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Topic posted by Edward ... dated:28 September 2019

I have received an unsolicited e-mail from a lady whom I do not know inviting me to join a local social media site called

Does anyone know anything about this site?

Re: Nextdoor
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:09 October 2019

I have found the Nextdoor West site useful for things going on in our area.  Some local events are shown, for sale and free items in many categories, recommendations for people to do jobs around the home, businesses etc.  A useful site in my opinion.  Nextdoor replaced Streetlife.

Re: Nextdoor
Reply posted by Chrism ... dated:28 September 2019

I joined a while ago after having  an invite. I think it took over from a previous site which I liked (can't remember the name) I get emails from them. Seems to be the usual topics, recommendations of tradesmen etc.  Legit.

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