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Bus pass
Topic posted by Hippychick ... dated:11 December 2009
Hello people,
Can anybody give me any information on applying for a bus-pass? I will be 60 next year, and for the first time in my life will be getting something for nothing from our wonderful government. Apparently, I am also due for a winter payment next year, but not too sure about that one!
Thank you, and have a very happy Christmas one and all!
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:25 July 2019

I don't think Boorish has that particular power (yet). Nationwide free bus travel was a decision taken by Parliament, but it was a local decision to extend it to local trams and trains.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:25 July 2019

Our New Prime Minister Doris, will not want that and he will stop the TV licence debacle too. (I don't think so)

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:23 July 2019

The BBC news website has an item about a possible charge for the "bus pass" in Greater Manchester. Strictly speaking, the bus element would still be free, but eligible elderly folk who want to use their card for free travel on trains and trams would have to pay £10. The charge would be introduced from some unspecified date in 2020.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:17 November 2014

Edward's LINK

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:17 November 2014

Network Rail own the tracks and some stations. They do not run the trains or set the fares. That is up to the franchised train operating companies to do. Northern rail was told by the DfT to raise more money from its operations as a condition of its directly awarded franchise, hence the ban on off-peak tickets in the afternoon. Because one train operator has restricted the use of off-peak tickets every other train operating company operating in its area has had to follow suit.

According to the TfGM website the use of TfGM issued travel passes on local trains in not affected by Northern Rail's decision to ban the use of off-peak tickets in the evening. For some reason the site will not let me insert the page address as a link.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Katzgra ... dated:17 November 2014
You can't use your pass between 4-6.30pm on Network Rail.
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Deano ... dated:15 November 2014
We are not interested in those stupid crimes that you have committed. The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them. Do you understand what I mean by that?
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Shrubb ... dated:15 November 2014

Thanks for the info, Edward.

I suspect that the plan is to create a system whereby the cards can easily be converted to pay cards when/if  the wrinkly cards are abolished.  Somehow, I doubt this will be mentioned before the General Election!

I think I will continue to 'forget' to swipe my card on the Metro to avoid Big Brother and see who I upset. 

If I suddenly disappear from the forum, could someone look for me in room 101, please? (said he, continuing George Orwell references :-)
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:15 November 2014

We already have to touch-in when using our pass on the bus but we do not touch-out. Hardly anyone tells the driver their destination so I assume that the journey is recorded as being to the terminus and the authority is billed for the same. I assume that the system will eventually accept fare payment by contactless bank cards too, as in London. On the tram the new system will provide exact details of every journey made using the pass, which are currently not recorded, enabling the authority to be billed for exact usage.

Pass holders can register their cards with TfGM and receive an on-line breakdown of all their tram journeys made using the touch-in touch-out system. It is planned eventually that the pass can be pre-loaded with a cash balance and the system will automatically deduct the fare when travelling at non-free times.

TfGM is introducing a 'Get Me There' card for non pass holding passengers, which can be pre loaded with cash and is currently used to pay tram fares using the new system but will later operate on the buses. The new system should be ITSO compliant and so should work elsewhere, as my current bus pass does. The London Oyster card is out of date and is not ITSO compliant, so it will only work in London. It will eventually have to be replaced with a complient system.

London has already gone cashless on its buses so it will probably be the aim of TfGM too.

This new system will record details of every passenger movement, so be warned, Big Brother is watching you!!

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:15 November 2014

I have not used my bus pass on the trams yet & I would like to thank others who have brought this to our attention but I think this swiping in & out will cause queues on the platform & if this is also done on buses then it will slow the bus down at stops when a lot of people get off.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Shrubb ... dated:14 November 2014

Edward wrote:  "If you are using your pass on the tram you now have to touch your pass in and out on a yellow reader on the platform before and after your journey."

I use my wrinkly pass a lot, both on the bus and the train but I tried my card out the other day on the new Metrolink pass system.  I wondered what the point of it was.

If I didn't bother to swipe my card on each journey, unless the inspectors now have card readers, who would be interested?  Maybe the cards store the boarding stop info in the card  (or will in the future).

I presume the grand plan is to allow the current French contractor of the Metrolink to claim more from the government, per journey.

Does anyone know?

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:13 November 2014

Edward's link

There's also Oyster-type plans to make changes to bus, train and Metrolink concessary travel passes next year and already offer to upgrade passes for the Metro...Link
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:13 November 2014

The age of eligibility for a pass is being increased in line with the increase in state pension age. A male is now only entitled to a pass when a woman born on the same day would be. If you were born after 1950 the age is increasing very rapidly indeed.

A guide to pass issue and usage is given on the TfGM site. Sorry, I seem unable to insert the adress as a link.

Another point. If you are using your pass on the tram you now have to touch your pass in and out on a yellow reader on the platform before and after your journey.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:12 November 2014

60, hoyboy.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Hoyboy ... dated:12 November 2014

Does anyone know with age you can get free bus travel from? I thought it was 62? Or is it 60???

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:12 November 2014

There could be some confusion because Northern Rail are no longer letting off-peak return tickets, issued for travel after 0930, be used in the evening peak. Instead passengers must purchase a full-price peak-hour ticket to travel in the evening, even if an off-peak ticket was valid for the opposite journey during the day. They are even applying this to travel in the counter-peak direction, i.e. into Manchester during the evening peak when the trains are almost empty. I understand that they are doing this because the DfT has told them that they must raise more money from fares as terms of their Direct Award franchise.

As far as I know, from TfGM's website, this is not yet affecting concessionary pass users.

The age of eligibility for a travel pass is being increased in line with the government's increase in the retirement age for a state pension. Her ladyship was 60 last summer but she now has to wait until she is 65 and eight months before she can collect her pension and bus pass. To think that I was entitled to one at 60 and recently retired five years later at 65.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:12 November 2014

Herb, isn't the policy that if your pass is issued by TfGM you have between 09:30 until midnight to use it , if it's issued by another LA then you can use it between 09:30 and 11PM? I don't know the reason for restricting the use of concessionary passes only for the morning peak - surely it should be both peak times or no restriction at all? Not heard of the 4PM curfew - probably a rumour as more council cuts are being announced.

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:12 November 2014

I ave heard rumours that the over 60's (subject to date of birth slowly going up) pass which gives free bus travel + tram + rail after 9.30am is to be restricted to ending at 4pm. I have tried TFGM's website but it gives a 11pm ending. Has anyone else heard of this??

Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Hippychick ... dated:12 December 2009
Thank you all for your prompt replies. I think I may just qualify for the bus-pass at 60 as my birthday is  in February!  Free prescriptions too eh? It just gets better! Anything else I should know about? Again, many thanks.
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Swordfish ... dated:12 December 2009
There is now a problem to getting a bus pass at 60 - it is not 60 any more. Tucked away in page eighty-something in the pre-budget report is a little clause that says that the age to qualify for a bus pass and for free prescriptions is changing. It is now 60. As from April 2010 it will increase gradually, so that by 2020 the qualifying age will have increased to 65. Source:- BBC, Radio 4, Moneybox Live, Saturday 12 December. Sorry to impart the bad news.
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:11 December 2009
To apply for a new national concessionary travel pass or a replacement, get an application form from a GMPTE Travelshop located in the bus station at Altrincham, Ashton, Bolton, Bury, Eccles, Hyde, Leigh, Middleton, Oldham, Manchester Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Shudehill, Rochdale, Stockport, Wigan or Wythenshawe.
You can also pick up this form from your local library.
For more information, see the GMPTE website.
Don't forget, in Greater Manchester (only) you can use it on the trains and trams too!
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:11 December 2009
Winter fuel payment, go here.
Re: Bus pass
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:11 December 2009
Bus pass, go to here.
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