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Topic posted by David ... dated:04 October 2004
Does anyone know of a good bathroom plumber in the Urmston area. I need to move things around in my bathroom rather than buy a suite and have it fitted so just need a good plumber. I'll also need some tiling doing. Any advice welcomed.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:03 March 2020

Another name: John McNee, based in Davyhulme. 0161 747 8872. He's basically retired - used to do gas plumbing but still available for small water plumbing jobs like dripping taps, radiators that won't heat up, fitting thermostatic valves to radiators.

Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:18 September 2019

AnotherPete - many thanks, that phone number worked, and Mike came round today and did the needful.

Incidentally, my neighbour has been looking for someone who can sort out problems with drains in a basement. Mike has suggested a chap who goes by the name of Spud, on 07455 183770. Might be helpful to others on this forum.

Re: Plumber
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:16 September 2019

Aardvark - According to Google his mobile number is 07791 005 103.  The number on here is his house, and if he's out working of course that number will just ring and ring.

Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:16 September 2019

Can anyone suggest a plumber who could fix a leaking tap please? I've tried the last number on this list (for Mike Deary) but it just rings out, no-one answers.

(Once upon a time I could have fixed a leaking tap myself but these modern fittings are too complicated. I know from experience that I'll do more harm than good if I have a go myself.)

Re: Plumber
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:04 August 2017
Yes, he's still in business - had him doing jobs at my place twice last week.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Dave - ... dated:03 August 2017

Does anyone know whether Mike Deary is still in business? I can't get hold of him. Thanks!

Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:26 October 2010
Mike Deary, lives in the centre of Urmston, 0161 748 3366.  Arthur Deary (his father) has pretty much retired.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Radioham ... dated:26 October 2010
Anyone know a good plumber to replace a toilet soil pipe? Runs from roof height to ground, with a branch to the toilet. My usual plumber refused the job.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:25 October 2010
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Elfie ... dated:25 October 2010
Can anyone recommend a good plumber for installing a new bathroom? The names mentioned in this post seem to be a good few years old.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Russ ... dated:02 September 2010
If the shower is a straight swap it should only cost about £80 for fitting.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Jizzle ... dated:31 August 2010
Would anyone be able to advise me on the cost of having a new electric shower fitted? There is an old shower in place which will need to be removed. I've never had plumbing work done so not sure how much they should charge. Many Thanks. 
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Crumple ... dated:28 August 2010
There is a different device that you can have fitted to your loo - we had these diaghram (sp) problems so had a push button flusher fitted - I think it is called a flapper.    No problems since
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Josie ... dated:28 August 2010
Can anyone help with a problem with my toilet.  Sometimes it wont flush and you have to keep trying it till it eventually flushes.  It doesn't do it all the time, maybe a couple of times a day.
I had a new diaphragm fitted earlier in the year because of another problem so I don't think its that.
Can anyone help
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Karan ... dated:18 January 2009
I'm looking for a apprenticeship in Plumbing for my son who started his first year at Moss Road Tech College, can anyone help?
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Sue ... dated:18 January 2009
My electric shower has packed in, much as I would love a new bathroom I can't afford it yet. Can anyone recommend a good plumber/electrician who would be able to put in a new shower for me and any idea of the cost? Thanks.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by George ... dated:16 September 2008
I can also recommend Sean Quigley (07957929371) - He fitted a new combi Boiler at a reasonable price and did a clean job!
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:05 March 2008
Mary - Try Sean Quigley on 747 3506
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:05 March 2008
Arthur Deary. See below.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Mary ... dated:05 March 2008
Combi boiler just packed up. Can anyone recommend a good and reliable plumber/engineer?
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by HonestJohn ... dated:28 May 2006
Just had mine done. Bought the wall tiles and floor tiles myself. Plumber stripped out my old suite, replastered the walls, tiled walls and floor and installed new suite. He supplied the suite. He charged me £3300. Other quotes I obtained were in the same region.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Sue ... dated:28 May 2006
We want to replace our bathroom, all the plumbing is situ but do want some tiling done, walls and possibly floor. My husband thinks this will be about £200 I think you can add another zero onto that! Does anyone have any idea it might cost before he goes out and orders a bathroom suite?
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by HonestJohn ... dated:24 February 2006
Has anybody had any work done by 'Absolute plumbing and heating' - Dave Pimperton.
He's quoted me for refitting my bathroom, including tiling, obtaining the suite and electrical work.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Jon ... dated:04 February 2005
Arthur Deary and Son were excellent when they did a job for me.very clean and professional.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Julie ... dated:04 February 2005
Hi, I can't believe the nightmare you are having. I can personally recommend JRM Heating & Maintenance for any work you need doing. 0161 747 8872 (after 5.30pm)
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by stretch. ... dated:02 February 2005
Don't be put off by copper tube and fittings. Get yourself some plastic tube and fittings. They just push fit, it's that easy even I can do it.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Mark ... dated:31 January 2005
What makes me laugh is the amount of Plumbers I have called (using say for example), out of 13 I have phoned only ONE actually turned up to quote.

It's only a couple of small jobs I need doing....not a massive job but most don't even bother turning up. what does that say about Tradesmen ?
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by mcdude ... dated:31 January 2005
I'd recommend the cover that British Gas provides, its more than paid for itself in the 2 years that I've had it and they always visit same/next day.
Re: Plumber
Reply posted by Whytehead ... dated:31 January 2005
Urmston plumbers tend to be very expensive so would recommend rebuilding bathroom with a new luxury suite as the low cost alternative.

P.S. I had a radiator moved and he did it "as a favour" - it cost the same as a weeks holiday in the Med!
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