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Local Bus Services
Topic posted by MikeL ... dated:24 July 2010
Just recently I thought I would give the local Bus Services a go instead of driving into work, thought it might be more relaxing, no traffic congestion , read the free papers etc, and arrive in Manchester stress free. The result has been somewhat different primarily because on several occasions the bus was late by between 5 and 15 minutes, and in some instances did not turn up for the allotted timetable slot and so when it did arrive was presumably the next tabled journey. I realise traffic congestion is partly to blame but can the Bus companies not simply put on more Buses I ask myself.
Am I alone or unlucky in my experience?, looks like I will be going back to my car.
Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:04 February 2019

Graz, Stagecoach take contactless payments. I think Arriva are introducing contactless in May/June

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:04 February 2019

The library has the new 18 timetable. But the 23/25 seem to have been snapped up unless they are awaiting delivery. Also try the station ticket office.

Alternatively you can download via my link

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:03 February 2019

Stagecoach definitely accepts contactless payments and has done for some time.

I think that Arriva does too but I am not 100% certain, however both companies and also First accept the use of ITSO based TfGM passes used in a contactless manner so I would assume that they now all accept contactless payment.

I am under the impression that Stagecoach also accepts smartphone payments but I am not absolutely certain.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:03 February 2019

Hello bus experts - are are the local buses using debit-card payments these days? May need to use the bus and never carry any cash! Thanks.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:01 February 2019

The bus stops outside of Sainsbury's are displaying the new timetables.

I will check the bus stop at Woodsend Circle over the weekend.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:01 February 2019

I will try the library, they carry the timetables for all routes. Otherwise a camera snap at the bus stop will have to surfice.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:01 February 2019

Some bus stops have been updated, some not. I think it is work in progress.

Timetable booklets available here:

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:31 January 2019

Thanks to Atlantean for all infomation. Anyone with a mobile phone, there's a great app - My TfGM - that gives uptodate timetables as well as Plan Journey. Well recomended.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:31 January 2019

It is to be hoped they will change the timetables at the bus stops soon in line with all this.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:31 January 2019

A few bus service changes affecting Urmston were introduced on Monday 27th January 2019:

NEW BUS 18: Trafford Centre - Urmston - Stretford - Sale - Northern Moor - Baguley - Wythenshawe Hosp & Wythenshawe

A new hourly daytime & evening service Monday to Saturday with Sunday daytime (no evening).

23/23A & 25 - Trafford Centre - Urmston/Lostock - Stretford - Chorlton - Stockport

Bus 23A via Lostock Road withdrawn. Bus 25 re-routed to run via Lostock instead of Urmston, partly replacing bus 23A. BUS 23 increased to run every 15 minutes to compensate.

245: Trafford Cente - Flixton - Urmston - Stretford - Sale - Altrincham

Evenings reduced from horurly to every 2 hours. Bus 18 partial replacement to Stretford.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:26 August 2013

Already Taken Place (29/07/13)

268 - Urmston - Wythenshawe

Route changed to serve Wytheshawe Hospital

From 1st September

247 - Altrincham - Partington - Flixton - Davyhulme - Trafford Centre - Eccles

Route of Arriva journeys changed to run to to the Trafford Centre only. Arriva journeys will no longer serve Lostock Road, Parkway or Barton Dock Road - from Nags Head Circle, they will run direct to the Trafford Centre along the 22/23 route.

255 - Partington- Urmston- Stretford - Piccadilly

The Monday to Friday journeys at 0826, 0851, 0916 and 0941 from Partington are re-timed to run 5 minutes later.

256 - Flixton - Davyhulme - Stretford - Hulme - Piccadilly

All journeys will be run by Stagecoach. Some late evening journeys are withdrawn, the late evening frequency is reduced to hourly.

X58 - Piccadilly - Davyhulme - Flixton Express

The two evening journey will leave Piccadilly 5 minutes later.

Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Charliezzz ... dated:24 July 2010
As a fairly frequent bus user I know what you mean about some buses not turning up on time etc. Yes it can be because of the traffic, but I have seen GMPTE people on the bus at various times of the day yet they don't seem to take into consideration that a 8pm the bus will be a lot quicker in doing its journey than at 8am for example. This means that on a journey at a later time, a bus ends up sitting at a stop sometimes for 5-10 minutes so that it can stay on it's planned times. I do think more journeys during peak travel times would be better to allow for the volume of traffic. But on the other hand more buses at this time will create more traffic on the road, so what is for the best really?!
Re: Local Bus Services
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:24 July 2010
Hi Mike, you've possibly been a bit unlucky. Which route do you catch? I get the 256/258 into town, and have to say that lately, the 256 has been very punctual (wasn't always the case). However, I do get these around 7:30/4:30, so guess I miss the rush hour. Don't forget that issuing weekly passes on Mondays/Tuesdays also slows buses down. A 5 minute delay is not too bad, but a 15 minute delay is not acceptable, but in some instances, not avoidable (e.g. if the driver has to challenge a passenger for using a fake ticket). A lot of passengers wanting to board at once can slow a bus down, and the one behind catches up!
They can't simply add more buses - such a move requires a change to the registered timetable, and such a change need 56 days notice to the Traffic Commissioner.
My advice is that on Monday, the summer timetables come into operation - quieter roads, no school kids, and speeded up journeys should help make your trip more acceptable - check the GMPTE website for summer timetables.
Stagecoach Manchester must be doing something right - they've just won transport company of the year 2010.
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