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Holly House, Flixton
Topic posted by Evad ... dated:28 April 2017

Hi All. Holly House, Flixton. Information needed by someone on Facebook.

Apparently it was located at the corner of Irlam Road/Flixton Road and I'm informed it was the "Old St Monica's"

I've tried to track this house down but no success. Any information

Re: Holly House, Flixton
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:28 April 2017

Thanks. I wasn't looking in the right place to research and pass the information, now done, thank you.

Re: Holly House, Flixton
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:28 April 2017
From the Urmston A-Z (q.v.)

Holly House. Corner Irlam and Flixton Roads

Noted in 1883 for its well-trimmed Holly hedgerow, a one time owner was a Miss Margaret Ellen Newton 1843-1912 who donated the clock faces to the St. Michael’s Church. Also known of old as Holly or Newton Corner, these two acres of property were purchased by the diocese of the Catholic Church in 1950. Set in these large grounds it has been identified that there were two portions to the home one each side of the drive. This small corner block falls under the name of Holly House Drive now. Records show an Edmund Newton (1818-1879) here but no reference as to the relationship to Margaret Ellen. In 1939 the house belonged in the hands of John Turner.

Re: Holly House, Flixton
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:28 April 2017

You will find some detail in the A-Z listed under Holly House.
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