closures, just a big float and loads of people and instruments blocking Moorside road near the Curzon. Everybody was doing 3 point turns etc. the person trying to direct traffic was just some geezer in a high-viz who could quite rightly be ignored. 
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:06 September 2014
Not the best of days for a carnival but the small parade drew a quite a few followers along my end of town. It was pleasing to receive a wave and a smile from children knee high to a grasshopper. I hope the day finished well and whoever the charity is this year benefited.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Liznets ... dated:08 September 2013
Hi Angiesluck, I am the treasurer for the carnival. I am sorry you thought the carnival was terrible. Firstly, let me explain recent events. Our original chairperson had to part company with us as he had a family tragedy and because of this nothing had been organised. The rest of the committee stepped in with a mere two weeks to go to the day. One of us is a pensioner and the others have families and work etc. We worked tirelessly in those two weeks with trips back and forth to the town hall organising the red tape side of things, gaining permits etc in order to bring the event to life. It is about the community gathering, the events on the field and seeing so many people from the area come together. Most of the dancers etc could not attend with it being so last minute and the local businesses you saw yesterday gave up their time and services to help us raise money for charity. Just seeing all the children on the floats so pleased to be taking part and all the children on the field and the charity we choose this year gaining from our services made it all worthwhile, even the committee sleeping on the field in the cold the night before with the equipment. With the money we have raised this year the charity can make big steps forward and please bear with us, as we continue to try and take the carnival back to how it used to be, for all of you, the community.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Angiesluck ... dated:08 September 2013
I am sorry to have to say but this years carnival I thought was terrible. Gone have the days of beautifully decorated cars/trucks and entertaining dancers of all kinds and lots of beautiful pageant queens of all ages.
It is more to do with just advertisements of local businesses. I am all for advertisements of our local businesses but a carnival is supposed to be just that 'A carnival'... A carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations.
My two grandchildren aged 3 and 6 years were not impressed at all with my six year old grandchild saying 'this is boring'...says it all I think.
I think this years carnival lasted all about 15 minutes with some great advertisements!
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Liznets ... dated:29 August 2013
Hi all, as carnival treasurer I wanted to let you know that although we have been quiet this year due to personal circumstances, the carnival is still going ahead on Saturday 7th September! The parade starts at 12.30 at the Church inn, through Urmston town centre, then onto Moorside Road, up to Woodsend Circle and the finishes at Woodsend playing field. Silcocks fair will be joining us, as always, and your continued support for this community event is always appreciated. Our chosen charity this year is MyADDventure and proceeds from the day will go towards this new charity. Hope to see many of you on the day!
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:22 September 2012
The Carnival AGM has been arranged for Sunday 21st October 2012.
Location of the meeting is Kip McGrath Tuition (next to Barclays Bank) Crofts Bank Road, Urmston starting at 2pm.
If you require any more information, then please get in touch via the members page.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:02 September 2012
Thanks everyone that turned up at the carnival.  We do try our best to get it right, but unfortunately the powers that be seem to intervene.  Considering we were pushed down to the far end of the field and the lousy weather on Wednesday, we had a good turn-out and even the sun was shining.
Thanks to everyone that helps us out (committee and friends) we couldn't do it without you.
A month off now, and then we start again.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:16 August 2012
Just over 2 weeks left till Carnival Day (1st September)
Parade leaves the Church Inn at 12.30. Activities on field start around 10. Please come and support us :)

If anyone wants a carboot pitch, then please let us know.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:04 December 2011
AGM is on Monday 5th December at 7.30pm being held at Urmston Social Club.

Hope to see you there if you can make it.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:19 September 2011
Thanks Poirot, Will go tomorrow and have a look.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Poirot ... dated:19 September 2011
@ Stewby - Urmston Pet Shop is now on the market if you want to get hold of them and you haven't been able to.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:17 September 2011
Our new website is up and running.  It also has a comments page.
If anyone went to the carnival and wants to comment on the event, then please go to and leave a comment. Good or bad. (Hopefully there will be no bad ones)
Also, if anyone has a suggestion for next year, again leave a comment or email us. Details on website.
Thanks all and hope to see you next year.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Liznet ... dated:09 September 2011
I saw the owners driving away in their van today . Shop empty ,with a sign in the window saying 'Urmston shops , use it or lose it ' . Sad sign of the times for independant shops . Most people just go to one shop for everything now .Back on the subject of the Carnival , it made all the local rags this week !
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Stewby ... dated:09 September 2011
Poirot .. Yes you have heard correctly. Unfortunately I can't seem to get in touch with them.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with them??
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Poirot ... dated:08 September 2011
Congratulations to Urmston Pet Shop who I've been told won best window.  Hoping I've been told right LOL.  Shame they've closed but at least they won....they will be missed.
Re: Urmston Carnival
Reply posted by Polly ... dated:04 September 2011
I would just like to thank the organisers of Urmston Carnival. As usual my family and I enjoyed both the parade, entertainment and the many stalls at the park.
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