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Flixton car crime spree
Topic posted by Abi ... dated:26 January 2007
Just to warn everyone, there seems to be another rise in car crime. Both our cars (in Flixton) have been broken into last week and it happened again last night!

You won't be surprised to hear that the police don't pull their finger out. I am seriously considering barb-wiring around the front tonight or hiring one of the bouncers from Urmston's finest...

Anyone has suggestions on how to deter the little sods from coming back?

Be aware!
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Dave - ... dated:13 January 2019

I've heard from a number of sources that a couple of hoody wearing youths are walking the streets trying car door handles as they go. They seem to be checking cars that are parked in the street.

Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:29 January 2007
The police have to consider the possibility that the pillion passenger is not a willing participant in whatever crime is being committed, and apart from not wearing a helmet, may be completely innocent.

Especially if young children are involved.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:29 January 2007
You cannot have a blank situation and say the police should not chase at all as you would have more and more car thefts if the scumbags new they could not be caught. This is why they go through a decision making process for each and every case but don't forget, they cannot please all the people all the time and sometimes they may make the wrong decision but that is a fact of life. As I have always stated I do not think we punish them hard enough so there is no deterrent hence we also have a lot of re-offending.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Pete ... dated:29 January 2007
Steak, I think the factors most taken ito account by police when deciding to chase a stolen vehicle is if they can be bothered or not, or if they feel the need for some excitement. If the police can't chase thieves who are not wearing helmets then no chases of any stolen vehicles should take place unless all pedestrians and other road users in the area are wearing helmets and other protective gear. Personally I see no need for the vast majority of police chases, as they cause many deaths per year, often of completely innocent people.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:28 January 2007
I would be waiting behind the door with a stun gun.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:28 January 2007
Pete, when they make these decisions all factors have to be taken into account including the safety of the police involved in the chase, will it create further risk to the public if they chase them etc. With regard to the remarks that were made about the criminals being able to sue the police if they had an accident is totally unacceptable and the law should prevent them from doing this, in my view it should not even be considered if they are acting unlawfully it should be totally at their own risk and if they do get injured tough but you can't apply that thought when thinking about the public at risk.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:28 January 2007
Somebody wrenched the bonnet star in its socket yesterday. They didn't damage it but I'm expecting them back.

I'm considering wiring it to 10kV, a nice short sharp shock for them.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by MikeL ... dated:27 January 2007

I know its a bit drastic but you could install a security light hooked up to a small surveillance camera. When the light comes on the camera starts recording to a VCR or even your PC if you want to. The cost of such devices are coming down all the time and I have been toying with the idea. At least then you have the evidence and hopefully their mug shots for the police.
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Pete ... dated:27 January 2007
I'm surprised by the story of the Droylsden police who refused to chase a stolen moped because they feared for the safety of the thieves who were not wearing crash helmets. This attitude is very strange, as the police often chase stolen cars throught the streets at very high speeds, sometimes causing deaths of innocent people such as pedestrians or other motorists who are not wearing protective gear either. The police even allow film of such chases to be broadcast on TV stations such as ITV and BBC. Why do the police value the safety of thieves above the safety of innocent members of the public when it comes to giving chase?
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Gill ... dated:26 January 2007
Unfortunatly there is no way of protecting your property unless it's locked away safe and sound. I lived in sunny Salford 12 years ago, one morning I came out to find all my tyres slashed, a week later a drunk had smashed every window in my poor car and did the same to another 15 cars down the road. I didn't stay there long after that!!! My crime? I was a single mum with a young baby who didn't dare to tackle the yobs!
Re: Flixton car crime spree
Reply posted by Michelle ... dated:26 January 2007
Hi Abi, would be interested to hear what area of Flixton and also what type of cars targetted.
Sorry to hear - it is such a pain, I sympathise.
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