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Davyhulme Circle
Topic posted by Proud ... dated:30 January 2006
Livng close to Davyhulme circle is a pleasure as the council keep the flower beds so beautiful. Recently however I noticed a couple of the display baskets were missing and then daily more and more went missing.Why do people have to spoil things? The disrespect these people hold for the meaning of the monument makes you wonder what type of homes they come from.I know kids got upto mischief when we were young but unfortunately this word appears old fashioned now because they have moved on now to acts of mindless vandalism.
Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:11 November 2018

Thanks Divad and AnotherPete. There are pictures from 2000 in the gallery with no benches, which backs up the Google 2009 images on Street view. The book must therefore be wide of the mark. Not sure how hearsay makes it to print without being checked.

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Pirip ... dated:11 November 2018

Go to the gallery, click on view categories and go to monuments you will see three photos of Davyhulme Circle , two of which show benches clearly.

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:10 November 2018

If you do a search in the gallery for "circle" (without the quotes) there are several pictures of Davyhulme Circle and you can clearly see benches. 

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:09 November 2018

There were most certainly bench seats, I have several photographs where they are included. The myth about them as being removed to stop them being used as battering rams, I would go along with. It would have taken three, maybe four, strong men to carry them let alone use them as a ram. A thought comes into mind where Davyhulme rioters are charging into the doors of the Nags Head Hotel demanding free beer. I will add a picture to the gallery showing the seats.

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:09 November 2018

Not benches as such, but I remember several recesses with thin planks attached to resemble benches.  

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:09 November 2018

In the new book, 'The Sory of Urmston, Flixton & Davyhulme', it states that there were benches on the island itself but the were removed in 2011 during the Manchester Riots so they couldn't be used as battering rams. I've looked back at images on Google Street View of Davyhulme Circle and gone back to 2009 and travelled around the roundabout. As I thought, there are no benches on the island in 2009, so assume this is an urban myth?

I suspect the benches were removed a lot long ago when traffic became heavy and it was no longer a pleasure to sit at the Circle.

Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by EricJ ... dated:09 February 2010
I believe it was the Police chasing a car that had been involved in a robbery
Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Gillykins ... dated:08 February 2010
Driving past the bookies near Spar tonight and saw a car hanging out of the window. Was it a robbery or a really strange crash?
Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by ericj ... dated:26 July 2008
Do we need another Bookies at Davyhulme Circle?
There is a Notice of Application for a Provisional Statement under the Gaming Act 2005 in the Messenger dated 24th July.
Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by ericj ... dated:02 July 2006
Has anyone noticed how drab the flowerbeds look this year, maroon coloured foliage overshadows the plants that lack colour. Maybe if the moss was cleaned from the grey brickwork surrounding the circle the area would look brighter.
There is a much better picture in the Golden Hill Park flowerbeds, the arrangements are well laid out and colourful, they compliment the gardeners tending these gardens.
Re: Davyhulme Circle
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:30 January 2006
The Monday after Remembrance Sunday I was catching the bus from Eccles library and some young thugs (I'm talking seven or eight year olds) were throwing the small crosses with poppies around for fun and taking delight in standing on the steps of the cenotaph and kicking the wreaths. Their mothers walked on without saying a word and spewed the usual filth when they were challenged about the way their offspring were being brought up. The thing that amazed me the most was that these Mothers didn't have a clue about the relevance of the cenotaph.
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