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Increased Council Tax on the way
Topic posted by John ... dated:18 July 2004
I guess that this will effect many of us :
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:02 March 2020

Our Council Tax bill arrived today. The basic tax has gone up by 2%, which is roughly in line with inflation. But somebody called the Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner (is that Bev Hughes?) wants an extra 5%. And somebody called the Mayoral General (Andy Burnham, I suppose) wants an extra 18.2%, although some of that seems to go towards the Fire Services. Overall it's up by 4.8%.

There used to be an accompanying leaflet that explained exactly where the money went, but apparently not this year. There's just the usual information about exemptions, reductions and appeals.

Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Mcdude ... dated:25 July 2004
Sadly Ryngo, it wouldn't surprise me if you were being serious.

How about selfish intolerant fools £50 ?
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Ryngo ... dated:25 July 2004
Turnstiles on the park. Brilliant. Free to adults, £5 to teenagers unaccompanied, £1.50 to children accompanied, £10 for every beer can or spirit bottle brought in, £10 for a bicycle and £25 per dog, with a £10 refund if you clean up after it. Oh yes, £10 for every radio exceeding 5Db.
It might not raise much money but it would keep the parks civilised!
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by DavidU ... dated:24 July 2004
Local services have to be provided and funded. Funding may be regardless of usage or proportionate to usage. The former include rates, council tax, poll tax and local income tax. The latter include admission charges and the fee for the removal of awkward items.
Rates, council tax and poll tax are not related to one's ability to pay. A household with an income of £10,000 PA paying £500 council tax pays 5% of its income to have the bin emptied, but one with an income of £100,000 PA pays 0.5% of its income. Under local income tax each wage-earner would pay say 5% (just a figure chosen for illustration purposes) of their taxable income to have the bin emptied.
The alternative is to charge for all public services by usage. Charge by the kilo to empty the bin, fit a turnstile to the park, charge £3,000 per child per year for infant school, £5,000 per year for the secondary modern schools and £10,000 per year for the grammar schools. Charge £50 for a visit by a policeman to report a crime, £250 per hour per fire engine to put your chip-pan out, plus water by the litre. Charge £5 per book per day from the library, plus £2.50 per hour to sit inside and read or research. etc. etc.
There is obviously no ideal way to fund local councils which will keep everyone happy but the fairist personal method regardless of usage is a local income tax, otherwise it's charging by usage, a bureaucratic nightmare to bill every resident for every single service used.
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Bob....... ... dated:24 July 2004
Dave - the idea of matching the level of fine for a motoring (or any other for that matter) offence to an individual's earnings, is still a live one. There is of course the exception of fixed penalty offences where fines are the same for all regardless of the ability to pay.
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Dave ... dated:23 July 2004
About fifteen years ago there was scheme to relate traffic fines to the offender's earnings. After a few wealthy people were stung by relatively large fines there was the usual uproar from the better off, aided and abetted by certain newspapers. (You can guess which: they claim to speak for the English silent majority, who never actually seem to have anything original of their own to say, but believe law and order should apply to everyone else except their readers).
The scheme was abandoned.
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by Phil ... dated:22 July 2004
The question is should the amount of money you earn have a direct affect on the Council Services provided where you live? Is it acceptable for one person to pay more for having their bins emptied than someone else because they earn more or is it a service that carries a fixed price as do other services such as plumbers and electricians. Other areas would seem ideal for income related charges such as motoring offence fines - is a £40 parking ticket a deterrent to someone earning £100,000 per year or is it merely a small charge which allows that person to park anywhere they want? A local income tax would seem the best alternative to what has been suggested but there will still be people who will be able to evade payment by not declaring their earnings.
Re: Increased Council Tax on the way
Reply posted by DavidU ... dated:19 July 2004
Whatever is done to the Council Tax it will still be fundamentally flawed insomuch as it bears no relationship to one's ability to pay it.
Strange that some of the politicians now belatedly making much noise about the tax are from the party which invented the thing a decade ago.
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