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Local Artists
Topic posted by Frank Rimmer ... dated:12 August 2004
Hi my name is Frank Rimmer and I have lived in Urmston for three years now. I am a watercolour landscape artist, but I am currently in the process of looking into contemporary canvases.
Are there any local artists / painting clubs in Urmston / Flixton / nearby?

If you like watercolours take a peak at my website:

I have just taken some photos of Mile Road, and may paint them soon, also looking at Urmston Meadows as some material for forthcoming paintings.

I would love to hear from you,

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:28 September 2019

I have just completed a painting of Ciss Lane in the 1920's, based on a photo in Alan Crossland's book "Looking back at Urmston"

I have also used artists licence to change the season from Winter to Autumn.

If the link below does not work for any reason simply google norman booth paintings, or norman booth watercolours, then click on "Local views - page 3"

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:17 September 2019

I have just completed a local(ish) painting of Dunham Park. I was attracted by the contrast between the cold snowy landscape, and the warm glow of the cottages. I hope you like it.


If the link does not work Google norman booth paintings for the website and you will find it in "Local Views" - page 3
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:18 April 2019

I have added a new local painting to my website although I must confess I am not entirely happy with it. I have recently bought a new book on watercolour painting, so must persist until I can put the lessons learned convincingly on paper.

This is from a viewpoint in the middle of the junction of Stretford Road, Station Road, Church Road, looking towards St.Clement's church, with the old police station behind you, and Queen's Road that leads to the cemetery to the right. The photo makes the point that the horse and cart are on the wrong side of the road, but that it did not really matter in those days. The original photo is dated circa 1900.

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:10 February 2019

Just uploaded my last local view for now as I have run out of ideas. I don't put other subjects on, whereas local views may be of interest.
This is an old thatched cottage that used to be at the corner of Ciss Lane and Higher Road. The original picture I have based it on is a somewhat hazy photo with a hint of colour wash. I have sharpened the image, and added colour so I think it will be fairly accurate. Some of areas of the walls seem to have been whitewashed with others left as plain rustic bricks. Direct link below hopefully. My last effort was mistyped - brain fade - well I am 77!
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:01 February 2019

Oops - the link on my previous post should have read:-

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:31 January 2019

For anyone interested in the Red Lion area, I have just painted it as it was in the 1950's - 1960's before the original Red Lion was demolished. It's later replacement was itself demolished in 2011 to make way for the De Brook Care Home Note the old concrete bus shelter on the central island, police box, and phone booth. I have added a link to a photo taken in January 2019 for comparison.
Please excuse the quality of the painting image as I have been having problems with the imaging software.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:21 January 2019

My first local view of the year is a painting of Davyhulme Park before the removal of the arches, and demolition of the "castle", in "Local Views", page 3 - direct link below
I think these were carried out because of the health and safety issue that are so prevalent in this day and age.
I have included a link from the painting to a photo I took  in January 2019 from the same viewpoint for comparison purposes.
I spent many days in my youth playing in this park, and hope it may recall happy times for other old Urmstonians!
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:26 December 2018

Just one more local painting to end the year! The Fairway Care Home on Church Road, once the clubhouse of Flixton Golf Club, direct link below.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:20 December 2018

First, a Happy Christmas and New Year to Webmaster Dave, and everyone else!
Just added a new local painting to my website "Local Views" page 3 - 'The Knoll' Care Home on Church Road.
Direct link below

[Thanks Norman, Happy Christmas to you too! Dave]
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:11 December 2018

That's a nice image Norman, thanks. Whoever painted the brickwork should be awaiting trial!

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:02 December 2018

In response to a suggestion I have just painted and uploaded a new local painting of "The Meadows", which was to become the Ann Challis Care Home in 1947. I have tried to create it as it would have looked from a very old and fuzzy monochrome photo, with a link to a modern photo taken from the same spot showing the extensions, removal of the chimneys, and painting of the frontage.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:01 September 2018

My latest effort will be the last local painting for a while as I have run out of material.
Carrington Village circa 1900.
I have also added a link to a photo I took on 30th August from the same viewpoint, not an easy task as that road is very busy!

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:26 August 2018

Further to my last post, I have now completed a painting of the front view of Shawe Hall, and uploaded it to my website.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:11 August 2018

To anyone interested in local history, I have just added a painting of Shawe Hall to my painting website - direct link below.
There are not many sources of images in existence, just a few sketches, and the odd photo. I have combined these to try to create a credible image in colour of how it would have looked about the year 1900
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:27 June 2018

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows about a local artist from around 1935 to 1940. His name was Horace Walton and he was commissioned by the UUDC to sketch local buildings.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:21 June 2018

For anyone interested in historical local views, I have just uploaded "St.Clement's, Urmston" to my website under local views, page 2. This shows it as it was in 1874, before it was extended in 1888, and before the tower and clock were added in 1906. The old photo is monochrome and a bit fuzzy so I have tried to bring it to life with colour, using more up to date photos, and by visiting the church myself. Direct link below.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:23 April 2018

To anyone interested in viewing my painting website, I have had to find a new server as TalkTalk are ending their web hosting service. With immediate effect my new website address is:-

Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:07 April 2018

I have just added a painting of the Empress Cinema to my website, which may be of interest to local people. This stood at the junction of Atkinson Road and Higher Road between 1921 and 1962, almost opposite the old Post Office. The unloved and semi-derelict Victoria Parade now stand on the site. As a boy I managed to get in below the then age to see an X film to see Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in "The Curse of Frankenstein"  and "Dracula!" The shortest way to the website is to google 'norman booth pictures' then click on it, but the full address is:-  
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:19 February 2018

The Thorn Cottage is a great painting I hope the Gallery gets going soon as more should see that one. For an added piece of information many locals call this Brook Cottage as it can be found cornering Brook Road.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:15 February 2018

Just uploaded another local painting of 'Thorn Shop 1950'. This still stands at the juction of Brook Road, Flixton Road, and Bowfell Road, but has been converted back into a private dwelling
"Thorn Shop" in 'Local Views'
This is the last local painting I have planned until I get some inspiration!
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:04 February 2018
Oops! - sorry Dogsbody, I meant to thank you for your kind comments on my previous post!
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:04 February 2018
To anyone interested, I have just added a new local painting to my website "Flixton Road 1903" under "Local Views"
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:31 January 2018
Loved seeing your paintings on here Norman and like your work.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:27 January 2018

After a nine year gap I thought I would update information on my painting website, especially as there is a 'local views' section of 27 paintings among the 130+ total.

For anyone interested in paintings, or local history in particular, I have tried to create pictures in watercolour of long gone local scenes.

The web address is (note no www)
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Saul. ... dated:06 June 2009
Hi Norman, I like the painting and many of the others.

The photograph was taken by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry, his portfolio can be viewed here:
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Norman. ... dated:06 June 2009
Hi to anyone interested in paintings.

I have just uploaded my first portrait 'Sharbat Gula' in "Miscellaneous"

In 1985, National Geographic published an iconic picture of a 13 year old orphaned refugee, then known as Afghan girl. She was subsequently recently traced and her name ascertained. Since 1985 she has married, has three daughters, (a fourth daughter has died) and lives in Afghanistan. This is my first serious effort at a portrait, and I have waited until I aquired experience before attempting it. This picture for me captures an unbroken, undefeated spirit blazing out of those mesmeric eyes. If you think I have exaggerated them follow the link on the painting page to the original photo, or google Sharbat Gula, which will also give other details.

If you look at the original photo, then please don't judge my effort too harshly, this is a water colour, which cannot capture the richness of the colours as an oil painting can. Perhaps for this reason you don't find many watercolour portraits - but I like the challenge, and am personally very pleased with the result.

There are now 79 paintings on the website including 10 under the 'local views' section.

The website address is (note no www)

Hope you enjoy the paintings.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Helen ... dated:06 May 2009
Hi Poppy,
Do Trafford Art Group mind complete beginners going to the meetings? Or do you know of anywhere that might cater for a beginner?

I'm currently trying my hand at watercolour and feel I would benefit from tuition or a group.

Would you be able to give me more details about your group or others? (perhaps you could pm me if I perhaps give Dave my email address?).

Many thanks.
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by Karen ... dated:05 May 2009
Just told my partner how old the thread is, he can't stop laughing. I never look at details! Hope you find time again in the future!
Re: Local Artists
Reply posted by frank ... dated:05 May 2009
Thanks karen, this thread is 5 years old now lol. I'll be honest I don't paint watercolours any more. I'm very proud of them though. Each year I paint some contemporary canvases but don't have the time or space to do anything regular.
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