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Urmston leisure centre
Topic posted by Luke ... dated:12 April 2007
I recently have started going to urmston leisure center and personally myself I think the amount and the quality of the sports and leisure facilities is innapropriate. I am sure that this place is run by Trafford so why aren't they putting a bit of extra time effort and money into the place to update its facilities e.g the changing room for the swimming pool are grubby, old half of the lockers don't even work. Things like this affect the quality of lifes so if you want to make the community a better place trafford needs to give us services and places we can be proud of therefore keeping the community a happy way.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:05 August 2019
The closure is for 6 weeks mostly over August, there was a notice up before the works started. Most of the works won’t be visible whe it reopens in September. The moving floor broke a few months ago, there was no diving for a few weeks. The floor machinery is being repaired and serviced. The plant that generates the hot water for the pool is being worked on, and they are changing the lighting/ventilation around the pool.

I presume there’s no good time to do these works, but usage over summer is probably lower with people going away on holidays & fewer lessons and no school swimming lessons.

They’ve made good progress with the new structure at the front of the building.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:03 August 2019
Why on earth close them during the school holidays and re-open them just as the kids go back to school?

Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:23 July 2019

The swimming pools are closed for refurbishment during the summer. They're expected to re-open on 3rd September.

Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:23 September 2018
Update Link here.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Shrubb ... dated:23 September 2018

I see in the Messenger that the redevelopment is going before the planning committee again, after the work was stopped earlier on this year.

Does anyone know if the new proposals are different to those passed last year?

Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by JonathanK ... dated:23 November 2012
I agree that the new changing rooms are a vast improvement in terms of facilities.. the old men's changing room was becoming a bit dated and now they are completely modern, but i am bit unsure as to why they have decided to make it a communal family changing area? I understand the need to accommodate for families but surely this could have been done by just using the area that the old sauna used to take up?
I've used the new rooms 3 times now, twice after swimming and once after the gym. I ended up in there after the gym when the dry change was full and I hadn't appreciated how difficult it would be to get a shower since it is impossible to leave your bags in a cubicle, take a shower and come back.  
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Pea ... dated:20 November 2012
Having used the new changing rooms I must say they are much better than the old ones. Certainly more family friendly and clean.....If you have ever used the changing rooms at Partington then you know what I mean
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:20 November 2012
That sounds reasonable SteveW, as always there are two sides to a story and I only got one half. As it stood it worried me that any troubling complaints were not to reach the correct authority to gather attention. I do hope there is some follow up to this as your list seemed quite long, not what should be expected for a new beginning.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:20 November 2012
Divad, you may well be referring to my comments on the new changing rooms. If so, I did inform the staff at the leisure centre first (they are keeping a comments list for the management). As to why comment on the Messenger website - the new setup has got some problems and, just like on here, commenting can prompt others to register their thoughts (good or bad) and in the end carry more weight than a single thought.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:20 November 2012
The Messenger reported the opening of the new change room facilities that cost an arm and a leg to upgrade. Within an hour of this being published a reader has forwarded a list of complaints under the comments section. It is difficult to understand why people do this as the Messenger is not responsible, if there is room for complaint, send it to the Leisure Center for their attention.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:19 August 2008
There are pools at both Sale and Stretford leisure centres, I can't vouch for them being child free but they won't cost an arm and a leg like Lloyds/JJB.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by AN ... dated:19 August 2008
Hey Jules maybe they could build a new swimming pool next to the skate park in Woodsend.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Jules ... dated:18 August 2008
Does anyone know a local pool where adults can swim peacefully?

The other 2 local gyms (JJB & David Lloyd) only sell full memberships (not wanted).

Urmston's swimming pool is constantly taken up with school children in the day, and swimming lessons in the evening. No provision at all for adult swimmers except for during lunchtime (great for those who work!) or late in the evening, once the swimming lessons have finished. Sometimes they generously grant one lane for swimmers which is usually too busy!

We really need another swimming pool in the area!
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Lou ... dated:17 August 2008
Who needs a cold, grubby swimming pool when we have got a world class one on our doorstep? (well almost on our doorstep). This morning went to Manchester Aquatic Centre with my 4 year old, its free for under 5's, it only took about 15 mins to get there and free parking right outside. The large children's paddling pool was a big hit with 3 mini slides for toddlers and a larger 'elephant' slide for 3 years+. Two huge log flumes for older kids and adults (although these are not open on a Sunday). A seperate pool for children to swim in was perfect for those learning to swim with floats etc(the depth on this varies as the floor can go lower!) and a larger pool to do lengths with slow, medium and fast lanes. The changing rooms were spotless and loved the large stand-in dryer.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Alison ... dated:09 August 2008
Went to take my daughter swimming yesterday and there were a gang of teenagers messing about just outside the front doors. I felt really uncomfortable going pass them. As its Trafford's land I think staff should ask them to move. They were swearing to each other but I don't want my 7 year old to hear words like that .
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:08 August 2008
Just found this in the "mission statement"(sic) on the website.

"The cornerstone of the Trusts operation is its provision of excellent customer care, through you the customers, our expert staff and continual monitoring the products and services we offer are ever progressing to meet your ever changing needs. This is further illustrated through all our major sites being awarded the Sport England backed Quest award, which places the Trust’s centres in the top 20% in the country for leisure provision."

Frigthening to think that 80% of the country's leisure centres are worse than Urmston/ George H Carnall!!
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by john3 ... dated:07 August 2008
The Head Office is at Stretford Leisure Centre
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:07 August 2008
Email to here and ask for address.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by SarahP ... dated:07 August 2008
The CEO is called Bernie Jones but I can't find an address for the Trust after 30 mins on Google. The charites database gives an almost "registered office" type status to Stretford Leisure centre. Can any please help and tell us where Bernie's secret office is?
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:07 August 2008
An excellent idea Jules! Do you have a contact name and address or is there a website we can retrieve it from?? I find that swamping people with letters of complaint is much more satisfying than a 'phone call, although an assault on both fronts could be effective!
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Jules ... dated:07 August 2008
I think all complaints (perhaps with a link to this thread?) should now go directly to the CE of Trafford Leisure Trust. The Head office number is 0161 875 1414.

I stopped going to Urmston Leisure Centre because the services they offer have dwindled over the last couple of years. Coincidentally, the services in Sale and Altrincham have grown...
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by REB ... dated:07 August 2008
My son swims for Swim Trafford. He trains at Sale, Urmston and Stretford. Part of the training involves early starts i.e. before the leisure centre has opened and while most people are asleep...05.15 at Sale. Sunday training at Urmston means we have to open the centre up. It is often still dirty from the night before. Dirty tables and changing rooms, This does not occur at Sale and Stretford is by and large very clean. I have complained many times at Urmston about the filth but to no avail.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by SarahP ... dated:06 August 2008
Aardvark - you never know!

Went again tonight. In our opinion it was worst than last week. It was so bad it was almost funny. The grids were full of black gunk, floor was disgusting, toilet cubicles have been vandilised so the MDF inside the panels is spilling out, old plasters and rubbish all over the floor, a very dirty bin, tiles missing, dirty lockers fully of stained sticky liquid.

We went again to the front desk and spoke to a different duty manager who was lovely. She immediately tannoyed (sp?) one of the life guards to go and clean up the changing rooms. Apparently, they have cleaners until 11.30am and after that the life guards take over. We asked to see evidence of when the changing room was last cleaned (you know how when you go to some restaurants or public facilities there is a sort of log sheet on the wall that gets signed by the person who last cleaned next to the time they cleaned it). Apparently, they stopped doing this as it was pointless...

Ho hum - try again next week and then get bloshier... to whinge about the the kid's apparatus at Chassen Park which is covered in chains and "Danger do not use" signs. Do we automatically get grumpier when we start getting only 32. What will I be like at 60?
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Star ... dated:06 August 2008
Went swimming yesterday at Urmston baths, all ok except the cafe, niped in to have some chips, could do with a good clean.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:06 August 2008

For genetic reasons, I only went in the male changing rooms. I thought the lame excuse that 'I am researching for' in the ladies changing rooms would not have been appreciated.
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by SarahP ... dated:06 August 2008
Aardvark - great to hear that the leisure centre was clean when you went. We are back for "ladies night" this evening and hoping that our last visit was just a one off (cleaner's holiday?)

Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Mikey ... dated:06 August 2008
Thanks for the correction, Divad :-)

That really surprised me, I really thought the old baths were much older..This building didn't have a long life then, did it? Was it pulled down round about 1980?
Makes you wonder how long Urmston Lesiure Centre will stand before serious renovations have to take place given the observations in this thread, doesn't it?
It actually shocks me the speed with which buildings are thrown up and then knocked down again these days......It's as if nothing's built to last........I remember being at Urmston Leisure Centre a couple of years ago for my niece's birthday party in the pool. The place wasn't shabby, but it did have the feel of a facility that would need a lick of paint in the not too distant..........

As for people doing Number Two's in the pool, nothing so new in that. I remember my mate swimming past one at Cyprus Street baths in the late '70's.

Very serious health hazard they are as well as it being seriously disgusting :-(

All the best,

Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by john3 ... dated:06 August 2008
I always find the water more on the hot side for my liking! It's never been too cold all the years I've been going!!
Re: Urmston leisure centre
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:05 August 2008
Small correction Mikey, the old baths were built in 1933 and were not Victorian by any means.
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