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Low flying planes
Topic posted by Herb ... dated:31 July 2005
Has anyone else noticed that we have had low flying (well lower than usual) over the area lately, & I don't mean the planes that are landing at Barton?
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:04 September 2020

Went up to Trafford General yesterday Sunday to watch the fly past by the Spitfire even thou it was all over in less than 5 minutes the crowd of at least two to three hundred people I think where suitable impressed as a spontaneous applause broke out as the aircraft left our view 

Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Steve ... dated:16 May 2010
I'm afraid that the flypast by the Lancaster has been cancelled owing to restrictions because of the Ash Cloud.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Boris ... dated:14 May 2010
RAF Lancaster Bomber to buzz Trafford. Link
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:06 August 2005
Thankfully Barton has a grass strip so most aircraft would be able to find alternatives, also they have piston engines in the nose and few passengers, giving a more predictable CoG.

Christ knows what would happen if a 747 tried to make an emergency landing in Urmston though. I bet the more senior residents would just complain about the noise in their gardens and would no doubt accuse the pilot of flying everywhere instead of walking, and then blame the trafford centre for congesting the local airspace.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:06 August 2005
I remember a plane making an emergency landing on a motorway not long ago. It made the perfect runway.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:06 August 2005
I see a plane landed this afternoon on a Cardiff street after its engine stalled, even though they are meant to glide - see my earlier post. Could the same happen here with a plane from Barton, or even one from Manchester ? Makes you think!
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:05 August 2005
Prevailing winds mean we have departures today, as I type I am watching an aircraft banking over Knutsford.

It would appear that aircraft stick to the flight paths but this makes little difference to the noise levels!.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:05 August 2005
Page 3 of this Manchester Airport PDF file shows the standard departure routes, it appears there is a small 'dog leg' avaoiding Knutsford - but only for departures, arrivals still fly right over the top at about 850ft, my road is longer than that :-0
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:04 August 2005
I agree that weather conditions determine the route for taking off from any runway. But it was on television not long ago when someone from M/C airport were interviewed and they made the statement that they were now avoiding flying over knutsford when taking off and landing.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Pete ... dated:04 August 2005
An Aircraft has to take off into a head wind, they will not dodge Knutsford just because of the people but do have to reduce noise levels after 11pm, As for the police Islander based at Manchester Airport, this has priority to fly at low level, as low as 500ft also fitted with a £500,000 camera that takes fantastic shots even when at 10,000ft!
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:03 August 2005
No, an aerodynamic stall rather than a mechanical stall, this happens when there is insufficient airspeed for the wings to provide lift. When this happens the aircraft will drop its nose towards the ground and can therefore be used to turn the plane around quickly at the top of a vertical climb.

Unless there's a problem then I doubt you could stall an aircraft engine.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mike ... dated:03 August 2005
If it's a stall then it must be stopped like your car.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:02 August 2005
I don't think the engines stop, they just throttle it right back when doing a stall turn, you'll notice they then give it full throttle on the way out of the turn.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:02 August 2005
Sue - why would they cut their engines, I can't imagine why they would do that? I went to Barton a while back, I think that when they throttle the engine right back they sound very quiet. My neighbour has told me that even if an engine stops that they can glide a good distance to land away from homes etc.

I guess that Barton is busier at weekend 'cause most of the pilots are recreational and work during the week?

I notice that Barton runs tours - would anyone be interested in having an tour of the place??!
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Sue ... dated:02 August 2005
The aircraft taking off from Barton Airport fly right over my back garden more so on the weekend than any other time. They carry out stunts in midair and cut the engines sometimes. I stand there holding my breath waiting for the engines to kick back in. I'm convinced one might land on my lawn one of these days
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:01 August 2005
I passed the back of the airport last week, and the planes were taking off in the opposite direction (ie towards Wilmslow).
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Ed ... dated:01 August 2005
You always seem to get more planes travelling east to west at weekends, but I think it is all to do with the wind direction.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:01 August 2005
I found this on the 'net :

Weather can affect aircraft noise levels. Dense and low cloud cover may reflect noise back to the ground, producing an "echo" effect which may intensify noise levels. Deviations from noise-abatement procedures may occur during poor weather conditions due to safety concerns.
As you say the planes are in/ above cloud Herb, this is probably the cause of them being noticed more?!
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:01 August 2005
JohnM - I have not been able to see any of the planes because of low cloud but they are not landing at Barton (going wrong way as if landing at Ringway) & I know about the police helicopter & plane. Maybe it is, as someone else has suggested, because of wind & weather conditions.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:01 August 2005
Ian, possibly. I spoke to my neighbour last night. Manchester Airport has two runway strips next to each other. They are called runways 24 (these are the ones usually used with planes landing over Stockport, and going up over Knutsford). The opposite direction is called runway 6 and that is used when the wind is from the East.

Apparently the way in which the planes fly is determined by a lot of factors - even the 'Red Baron' doing his stunts at Barton will mean the big jets fly a different route, because he flys higher up than the other planes - there must be a lot of co-ordination between the different airports to make all this work!!

It worries me a bit, all these planes above our heads - would be very interesting to see how far they avoid each other by and how!!
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Ian ... dated:31 July 2005
Unseasonal weather and winds. Planes are taking off from an alternative direction therefore different flightpath.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:31 July 2005
I work in Knutsford, we have low flying planes all of the time regardless of prevailing winds.

They're either landing or taking off in our direction.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:31 July 2005

What size are these aircraft, commercial airliners or smaller? How fast are they going, what colour are they and how low are they? How do you know they are not landing at Barton?

Greater Manchester Police does now own a fixed wing aircraft, as well as the helicopter. I understand the aircraft loiters around the Manchester area using very powerful cameras to observe what's going on, so that could be one explanation.

I don't think the Knutsford avoidance theory can be right - Knutsford is right at the end of the runways - no way a big commercial jet could/ would do a massive U turn to avoid it!!

I have a neighbour who flys at Barton, I'll see what I can find out.
Re: Low flying planes
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:31 July 2005
Yes Herb you are right I think this is due to the flight path being altered so they do not fly over knutsford, the posh people do not want to be disturbed.
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