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Conservation Events in Trafford
Topic posted by Mike ... dated:21 March 2007
This page is to highlight conservation work being carried out in the local area for anyone interested in active participation.

Some websites to look through are Trafford Council's events in Trafford, Action for Nature, Trafford Ecology Park, Red Rose Forest, BTCV, Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service and any Friends of groups.
Please add your own to list.
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Kilbaha ... dated:18 August 2018

Presumably, whoever is thrashing' the gardens is doing it after the gates are locked. Unfortunately, there are gaps in the boundaries, which need to be secured.Historically, there has been issues around the general area for many years so it will not stop straight away. (Flixton Park and the Co-op)

 Another interim step would be, to vandal paint the tops of all the walls, fencing spikes and areas where people are entering the site. After a certain time, can people be liable to trespass and fined. Something radical has to change, as what next, the benches, the bee tribute. Unfortunately, it has happened before and will again. 

Hopefully, some causing the damage may read this and reflect on their actions, maybe develop a sense of shame and grow up. But stopping the destruction will do for the moment. 

Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:18 August 2018

On the recommendation of the Police CCTV is to be installed. It has been paid for by public donation, a sign of the decent people around our area.
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:11 August 2018

Divad, the mind boggles as to why these people enjoy trashing things 'just for a laugh and because they can.'  The Green Flag status has been hard won and it is down to the many hours of dedicated work and determination by the Committee and all volunteers who made this possible for all of us to enjoy.   To the people responsible for damaging areas of the garden, I invite them to get their hands dirty and do a bit of real work digging, hoeing, raking and generally caring for and nurturing the gardens.    They could spend a few hours this Autumn clearing all the fallen leaves by the sackfuls to keep the gardens tidy, as the volunteers do.   Do some good, instead of some damage.

Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:10 August 2018

Last week someone chopped down the tribute Oak tree at Flixton House. On Saturday the Friends Group opened a tribute to the fallen at the MEN Arena. This, as a garden, has now been vandalised along with damage to the arbour in the Sensory Garden. It is anyones guess why such a thing can happen to something so beautiful and moving. After so much hard work in getting the gardens reinstated under a Green Flag status then to bring to the public a memorial it is beyond reproach to see this happening.
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 August 2018

Saturday 4th August at Flixton House an event takes place. It will be to celebrate its Green Flag award, to open a new Bee garden and sculpture to commemorate the Manchester disaster. The Mayor will be on hand along with the Flixton Band to entertain. This will begin at 1-00pm.
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Mike ... dated:26 May 2007
Brash filling and rail to meadows? - 5 - 6th June

Mersey Valley warden walk on the 7th June. An opportunity to find out what is proposed for the MVWService.
Both events focused around Torbay Road

See Action for Nature website for details.

For more information please contact Katie Lowry, Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works, Rivers Lane, Urmston, Manchester M417JB
Tel: 0161 608 0498 / 07740 899 539 Email:
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 April 2007
What will be happening at this event?
Re: Conservation Events in Trafford
Reply posted by Mike ... dated:02 April 2007
Quick reminder that 3rd Tues is the start of a 3 day event on the Urmston Meadows, 9.30am (ish) start. Good weather predicted for the rest of the week!
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