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The 245 bus service
Topic posted by Dave - ... dated:28 March 2009
Please use this topic to discuss the 245 bus route.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:01 September 2019

The new timetable has now been published. The times have changed considerably (which will please Edward, as they no longer clash with those of the 247).

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:13 August 2019

Now I understand, thank you both. It is nice to be forewarned as I use that route often. 

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:13 August 2019

You'll still be able to catch the 245 in Urmston but it won't go as close to Sale Library as the 18 does. The 245 will (from September) go straight down Washway Road but the 18 will continue to run past Sale Metrolink station and along Northenden Road.

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:12 August 2019

I am sure you are trying to help but that is not clear, why can I not just catch the 245 in Urmston?

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:12 August 2019

As Aardvark says the changes are from 1st September.

For Sale Library, the 18 stops outside. Otherwise you'd need to catch the 245 from Washway Road.

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:11 August 2019

I am not sure where the changes come into play. Is using this bus to get to Sale Library still an option from Urmston?

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:08 August 2019

Yes, service 19 is being increased by Arriva to every 20 minutes so no need for 245 to operate by Ashton on Mersey

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:07 August 2019

From Sunday 1st September, the 245 bus will abandon its diversion through Ashton-on-Mersey and revert to its traditional route, the A56 (Chester Road), to reach Altrincham.

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:10 August 2018

The evening and some early morning services of both the 245 and the 247 are subsidised by Transport for Greater Manchester. The subsidised evening services are now operated by a different company than Arriva who operate the daytime services.

Yes, the two routes still interlace to give an approximately 15 minute interval out of Altrincham but it seems that now the passengers from the TC to Woodsend, where the routes diverge for Carrington or Stretford, are of lesser importance in so much that we now have what is effectively only a half-hourly service.  I wonder if, at some time in the future, it will be decided that one bus is sufficient to provide a half-hourly service between the TC and Woodsend, the other service then being truncated to start and end at Woodsend?

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:08 August 2018

The extention from Woodsend was subsidised by funding from the DfT. Whether it still is, I don't know.

Who knows what Arriva have planned for the future? It comes down to number of passengers, revenue and costs. Bus companies cannot run services at a loss. Although the 2 services don't offer a 15 min frequency at TC, they do from Altrincham.

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:06 August 2018

Both the 247 and the 245 routes have been curtailed in the recent past.

The 247 use to run to Eccles bus station via Woodsend, Lostock Road and the Trafford Centre. It now just runs to the TC via Barton Road.

The 245 route, which formally terminated at Woodsend, was extended to Exchange Quay, Salford, via the TC and Trafford Park. It provided an easy route to Media City and the Lowry by alighting at the Imperial War Museum and using the path alongside Coronation Street to access the bridge over the canal to Media City. Alas no longer. It too has been cut back to the TC.

Last April the quarter-hour interval service from the TC to Woodsend and beyond provided by interlacing the two 30 minute interval routes became effectively a single 30 minute service by retiming the departures to within a couple of minutes of each other.

I wonder if this is a prelude to curtailing one or other of the routes to terminate at Woodsend again, leaving just a single 30 minute interval service between Woodsend and the TC?

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:05 August 2018

The other complication is that the 245 has to dovetail with the 19 (to give a half-hourly service through Ashton) and the 263 (to give a better spread of buses between Timperley and Altrincham, and between Stretford and Sale).

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:05 August 2018

Don't forget, until the 245 was extended to the Trafford Centre, it termintated at Woodsend, so at least there are 2 routes to choose from.

The word 'service' is not perhaps the best word to use. Buses are largely operated by private companies, and they set the routes, times and fares. Until such time as the Mayor decides to franchiase routes (currently under consideration) a co-ordinated joined-up and accountable network is not achievable. 

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:04 August 2018

Once upon a time there were two bus routes between the Trafford Centre and Altrincham via Woodsend, the 245 and the 247. One left on the hour and half hour, the other on the quarter hour, so there was, between them, a quarter hour interval service to Woodsend.

Then, last April, everything changed. There were still two routes but now they left the T.C. within a minute or two of each other with an almost half-hour wait for the next pair. The 245, which used to run direct to Altrincham down the A56 after Stretford, now makes an excursion around Ashton and Sale town centre. However, at Altrincham, the return journeys still interlace to give a 15 minute departure interval but arrive at Woodsend within a few minutes of each other, leaving another long gap before the next pair arrive.

Are we passengers from Woodsend of less importance than passengers from elsewhere?

Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:16 September 2012
You're quite right Edward, the only publicity has been a 1/2 page advert in the Advertiser and some route branding on a bus!
The destination doesn't help - 'Exchange Quay' means nothing to people. It should terminate just after the 'Imperial War Museum' (with this as its destination) and turnaround via Waters Reach-Wharfside Way-Trafford Road and back on to Trafford Wharf Road. The War Museum would give a destination people are familiar with. There also need to be a large sign at the War Museum advising that The Lowry Theatre/Outlet & Media City are all but a short walk over the footbridge.
There is an evening service. However the Sunday service is run by a different bus company, presumably they cannot commit extra buses to the extension. The return journey doesn't go via the Nags Head, it goes the same route in both directions.
The alternative route through Trafford Park you suggest is a sensible one.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:16 September 2012
A potentially useful extension of the service to the Trafford Centre and beyond, taking a direct route instead of around the houses as the 247 does but it does not seem to have been publicised in any way to potential passengers. Every 245 which I have seen passing through Trafford Park appears to have been empty or very nearly so. Also, why no Sunday and evening services, at least to and from the T.C.? Shopping does seems to be the new religion these days!
Another oddity is the route taken. From Woodsend towards the T.C.  it appears to take the same route as the 15 via Woodhouse Road and Broadway as far as Barton Road but the return journey from the T.C. to Woodsend goes via the Nag's Head and Davyhulme Road. Interesting.
The extended 245 would serve a larger potential passenger catchment area in Trafford Park if, instead of using Ashburton Road West to Parkway Circle then Village Way to Village Circle and Warren Bruce Road, it used Ashburton Road West, Guinness Road and Trafford Park Road to Village Circle. The section between Parkway Circle to Village Circle via Village Way is already well served from the T.C. by the 250.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:31 August 2012
TfGM timetable with everything spelt correctly!
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:25 August 2012
No problem Aardvark, have a nice holiday - bring some nice weather back for us!
I agree Bob, it's as bad as seeing Daveyhulme!
Currently evening journeys terminate at the hospital so that's another improvement.
All services changes are now on the TfGM website. Only minor changes to other services, 253 starts from Partington rather than the Flixton turning circle.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Xxmich ... dated:25 August 2012
Well that is an improvement because didn't it used to terminate at Trafford General in the evening rather than going to Woodsend ?
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Bob ... dated:25 August 2012
Why oh why do they refer to the Trafford CentER? We are in the UK, it's a centRE spelt our way not that of the US.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:25 August 2012
Many thanks for that, Boblet, I wouldn't have known anything about this otherwise. There's been nothing that I've noticed on the buses, and nothing on the TfGM website. And I'm away on holiday next week, so might have struggled to get to work on Monday 3rd!
Looking through the timetable, I reckon the times between Flixton and Altrincham are much the same as now, though I wonder how reliable they will be, fighting their way past the Trafford Centre. I notice though that the times of evening services leaving Altrincham are slightly different. Confusingly, the Saturday evening buses will be 5 minutes earlier than on Mondays to Fridays.
But at least we get two buses an hour on Saturdays again.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:24 August 2012
From Monday 3rd September 2012, the 245 is being extended from Woodsend Circle to Exchange Quay (Salford Quays) via Woodhouse Road, Broadway, Barton Road, the Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, the Imperial War Museum and the Trafford Park side of the ship canal, close to MediaCityUK/The Lowry Theatre and Outlet.
Monday - Saturday journeys will run ever 30 minutes during the day and hourly at the evening.
This extension also means that Woodhouse Road/Broadway regain their direct bus service to Trafford General Hospital without having to change at Woodsend Circle (a link lost several years ago), as well as a new service to the Trafford Centre, Sale & Altrincham,
Sunday journeys run by JPT will only run the current route from Flixton to Altrincham.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by Pam ... dated:25 May 2009
I can't believe people are moaning about the 15 being reduced from every 12 mins to every 15 mins. Be thankful you have all these buses as in Partington we have the 255 that runs every half hour and is normally that packed that even before it's left Partington you can't get on with a trolley. The 247 runs every half hour which if you have young children you can't just wheel on you have to try and struggle to put trolley down while holding your child. Then theres the 252/260 which runs every hour to Sale and I'm still wondering why they have it as the 252 in the morning and evening but during the day it changes to the 260.
As Sale is the only decent place in my oppion to go shopping at the moment I think this should be more frequent especially how there will be an Aldi there soon.
Even if the 245 stops running to Altrincham the 247 still runs there you still have the 256 which as far as know runs every 15 mins and you'll still have the 15 running every 15 mins so count yourselfs lucky.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by john3 ... dated:25 May 2009
Remember this is on a Saturday daytime only, it will still be every 30 minutes during the week.

I suspect they've gone for hourly as the journey time is probably 1/2hour from Flixton to Sale, meaning you only need one vehicle to do a return journey per hour. Half hourly means 2 buses at probably double the costs for the tax payer.

The 15 runs every 15 minutes on a Saturnday, so although being a longer route it is more frequent.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by DavidU ... dated:25 May 2009
If the 245 is being reduced to hourly the (inferior) alternative between Urmston and Woodsend, the 15, needs to be beefed up, not reduced.

What will be left between Stretford and Park Hospital via Urmston without changing?
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by john3 ... dated:25 May 2009
Some good news in the GMITA minutes:

"At the 22 March 2009 meeting of this Committee Members were advised of Arriva North West’s intension to withdraw the Saturday daytime service, which operates every 30 minutes. Members agreed at that meeting to support the service until 28th August 2009 to enable officers to obtain passenger data and investigate the impact of this service withdrawal.
This service provides unique links for passengers wishing to travel between the Flixton /Urmston area and the Sale / Altrincham area, including Trafford General Hospital.

Around 380 passengers are carried during Saturday daytime, giving an average of 12 passengers per journey. Approximately 4 of passengers per journey would be making a unique link, travelling between Flixton / Urmston and Altrincham, and would need to interchange at Sale with the frequent Service 263.

Officer recommendation:
Following analysis of bids received, officers would recommend that Service 245 is retained between Flixton and Sale only and at a reduced frequency of hourly, instead of every 30 minutes.
Members are asked to approve the recommendations above to retain Service 245:
1. Between Flixton and Sale only and
2. At a reduced hourly frequency."
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by DavidU ... dated:28 March 2009
Looks like I will be walking both ways soon, to and from Urmston, on a Saturday.
Just as I have collected my bus pass too! Mind you, they probably do not make much from my custom anymore.
Actually I tend to walk one way and then ride back.
Re: The 245 bus service
Reply posted by john3 ... dated:28 March 2009
At this months Transport Network Committee Meeting of GMITA, it was announced that Arriva are planning to withdraw their commercially run 245 from Flixton to Altrincham on a Saturday day time (evening and Sunday trips are tendered to GMITA and are not affected & the Monday to Friday services are also unaffected).

The Saturday daytime service was due to be withdrawn on 19th April. However GMITA have stepped in to fund a continuation of this service until 28th August whilst they review the current usage.

Unless you want to see the Saturday 245 disappear, I suggest people make use of it over the new few months.

Also the 15 (which serves the new Davyhulme Medical Centre on Broadway) is being reduced from every 12 minutes daytime off peak to every 15 minutes from 19/04/09.
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