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Sky Talk line problem
Topic posted by Granty ... dated:08 February 2019

We are currently experiencing a problem with our Sky Talk land line in that there is no dial tone when you pick up the handset and callers can’t get through because the line is engaged. I was wondering if any other Sky users in the area are experiencing similar problems.

Re: Sky Talk line problem
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:10 February 2019

As a retired GPO telephone engineer... your line is in short circuit in the network or loop as it was know and that is why your line gives an engage tone to callers...broadband will still work in this condition as it will with one of the two wires from the exchange is broken or diss one leg in gpo talk will have to report it to Sky who will then pass it to Open Reach if the fault is in side your house you will be charged but if out side your property no charge 

Re: Sky Talk line problem
Reply posted by Bob ... dated:08 February 2019

I take it your broadband (Sky?) is working?

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