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Murray's grocery
Topic posted by Aardvark ... dated:23 November 2016

Mr Bernard Murray has put his business up for sale as a going concern as part of his retirement plans. The grocery, or delicatessen as the agents are calling it, has been on Crofts Bank Road for the past ten years, and before that, in a couple of locations around the old shopping precinct. There are full particulars, as they say, on the Daltons Business website.

I have to say that I think Bernard and his team have done really well to build the business up as much as they have done. Ten years ago it looked as if they might have had to shut down altogether as the old precinct slowly deteriorated and shop after shop was closed and then demolished. Since the move they've extended their range and even ventured into the café trade. For them to have competed successfully against so many new businesses in and around the new shopping centre is really quite an achievement.

Re: Murray's grocery
Reply posted by ChrisW ... dated:23 May 2017

Haha, very unlikely to be cheap Herb,  in Urmston 2017.

I imagine they will be aiming for the high end to fit in with Urmston's recent swathe of expensive eateries.

Re: Murray's grocery
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:07 May 2017

Lets hope it is as cheap as Pound Bakery in Stretford

Re: Murray's grocery
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:05 May 2017

Bernard Murray's shop will close for the last time at 2pm tomorrow, Saturday 6th May. Customers calling in today were offered a glass of wine to thank them for their custom over the last umpteen years.

The business has been sold to Martin's Bakery of Newton Heath, who have a couple of dozen shops already around Manchester, including one in Eccles and another in Chorlton. They plan to run the shop as a "Fresh Deli & Craft Bakery". I'm not clear if this involves baking on the premises or not. The shop will be refitted next week, with a grand opening on Thursday 11th May. They will have a "pop-up shop", presumably outside the building, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Opening hours, when they find their feet, will be 0730 to 1700, Monday to Saturday.

My thanks go to Mr and Mrs Murray and their staff for their hard work and good humour over the years, and for running the kind of quirky little shop that is sadly lacking from most British High Streets nowadays. I hope they enjoy a long and pleasant retirement.

Re: Murray's grocery
Reply posted by Lal ... dated:29 November 2016

I've been shopping at Bernard's since he opened his first shop in Urmston. I must say that I've never had any complaint about the quality of the goods.

The service over the years has been exemplary and it is always a pleasant experience to visit the shop.

He and his staff are a prime example of what a locally owned small business should be and I will be sorry when the shop changes hands.

I can only hope that any future owner has the same standards and community spirit.

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