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Estate Agents online
Topic posted by Colin Bryan ... dated:05 October 2002
Does anbody know of an internet site which carrys listings of houses/property for sale, in the Urmston area?? I have tried through those links found in the major on line newspapers, no luck,,Ulan Bator in Outer Mongolia is fine, but Urmston or Trafford??? Sorry guys you do not exist!!!
Re: Estate Agents online
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:02 December 2017
Re: Estate Agents online
Reply posted by Colin Bryan ... dated:11 October 2002
Thanks everybody for your help, in posting the links... I contacted them and got an idea of current property prices.. Well I waws shocked!! I can only say that they are ridiculus!!! How can anybody afford them??? I have been away from Urmston for 44 years, and recently had an urge to return...I no longer have that urge.. Thanks
Re: Estate Agents online
Reply posted by Debs ... dated:07 October 2002
what's happening with the property section on sounds like a good idea to me as all the properties listed will be local. How about somejobs and classified ads too.
Re: Estate Agents online
Reply posted by Phil ... dated:07 October 2002
Just had a quick look at the following and they have property in the Urmston area. and
Re: Estate Agents online
Reply posted by Trev Scott ... dated:06 October 2002 but from my recent house moving experience its a waste of time searching online as propeties in the area sell so quickly! Also the sites never seem to be accurate, ie house is sold but still shown for sale on web sites. Best bet is to hastle the estate agents on a daily basis.
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