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Home shopping
Topic posted by vanryn ... dated:20 October 2007
As a home shopping delivery driver, I would be interested, what the residents of Urmston, think of home grocery deliveries ?
Who is the best ?
Who is the worst ?

Just call it market research ,,
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:26 June 2020

With ASDA, the best solution with online shopping is once you have managed to secure a slot, set up a delivery pass and then select 'recurring slot' in your account.   You will then be in the system for deliveries at your chosen frequency, weekly or fortnightly for example.   It will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:20 June 2020

In this time of national emergency, I expect more and more of us have had to resort to home deliveries for foodstuffs. We've really struggled to get delivery slots and for weeks it just seemed to be impossible. In the last month though we've finally been able to get deliveries from Sainsbury's and from the Co-op. Sainsbury's have clearly recruited more drivers, and the Co-op have started a basic delivery service from scratch.

We've had what I suppose are the usual problems with deliveries. The range displayed online is not as extensive as the range in the shops themselves. Not everything that we order is actually available. And the stuff that gets delivered is not always what we actually ordered. Today for example a 454g jar of raspberry jam at £1 became a 370g jar of strawberry jam at £1.70.

Still, it's easier for us than queuing up to get in a shop and then having to scurry round like lab rats in a maze, trying to avoid all the other rats at each turn of the aisle. And the delivery drivers are very helpful and always on time if not actually a bit early.

Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Judith. ... dated:03 December 2007
Tried Tesco again this morning still couldn't get in, so given up and ordered with Asda
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Michelle ... dated:28 November 2007
Not had a problem with Tesco on line, at all. In fact I accessed it about a minute ago.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Debs ... dated:28 November 2007
Judith, I ordered last week from Tesco (wine) without any problems, in fact, I've never had a single problem with ordering online. I have used Ocado and Tesco and both were good... :)

Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Judith ... dated:28 November 2007
We are having real problems ordering on line at Tesco and before anyone says get of your butt and go the shop, this is a service that is provided and should be available.
We have been trying for 10 days to put our order through, when we rang they said there was a problem with BT Broadband, did not say what though, we keep getting Emails to say if we order for Christmas early we would get money off and so forth, but how can we if we can't get on!!
Just wondered if any one else had a problem.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by vanman ... dated:22 October 2007
I think when it comes down to customer service Ocado will win every time, but I do believe that, it comes down to ''how much the staff are paid'' and ''how well the staff are treated''
Ocado pay a decent wage to their staff, but Sainsbury, Tesco, and Asda pay buttons, I know that the driving side is very pressured and is also very hard work,
Some people may scoff, saying '' how can that be hard work'' try carring 200 kilos of shopping up 3 flights of stairs in 7 minutes,,, that's what the budget supermarket home delivery drivers have to do....
for £6 an hour,,,, '' every little helps'' my arse !!
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Caroline ... dated:21 October 2007
I have used all the delivery services Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco and Ocado.
Asda being poorest service with food that is always near its sell by date.
Sainsbury and Tesco are similar for delivery but not to happy with the substitutions that Sainsbury have sent. Have been let down by both of these delivery services in the past.
Ocado are fantastic. Very good efficient delivery (they will also carry the bags to kitchen if you require. Ocado (Waitrose) food is really good but you will notice that you pay more for your groceries.
For that reason I mainly use Sainsburys but go back to Ocado when I want to indulge myself. Sainsbury's are good if you have a problem and request a refund. Tesco are not good at this and from previous experience I won't use Tesco anymore. I've vowed not to use Asda again as I always end up complaining.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:20 October 2007
I have used Sainsbury's for some time now. One hour delivery slots, always notified by phone if there is a delay, no problems with substitutes (sometimes what they provide is better than what I originally ordered!) and no problems with refunds - get an e-voucher to use with the next order. Friendly drivers and customer service.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Judith ... dated:20 October 2007
We have been using Tesco for some time now, only had one problem, we ordered a delivery for our daughter, it never arrived,we got in touch and they said there was a problem with drivers, don't know what it was but they delivered everything 2 days later, rang to apologise and sent us an email to, and also a refund of £10 on our next order.
So all in all very satisfied, very handy, especially at Xmas
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by JoJo ... dated:20 October 2007
Only used Asda but never had a problem and staff really good.

I know you have to do your own shopping at Somerfield but the actual home delivery drivers have always been top whether the old store or ex Kwiksave.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Michelle ... dated:20 October 2007
I have used Tesco for at least 2 years and they are great. Always turn up which is a bonus ! If items aren't available there is a reasonable substitution. If there is a mistake their customer service team are brill and will give a no quibble refund.
I was dubious at first hearing horror stories that the stuff you get is all close to the sell by - that's all a myth. I have tried it for a while now and will continue to do so.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:20 October 2007
We used Tesco for a while and they were quite good, only on the odd occasion were we given substitutes, drivers were very polite.
Re: Home shopping
Reply posted by Roc ... dated:20 October 2007
Only used ASDA and no longer use them as the last order had lots of basic items missing and when we phoned to ask why were told that it was because the "pickers" had been too lazy to look for options, why bother. Also the number of these vans I've seen being driven recklessly one going round a curve so fast it moved from a slip road to lane 3 under its own momentum almost going onto 2 wheels in the process (this was in Herefordshire) hope no-one had eggs on board, sorry but although we have had some good deliveries and the lady we spoke to about the above incident was at pains to ensure we were satisfied, we would only use it again for basics that a machine could put in a basket. I wonder Pete (with the normal bits and a bike) do ASDA employ council employees as packers, oh no of course this is a private company! I have to say the drivers have always been efficient and polite, but what good is that if the goods are not as ordered.
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