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Lock-up Garage Wanted
Topic posted by Jonathan ... dated:05 November 2007
I'm looking to rent a lock-up, domestic-type garage for the storage of some (2 or 3) small camping trailers, roofboxs and spares. I am prepared top pay a decent rent for limited disturbance. This is for a genuine business requirement and am looking for something in the Urmston/Flixton area.
I look forward to any suggestions.
Re: Lock-up Garage Wanted
Reply posted by Mike ... dated:19 March 2017

Does anyone have a garage to rent in Urmston or nearby? I say garage, a workshop or small barn or outbuildings etc Happy to pay a deposit and pay 3 months in advance. It needs to be dry and secure. I have registered with the allotments and Trafford Housing but I thought I would try here too. Thanks everyone

Re: Lock-up Garage Wanted
Reply posted by Casper ... dated:12 November 2015


if anyone knows of a garage to rent in the Urmston area, can you get in touch via the member link. 

Re: Lock-up Garage Wanted
Reply posted by niloc ... dated:06 November 2007
Try Trafford Housing Trust they rent out garages to non Trust tennants
They're based at tho old Urmston police station
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