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Horse mess
Topic posted by Di ... dated:15 September 2008
On taking my children for a walk down Stretford Road today.
I came across loads of horses poop, why is there not a legal rule for horse owners to clean up there mess like dog owners have to do.
After all it is still poop whether it be dog or horse.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by ChrisW ... dated:02 March 2017

I'd gladly trade horse poo for the huge quantity of dog poo that is on the pavements of on and around Bradfield road particularly around Highfield Primary School. 

At least horse poo is more noticeable and easier to avoid! 

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:15 February 2017

How about vegans - do they have to clean up after themselves?

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:13 February 2017

Not in Great Britain at any rate. Rule 54 of the Highway Code (for England, Wales and Scotland) states that "You MUST NOT take a horse onto a footpath or pavement". I don't know about Spain.

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Spr ... dated:13 February 2017

Ok Thanks, So is it legal for a horse to be ridden on the pavement ?

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:13 February 2017

In Mijas,Malaga Province, Spain, the donkeys have to wear "nappies" to catch it and so save it  from going on the ROAD!

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:12 February 2017

Except of course that horses should not be on the footpath at all!

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:12 February 2017

See JohnM's reply further down on this thread, 15 September 2008.

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Spr ... dated:12 February 2017

What are the rules on cleaning up Horse Poo, Having walked round Urmston yesterday mainly Church Road, Stretford Road, I was amazed by the amount of Horse Poo on various footpaths. Are the rules not the same for Horseowners as Dogowners ?

Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:22 May 2009
Nicole .. sorry I wasnt meaning all young horse riders

I was talking in general of alot of youngsters in various activities, exactly like you have pointed out.

I also think the ones who are winging about the poo, are obviously against horses and kids out riding them.

What these people need to realise is that at least these youngsters are not out there causing trouble etc. etc. they have a healthy outside hobby. Yes there may be the odd one who hops onto the pavement,. I did a couple of times when my horse was spooked or the road was just way to busy to cross at the time, so waiting on the pavement for a space was safer.

I wish I was still living there sometimes, then I wold be able to get my son of the daft PS2 and onto a horse instead.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Nicole ... dated:21 May 2009
Younger generation?? How young? I am 21 years old and have been a keen horse rider since I was very young due to my mum having horses. I have always been careful on the roads and courtious to both road users and pedestrians. It is the same with my younger sister who is now 16 and is very similar to me. The yard we are on all of the 'younger generation' are copnsiderate horse riders. However I do have to agree the minority of 'young' horse riders are a nightmare and will ride anywhere and everywhere taking no consideration to anyone. however this is the same with boy racers etc giving us 'young' car drivers a bad name. In some ways adult drivers who should know better come speeding up behind us when riding and scaring our horses. Maybe we should always remember its the minority that gives the others a bad name eh...
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:21 May 2009
Steak .. I think its the generation world wide who do not respect now a days

I know when we rode our horses out, we always respected others and pedestrians

OK that's going back a few years unfortunately .. but its the younger generation who need to learn manners and respect.. etc

Yep I am sure that will get under someone's fur on the back of the neck but it is true
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:21 May 2009
Dogs were always out and about when I was little, running after me and nipping at the legs of my horse (plus after reading one or two other forums, doesn't seem like its much different now)

I was 12 .. and Im sorry, I was old enough to be riding my horse, BUT the the thought of being in the middle of a busy road dodging traffic just to pick up poo...

Like I said get over it .. other people used to come out and get there shovel out and say thanks at they threw it in there garden
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Michelle ... dated:20 May 2009
I have to say that we are hardly in an area where there are dogs running around the streets willy nilly. Where has that come from ?
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:20 May 2009
If the rider is too young to clean up maybe they are too young to be out riding on their own. Too many defend horse riders when a lot of them have no respect for pedestrians or other road users.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:20 May 2009
Yeh right ... Im not talking about on the pavement.. I dont agree with that at all, but being an ex Urmston girl who rode my horse in the area., its getting a bit long in the tooth with this.

People who walk there dogs "if they can be bothered over there" should pick it up and put it in plastic bag .. it happens here so why not over in the UK.. unfortunately people just let the dogs run wild over there ..

But back on this topic.. Horses should be riden on the road not on the pavement, but to expect a rider who could be very young to come back and pick it up is bull.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Monkeysmummy ... dated:19 May 2009
What a GROWN UP and sensible reply.

Dog owners whilst walking your dogs let it do its business all over the pavement if it's ok for horses to do it on a public footpath then responsible dog owners why bother to clean up after your dog.

I know that horses have to do it somewhere but not on public pavements.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:19 May 2009
Gosh we're still on this subject ...and I've not been on for a couple of months

So if it's "so sought after" stop winging and get your shovel out and pick it up .. stop blaming the horse its got to do it somewhere while out being riden.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Nicole ... dated:19 May 2009
IR.... I agree horses shouldn't be ridden on the pavement. The only time I have put my horse on a pavement is if he decides he dosn't like something and there are no pedestrians about and there are a few cars behind us. The only problem that you seem to miss is thats we get moaned at for being on the pavement and then get moaned at for being on the road. we really cant win.... as for horse mess, well really we can't exactly help it. Plus there is so much more dog poop then horse poop and with horse poop at least you can put it on your garden.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by IR ... dated:18 May 2009
dm, I think you miss the point, people accept that animals poop, but what people hate is the fact that a large animal shouldn't be riden on the pavement, you may go on to say where should I ride, well there are loads of places to ride, the pavement should be for pedestrians only.
As for when to pick up the mess, well why not go round after in your car with a bag and shovel, you could even sell it as apparently its sought after
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by dm ... dated:18 May 2009
In these areas, Urmston, Flixton, Woodsend, eta, have a lot of very horse minded people, with stables and farms all around these areas and local shows to go to. Firstly just think if you were out riding on your own or even with others, where would you put your poop scoop and bag for this size of poo! 2nd Who would hold your horse while you get it up, would be very difficult to hold your horse in one hand, scoop in the other, would likely cause an accident if your horse got away from you. 3rd if you hate poo so much, what about cat poo, you wouldn't follow you cat around from door to door would you? 4th what about the loose dogs that are not with their owners, who would collect their poo? its only that if your with own dog you're able to stop and pick it up. It will wash away in the end with all the rain we have. If some people are only bothered about poo on the streets, get a life there are more inportant things to be worried about these days!
From a horse owner/rider.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Monkeysmummy ... dated:17 May 2009
I know exactly what you are saying. All the do gooders who say scoop it up and put it in your garden need to stop complaining about dog muck and scoop that us and put it in their garden.

Horse muck is just as much of a pain as dog muck the only difference is there is 10 times more of it.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by ASummer ... dated:17 May 2009
There was two loads of it on the very narrow footpath on Woodsend Road. I was with my little grandson and pushing my grandaughter in her buggy, there was that much of it we had to go into the road to avoid it. Then the other day when it has been raining alot there was another load of it in the road and the cars were going through it splashing it all over the place.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Monkeysmummy ... dated:24 April 2009
I don't want to coop it up thats the point. If I wanted manure I would go to the local farms. I take it by your reply the fact that horses poo on the pavement is acceptable to you, because it isn't to me.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by ericj ... dated:23 April 2009
Monkeysmummy, try scooping it up for your rhubarb, Horse manure is very valuable because it is priceless.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Monkeysmummy ... dated:23 April 2009
I have to say that Horse mess around Woodsend is an increasing problem. I have no objections to driving slowly past horses as they are beautiful animals, but I do get irritated by the mess thay make.

Horse muck is everywhere around Woodsend on the pavements and roads when I am walking my dog and clearing up after him I get annoyed that horse owners are not made to do the same especially when its on the pavements.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Lisa ... dated:09 October 2008
I can't even get my horse to go on the roads as he was hit by a car.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Michelle ... dated:09 October 2008
Lets just attach a skateboard under each hoof, send them off to Woodsend and have done with it !!
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Brian ... dated:09 October 2008

I think you've solved the problem. If the cars drive past horses slower, they won't get spooked and therefore won't poop.

If you're one of the people that like manure - go and scare some horses.

If you don't, drive very slowly.

Problem solved.
Re: Horse mess
Reply posted by Dianne ... dated:09 October 2008
Kiki .. I think you would find that if a horse is spooked by a car, it is either a youngster getting used to the road/traffic or one that has had the "poo" scarred out of them already by some eratic driver
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