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William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Topic posted by Tom ... dated:29 December 2007
I am the great*3 grandson of John Stevenson (1754-1793) whose brother William (1760-1790) lived at Auburn Lodge. Presumably it was their father William (born in Sheffield in 1728) who built Auburn Lodge and named Manchester's Stevenson Square? But even he would be only 12 years old in 1740 when the Lodge was apparently built.

I wonder if anyone has better information please?

Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:22 July 2017

Lesley all mail is being returned marked as an invalid address, sorry but unless you open your contact page I cannot send you my address.
Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:21 July 2017

You have a few details wrong Lesley the Lodge was not removed for the motorway it was only taken later for the Auburn Estate. The Grange (Woods Farm) next door was lost at that time. No tunnels either, funny how all the old Urmston homes followed that story somewhere along the line. I have a detailed study created by the local historian Alan Crossland about the Auburn Lodge which I will send to you.
Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Lesleycakes ... dated:21 July 2017


Re:  Auburn Lodge (Farm).

My grandfather Samuel Joseph Leathem moved in to  Auburn Lodge with the family which included my aunts and families. I have no idea what year he moved in and would have to speak to my cousin, John Alexander,  who seems to know more about the history of my family.   It was a wonderful house where my sister and myself spent our early years.  Fantastic memories. Playing in the orchard and haystacks. Fishing in the stream at the bottom of the orchard. We had geese and they used to chase us!  Frightening, but wonderful at the same time. I remember my uncle Bill driving the tractor and the combined harvester. I suppose hired for the harvest of crops. My sister and I queued up with  everybody else to pick the crop of potatoes and then to receive the money we had earned!! wonderful.. 

We are members of  the National Trust and so many properties remind me of the "Farm" as we called it . The bathrooms were so in the image of Auburn Lodge  with the toilet and flush. We NEVER had to go outside to use the toilet!!!  Always lucky. There were  rumours that there was a secret passage from the farm to St. Michaels church which it was said that Oliver Cromwell used. I don't recollect where that came from, but would love to believe it was true. Not that I am a fan of Oliver Cromwell! It was a sad day when we learned that the farm was to be demolished for the Motörway. . Also Woods farm next door to us. A  lovely cake shop the other side of the lane was to be demolished. A sign of the times and I feel that life is more fraught with changes that are no better for the community.

Urmston is going to be hemmed in by all the proposed building planned for the area and personally I am appalled by the thought that we will lose so much of our green areas and especially as some of it was bequeathed to the area for recreational purposes for people of the area. Who do these so called bigwigs think they are that they can override these wishes. They simply do not have the right. 

To my mind all people think about is making money and it is sheer greed. 

Well I would love to hear from anyone who has information about Auburn Lodge or anything connected.

Hopefully this message will get through.

Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Vanadium ... dated:10 April 2017

Thanks Divad, I think I have now opened my email.


Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:08 April 2017

Vanadium, you will have to open your home contact for me to supply you with an address. I have copies of Alans study about the Lodge that I could then forward to you.
Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Vanadium ... dated:07 April 2017

I’m still interested in the history of Auburn Lodge and the Stevenson family, if Alan or Dave are still around.

William, who died in 1790, had no children.  He left Auburn Lodge to John’s eldest son, also William, born in 1778.  William married Maria Coulborn in 1802 and their family is commemorated by a plaque in Manchester Cathedral.  In July 1804 William advertised Auburn Lodge for sale in the Manchester Mercury.  He was obviously unsuccessful as he went on to advertise the property to let seventeen times between March 1805 and July 1806.

Many thanks.

Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:10 January 2008
I'm sorry, but I do not know how to "forward my email address to Dave"!

[I have Tom's e-mail address if you want to contact him. Dave].
Re: William Stevenson of Auburn Lodge
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:29 December 2007
Another Tom?
I have some information regarding Auburn. It comes from Alan Crossland and his research of the area. It is quite detailed and I am sure of interest to you. Forward your address to Dave if you would like to follow this up.
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