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Bikes on train
Topic posted by Tom ... dated:30 June 2006
Does anybody know if the train from Liverpool to Flixton/Urmston/wherever has space for bikes?

I fancy riding down the Trans-Pennine trail to Liverpool, and getting the train back. Is it possible? I don't mind getting a train that stops at every station.
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:28 August 2018

Cheers but its a moot point anyway, he was due to start work this Monday as a trial but decided to go to Creamfields on Sunday and not bother getting up for work on the Monday morning.

Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:26 August 2018

At that time of day their chances are very good. It's relatively early in the day, and relatively early in the train's journey. Just bear in mind that Northern's policy on bikes is "first come, first served". Getting home again later in the day might be a bit trickier but lots of people, and bikes, will board in Manchester, then get off at Urmston or Flixton, leaving space free for bikes. Remember to look out for the bicycle symbols around the doors to the bike spaces.

It will get easier as Northern take delivery of their new trains, replacing the very short Pacer trains. We'll also get more of their existing diesels when the Bolton line is finally electrified.

Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:26 August 2018

What are the chances of getting a bike on a train at Birchwood station to arrive at Flixton for about 7AM Monday to Friday. Someone I know lives there and he may be starting work in the Flixton area.

Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Lionel ... dated:13 July 2006
Clive Sinclair's new 'A Bike' is so small that it will be able to go on to any trains. They look interesting at 199 pounds to buy and only 12 pounds in weight........
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Bob....... ... dated:02 July 2006
Tom - are you sure this wasn't you instead???
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Douglas ... dated:01 July 2006
Funnily enough we went to an RHS event near Selby and yes the Trans-Pennine Trail goes pretty close to the Drax power station so I think you chose the right section :-)
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:01 July 2006
Well yesterday I went from the junction of Dairyhouse lane and BlackMoss road - you can't miss it, where the track begins proper, through Heatley , onwards under the M6 and cycled all the way down to the locks in Warrington. Then I crossed over to the other side of the river/canal near the locks, and cycled back.

Disappointingly on the return leg north of the river/canal, when you get near to Rixton old hall there doesn't appear to be a way through the fields to continue along the riverbank, so I continued along the A57 (not recommended, very busy with traffic and the pavement is overgrown) and went back across Warburton Bridge and through Partington.

The path in its entirety is absolutely excellent, in really good condition and you're not bothered by cars at all, just a few very minor roads to cross with no traffic at all. Its arrow-straight (follows an old train line), almost totally flat, and really well signed at every point, with information boards and local history boards along the way, benches, pubs. Its just a great local resource, if you've got kids I heartedly recommend taking them down there although you might want to arrange a lift back rather than use the roads.

Anyhow I did about 30 miles, to Liverpool would probably be around 45-50 miles. Its actually very very easy when you're not being overtaken with 6 inches of room by errant motorists :) I can't wait to go down to Liverpool, my house is within spitting distance of Flixton station :)
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:01 July 2006
Generally you're not allowed bikes on trains during rush hour. Let me know how you get on with cycling the route. I don't know how well signed it is, some boroughs are better than others.
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by John ... dated:30 June 2006
Tom - see this link
Re: Bikes on train
Reply posted by Dave - ... dated:30 June 2006
Hi Tom, yeah the Manchester to Liverpool stopping train has space for bikes usually at the front or back of the train. People often takes their bikes on the train in the morning to cycle to work once they've reached the station in Manchester. If the train is really busy though the guard may refuse to take your bike.
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