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Litter problem
Topic posted by Jon ... dated:27 May 2004
Urmston has a major problem with litter and the attitude of carelessnesss to their community that it generates. The culprits are the children from any age. Twice this week I've told teenagers (5 in total) to pick up the litter they've dropped. All were eating fast food. Let's get the message out to our children that it makes the place look bad and reinforce the message to any who litter by challenging them when they do it.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:15 August 2020

We now have a new litter problem in the area of the Hospital discarded face masks on my walk this morning with the aid of dog poo bags I picked up 5 .i don't if a contanated face mask was among them or how long the virus will survive in a discarded mask so please put in a bin or take home for disposable 

Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:19 May 2016

The position with Council handing over the cleaning up of our litter to Amey is not showing signs of improvement. Blackpool has just been awarded a Blue Flag for its efforts in clearing the beaches and front. I suggest that Amey send a representative to Blackpool to learn what is was they did to combat this on going problem.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:28 March 2014
Xdcam, thank you for your efforts to keep the town clean. It is an on going problem but I am sure many are trying to do what they can with the money available. To rob Peter and pay Paul, is becoming Councils policy as every where gets cut in funding. The vicious circle of upping tax's that don't match the income of the average person has become foremost in the eyes of all. Something has to give, street cleaning is just one of them.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Xdcam ... dated:27 March 2014
Having just read all the previous posts regarding the litter problems in Flixton and the surrounding area, its clear the council has no intention of making improvements to our street cleaning services.
I made my first complaint in October 2013 regarding the litter on the grassed area behind the bus stop at the junction of Flixton Road and Irlam road. This became an issue during the stormy weather, overflowing bin contents blown across the area. I asked the council if the chap who replaces the bin bags could clear the area? I now have six Reference numbers which the council issues with each complaint, five months on, nothing has been done until my eight year old daughter and I filled two large bin bags and cleared the area.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Hilltop ... dated:26 July 2006
I don't believe a rat could eat a MacDonald's burger! Do these animals have no taste??? Took my daughter to the one at ASDA last week and decided to have a cheeseburger as I was feeling peckish. It tasted like cardboard - I ended up throwing it way. Never again!!! Bring back the proper cafe please ASDA.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:25 July 2006
Not Hundreds but thousands, don't forget you are never more than 50m from the nearest rat in a city.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:25 July 2006
Jose, whereabouts on the roundabout? I have some kebab sticks somewhere......
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by HonestJohn ... dated:25 July 2006
Some rats will eat anything, even a McDonald burger.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by jose ... dated:25 July 2006
Queing to go on the M60 on Saturday. On the grass verge of the roundabout near Macdonalds there was a rat dragging a barm cake across the grass. With the amount of litter and food being dropped round there, there must be hundreds of them.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Ericjay ... dated:24 July 2006
As a dog walker (complete with scooper bags) I possibly see more offbeat areas than some people. I find many deliberately broken bottles, which are dangerous to the public, discarded rubbish; bottles and cans can be found on football fields with graffiti on the buildings. Leftover sawn off tree branches are found on unkempt land not fully cared for by Trafford MBC.
What can the public do, who can they turn to? I have brought this dilemma to the attention of Councillors but still nothing is done.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by HonestJohn ... dated:24 July 2006
When was the last time you saw a street cleaner - most of the green verges fields I've seen are becoming rubbish tips. The hot weather doesn't help with the number of bottles/cans being discarded. Nobody seems to care any more.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:24 July 2006
I agree Herb but the bottom line is that there will always be inconsiderate people dropping litter. I walk to the newsagent every morning and pick up the litter on my Street as I go. It's only a 5 minute walk but I easily fill a carrier bag every day. I shouldn't have to do this but if more people did the same at some point instead of moaning that they didn't drop it so why should they pick it up, the place would be a lot cleaner.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:24 July 2006
HonestJohn - You should see the litter we have on the Wimpey estate. Most of it is thrown by inconsiderate people who have bought a MacDonald's or KFC from the Trafford Retail Park & those wondering back from TC. Mind you is does not help when residents have cars permanently parked so the gutters in the road never get cleaned. We have lots of neighbours that have 2 or even 3 cars per house & not a one of them is parked in their garage.
Anyway, bottom line is 'if the litter is not dropped then it does not need cleaning up'. Does anyone agree with this statement?
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by HonestJohn ... dated:24 July 2006
Has anybody noticed that the litter problem is getting worse, around Flixton there appears to be discarded plastic bottles, cans and paper everywhere
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Andy ... dated:01 July 2004
I have to admit there are certain similarities between David Marshall & Trigger, from only fools & horses.
Not just in job description, but looks as well!!
I agree, keep up the good work Dave.
(Didn't he used to call Rodney, Dave?!)
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by rj ... dated:29 June 2004
The council worker, David marshall, who picks up the litter with his hand cart and brush works very hard trying to keep Urmston free from litter. You can't miss him during the day in his yellow jacket.Well done David if you read this, keep up the good work mate.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Dave ... dated:18 June 2004
Slightly off topic, but did the person who produced the Tories' local election leaflet used to be a greengrocer?

"Always support Trafford's Grammar and High School's, which ..." (Sic)
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Ed ... dated:17 June 2004
Last century the Tories in Trafford fought tooth and nail against the advance of the wheelie bins rolling up our drives. Now they are back in power again are they going to round up and impound all the big, black, wide-mouthed monsters and restore our previous way of life with a black plastic bag?
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by stretch. ... dated:17 June 2004
Nope. Just meeting the promises they made which contributed to their popularity and win.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:16 June 2004
Ryngo, do I detect your a bit put out by the election result ?
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Ryngo ... dated:15 June 2004
Stretch, by putting them to work do you mean giving all those new blue councillors a brush and a shovel and telling them to get on with it?
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by stretch. ... dated:14 June 2004
Bob - we could start with those recently elected for Trafford. Before the elections they knocked on our doors and share our concerns. lets now put them to work. A promise is a promise.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Brenda ... dated:13 June 2004
I think that the problem is so bad partially because us Brits have a culture of putting up and making do. I am new to this website, I live in Urmston but as you may have gathered I spend a lot of my time living in Florida too! In Florida there is a $500 awaiting anyone who blatantly drops litter but no one complains about it, well no one that I know at least. Everyone accepts that although the fine is hefty, the deterrent does help to keep the streets clean. Why then do we not have a similar system in the UK? Surely there can’t be anyone who actually wants to see their neighbourhood looking like a tip. I think a website like this can be a useful tool if enough people use it to complain about various issues. I like the idea of the street forums [see what next for on the home page - Dave] as I think it will encourage more people to use the website and work together to resolve issues and at some point the council will have to start taking notice. All I can say is that I feel ashamed when I come back from Florida to see the state of the place. I imagine what my golfing friends would say if they had the opportunity to walk the streets of Urmston, they would probably think they were in a third world country. Trafford Councilers should bow their heads in shame.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Bob....... ... dated:11 June 2004
MikeL - the odd MP? Which one, there's about 500 or so of 'em!!! :-)
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by stretch. ... dated:11 June 2004
I occasionally see one of the elected in Urmston Cons Club. Maybe we should invite him into the forum officially.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by MikeL ... dated:10 June 2004

I think that's an excellent idea, at least the taxpayer would be getting something of value in return to benefit all. Let's hope the odd MP reads this site and takes it up!
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by stretch. ... dated:09 June 2004
Think the gun thing is a bit ott for urmston at the moment, but the theory is good. Why should't those caught breaking the law be worked in away which benefits the local community. How much does it cost to send a team of 2 or 3 men out to pick litter from the motorway verges ? If only one person was "skilled" and the others provided free gratis from hmp we could treble the workforce for only a small increase on the original cost. And any unemployed willing to increase there weekly income could join in too if they wished. I am not wanting to cause contraversy, but it would appear that prisoners do get it easy ? maybe I am wrong...dunno,,what do you think..
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Bob....... ... dated:09 June 2004
It's similar in California Brenda, where people serving "community penalties" have to give up weekends and pick up litter on the highways. It is, apparently, not uncommon to find the odd movie star serving a drink drive sentence and the like, there too.

Great idea I say, but better still if the litter were not dropped in the first place.
Re: Litter problem
Reply posted by Brenda ... dated:08 June 2004
In Florida they have chain gangs to pick up litter. It's just how you see it in the movies with the sheriff wearing his shades and a shotgun pointing upwards wresting on his hip. Just tell me what decent law abiding citizen in this country would object to a fixed £500 fine for dropping litter? The UK is too liberal, we try to be like Europeans but we are, in reality, a dirty, agressive nation with outdated or inadequate laws and a total lack of pride in our country.
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