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Topic posted by Herb ... dated:01 August 2007
Try roadworks for finding out future roadworks in the Trafford area. I know there has been forum items about roadworks before & this roadworks section vanished off Traffords website for several months, but it is now back, if it is any help to anyone.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:15 June 2020

Yes, slight typo.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:15 June 2020

Should that say 8 pm to 6 am?

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:11 June 2020

A temporary sign has gone up at the start of the roadworks saying its only shut between 8pm and 6pm so shouldn't be too bad.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:06 June 2020

There is a sign looking at google maps that says nothing over 7.5 tonnes apart from access. The access get out was obviousy there so heavier stuff could access the properties actually on that road, not to get to the other end of it.

The Flixton Road/Bowfell road route was the main route to the motorway many moons ago before the spur road was build, it used to get hammered with trucks back then apparently. Can you imagine if the bridge did collapse or get damaged, think of how many months or even years of committee meetings and site visits by men in yellow jackets it would take before the bridge was re-built, Flixton would become a quain't little village at the end of the town.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:05 June 2020

Isn't there a weight resction on the bridge over the River Mersey and the lorry's going to the paper mill and other sites in Carrington and Partington must exceed this weight limit 

So the increase of HGV along Church Road and for those  headimg for the motorway will use Flixton Road Bowfell Road route to get to the motorway 

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:03 June 2020

Big disruption on the way for a week from the 22nd June.

Sounds about right doesn't it, roads dead as a doornail for weeks and as soon as they call for everyone to go back to work, roadworks like this spring up. I really do think councils nowadays are in competition with each other for who can do the most stupid idiotic things, they must have a sweepstake going.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:30 November 2019 is good for finding out about current and planned roadworks in Greater Manchester. 
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:29 November 2019


Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:29 November 2019

Sorry to say that my post in August 2007, included a direct link to 'Roadworks' now does not connect. So can anyone else help in this connection?

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:25 November 2019

Turns out that Station Road re-opened today, if anyone was wondering.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:23 November 2019

The big hole in Station Road has been filled in but not yet resurfaced. The road is still closed to southbound traffic. The lady in the fishmonger's reckons it won't re-open fully before Wednesday at the earliest. Buses are continuing to divert along Higher Road. The smaller buses like those on routes 18 and 84A seem to turn off onto Atkinson Road and then Gloucester Road. The bigger buses seen to continue along Higher Road and turn right onto Moss Vale Road.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:04 February 2016

I found these details but not sure what they are doing, although I will be amazed if it isn't to the detriment of the car. Probably a bus lane.

Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Lovesletter ... dated:04 February 2016

Hi, I have seen a sign at the roundabout next to Trafford Retail park that states that major roadworks will be carried out from the 08/02/16, Yet, I have searched on the Trafford Council website as well as a website for roadworks locally and found no information about it at all. 

Does anyone know any further information about what the roadworks will entail?

 I want find an alternative route to work and will end up going via Partington rather than Barton bridge if it is expected to be congested more than normal. 


Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by NicUrms ... dated:22 April 2014
Thanks for clarification Herb, would be nice if they could put that on the sign eh?
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:22 April 2014
I have just had a response from Trafford Council & the BRD roadworks are from 22-00 hours to 06-00 each night
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by NicUrms ... dated:19 April 2014
I also saw the sign on BDR, closed from 22nd April for a week...will bugg*r up my journey to work but I can go over Parkway instead
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Deano ... dated:18 April 2014
Why would BDR be shut. The work is going on on Traff blvd. BDR being shut will disrupt hundreds of businesses.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:17 April 2014
Yesterday (16/04/2014) I shopped at ASDA on Barton Dock Road, Urmston & drove past a sign that said that BDR would be closed for a week from 22/04/2014 but I can't find the Traffords website for this, even by using the link that I supplied in starting this forum item. Has anyone got a clue as to this?
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Jpa ... dated:06 September 2013
It's all to do with the WGIS scheme. Western Gateway Infrastructure Scheme- a new link across the canal to the A57 and Port Salford, and new M60 junction works. New road will come in on Trafford Way next to the Chill Factore.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Roxy ... dated:06 May 2013
Andrew I'm so glad you mentioned the middle lane, I have had loads of abuse fired at me for doing it right!
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:05 May 2013
Suspect it is works relating to Port Salford? The Peel timescales FAQ say M60 junction 10 works February 2013 – Summer 2013
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:01 May 2013
AnotherPete, I simply followed the link in the original post to Trafford's website's roadworks page, which showed that nothing was planned.
Your link took my to Trafford street works page, so it seems that Trafford has abandoned roadworks in favour of street works. However that page shows that nothing is planned in the near future for Trafford Boulevard, to which the signs, by their placing, seem to refer. So, does anyone know what is actually planned to take several weeks to complete?
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by AndrewP ... dated:01 May 2013
I just hope that when they are doing it they put white lines showing that when entering from the middle lane at the lights on Barton Road you should go onto the outside lane of Redclyffe Circle and not the middle lane as most people seem to do.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:01 May 2013
The first one seems to show carriageway resurfacing. Is it that bad there? Aren't there plans to remodel the entire junction soon? Seems a waste to do it twice, but I suppose if it is bad enough to need it now and the remodelling is some time off?
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:01 May 2013
Edward - You haven't looked very hard!  I've found two on the website - depends which Barton Road you mean, either this one or this one.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:30 April 2013
Signs have appeared at Barton Road motorway roundabout and at the Trafford Centre main entrance warning of major roadworks from the end of May until August. There is nothing on Trafford Council's web site roadworks page about them, has anyone any idea what is planned? I have noticed extra security fencing has been erected around some of the vacant land near to the Swinging Bridge Premier Inn.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by DavidU ... dated:07 April 2012
A picture of some of the concrete removed from the blocked sewer under Flixton Road is posted in the gallery.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:23 March 2012
WHIT? spell check missed that one, no matter the other heading is now getting replied to.
Re: Roadworks
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:22 March 2012
You would think some bright spark from the Urmston Advertiser would comment on this problem. It must be difficult for a reporter to read there is forum subject to help such a cause.
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