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Davyhulme Park
Topic posted by Stretch. ... dated:23 August 2004
I would like to thank Trafford for the recent addition to the children’s play area in Davyhulme Park.
Late last week a new "swinging thing" was installed to the delight of all the local hooligans.
The park has now been taken over by a large group of young teens with attitude. They are not prepared to allow anyone else access to the swing even after being approached from parents.
They appear to have no respect, and several of them were willing to do harm to my mother if she didn't back off, at which point I stepped in a little further but to no avail.
They vandalise, shout , swear , ride bikes, drink and make reference to drug taking. My children aged 3 and 4 now refuse to use the park in fear of the naught boys and girls.
After one child was injured a phone call to GM police was made and a patrol was allegedly dispatched. Ten minutes later a police car crawled past, waved and carried on to the delight of the culprits.
Anybody any idea on what can be done. We have used this park for many years, but feel the only option is to go else where….
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by ChrisW ... dated:02 March 2017

Good to hear that improvements to the park are being made finally.

I've not seen the susbstantial cutting back of the hidden path yet, but I know that Laurel will recover even if cut back to a stump, it can look great if kept under control and pruned properly.

Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Bigbird ... dated:16 February 2017

For those interested in what is happening on Davyhulme park, see below posted on Facebook by Councillor Cawdrey.

Quite a few people have mentioned what has happened to Davyhulme Park recently, and I said I would try to find out what was going on. I got a reply and this is it (apologies for the length!):

Dear Councillor Cawdrey

The Shrubs have not been maintained for some time and had been allowed to reach a size where they could not be kept in check by the park gardens team.

The original 1933 park design was a sunken garden with views across the park and attracted even the release of its own picture postcard attached.

At some point, pruning of the shrubs ceased and they were allowed to reach the size we had them until recently. We also had a build-up of vandalism and youth nuisance, broken grass, smashed pond borders, Stone being removed from the surrounding walls culminating in the burning of a plastic wheelie bin on the top of the mosaic design. Groups of youths felt they could gather around the ponds unseen and unchecked. In addition the surrounding paths became very shaded and were extremely dark in an evening and at night and one small path and steps has almost been lost completely. I also suspect a greater range of shrubs were planted than rhododendron and Laurel and these plants have been shaded out by these two shrubs, we hope to work with the friends of Davyhulme to find funds to add in new variety in the near future.

The pruning works we have undertaken does look drastic at this early stage but the strong root systems will quickly see the rhododendron and laurel bush back and at a height the garden maintenance teams can begin to once again maintain. They will also provide much better nesting and habitat for the parks wildlife with the much more dense crowns giving protection from predators than the open crowns of the overgrown shrubs. I also expect them to produce more flowers next year as they settle to the new shapes. This work has been a long term aspiration and consultation has been carried out over several years with the assistance of the friends group from its conception some years ago when we jointly made applications to the Heritage lottery fund and others to rectify the ponds and gardens and bring them back into management as their design intended. In the last few years we have been able to find money to make repairs to the mirror ponds to help them once again hold water.

We are also removing a handful of trees that are in ill health due again to excess shade but we plan to plant some liquid amber trees a little deeper in the park as replacements. Other elements of the work will see the mosaic removed and some reinstatement of the lost path entrance to the sunken garden. We are also benefiting from money from United Utilities who are funding a sculpture which is being consulted on by the friends group with the pupils of local schools. This will go in the centre of the space current occupied by the mosaic and as the lines of sight will be reopened should be visible to people entering the park from Winchester Road and The play area.

They even included an old postcard for Davyhulme to demonstrate the part of the original design, which I think is from the 1930's

Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Bigbird ... dated:08 October 2016
I have been told that Trafford Council and AMEY are due to do some work on Davyhulme Park. From what I undertand they will be spending £30,000 on
  • New sculpture and seating area to replace that which has been damaged by vandalism.
  • Landscaping and horticulture between the pond, the play area and around the sunken garden including reducing shrubbery and enhancing access, include restatement of “hidden path”
  • Resolution of flooding uses
I also understand that a locally based business is investing an additional £10,000 in this work.

Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Corrado ... dated:07 October 2016

We visited Davyhulme Park a couple of weeks ago, had not been for a few months. We couldn't believe the state it was in, the play area had rubbish strewn everywhere and was well trampled into the muddy grass. The Ponds were also full of rubbish & metalwork, underwater and floating on top, and there was a big buildup of algae on the surface. I've never seen it so bad, I was glad to leave.

Are Amey not emptying the park bins or picking litter regularly enough, or is it just that some park users like to drop litter and dump their unwanted stuff in the ponds and this has been masked previously by the council cleaning it up?

Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:23 October 2014

Herb that is totally wrong, I have no idea where that date was arrived at. Davyhulme Park was started by the Flixton Council about 1932 and completed by the new UUDC around 1934. It is one of two mistakes in this years edition, the other being Urmston Lane, it is not in Urmston.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:23 October 2014

I have just got a 2015 Memories Calendar & there are 5 photos of Croftsbank Park taken in 1906. Does anyone know when it cahnged to Davyhulme Park?

Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:27 November 2011
Babycatcher you must be new to that area. There was a Friends Group that failed I believe due to internal squabbles. They did make a start but couldn't reach agreement to continue. Search for the topic related to Kingsway Park where you can read about their efforts.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Babycatcher ... dated:27 November 2011
Whilst Davyhulme Park and Flixton Park look great and have obviously had a substantial amount of investment, its a shame the same cannot be said about Kingsway park, I would be really interested to know what the plans were for this park when it obtained funding as part of the Government playbuilder scheme.
If an area needs investment and upgrading in order to provide children with an 'exciting, challenging and imaginative outdoor play environment with a specific focus on 8-13 year olds' as described by the councils website, then Kingsway park is that area.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:27 November 2011
It is to be hoped that someone will post a couple of pictures, 75,000 is a lot of changes and should show accordingly.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:25 November 2011
The improve play area is now open, with some wood sculptures to come...
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:27 May 2011
Great news for the Friends Group, being granted money to improve the Park. Don't spend it all in one shop.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Ariel ... dated:27 March 2011
I was on the park today and had a lovely time. The playground was buzzing, the fields were full of footballers and (very friendly) dog walkers, the tennis courts and basketball courts busy and the skate park was in full use - I stood by to watch some of the skate boarders for a while and was actually pretty impressed.
Nice to see a park in full use by all generations. Glad I live near to it. I think complainers should count themselves lucky to have a space like this nearby.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:27 March 2011
How many, passing comment on the forum, are members of the Friends of Davyhulme Park?
Obviously I am not, its not possible, but it does make me wonder if the suggestions are reaching the correct people.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Borrowdale ... dated:27 March 2011
Mandy, moving the skate park would achieve something, the creation of the open space which has been lost due to it's current, crazy, location. You don't seem to realise that the open space was cherished and enjoyed by just as many people as there are youngsters currently enjoying the new facility.
All we want is for the park to be enjoyed by all, not just by one part of the population.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Mandy ... dated:24 March 2011
Divad, I think Bonna is referring to the fact that the skateboarders have been using the facility before it is finished.  The concrete skateboard 'course' has been laid but the rest of the area has still to be landscaped.  The park is still surrounded by temporary railings which I guess should not have been moved.  The kids have opened them and are using the park.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Mandy ... dated:24 March 2011
I see no merit in moving the skateboard a few yards so that it is next to the hedge.  To move it would be expensive, pointless and achieves nothing. 
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Bonna ... dated:24 March 2011
Hi Divad, I am referring to events which have happened since the new skate park has been constructed When I saide before it is opened, I am referring to the "official" it is still under construction and surrounded by a security fence which is currently broken through every evening by users of the skate park.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:23 March 2011
Sorry Bonna but you did say before the park was opened in your earlier posting.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Bonna ... dated:23 March 2011
Divad   The two instances I am refering to of dogs being injured have both occured within the last week, after the park had been errected.  And both have been a result of the trail of broken glass which has followed the skate park from the troubled North to the present location.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:23 March 2011
So it is being stated that the dogs were hurt before the skate board facility has been erected. Why is it a part of the complaint? I am all in favour of getting the position cleared to suit everyone but don't add things that are not part of the trouble.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Bonna ... dated:23 March 2011
The relocation and expansion of the skatepark has ruined the character and visual amenity of the park.   It has destroyed the only, much used and precious open space of any size.  The consultation process appears to have been deeply flawed and inadequate, surely some notices could of been posted at each entrance of the park describing exactly what was proposed. 
I use the park everyday and live 200yards away but recieved no communications.  I know two people who where subject to the "on-park consultation" and agreed to the relocation - but now feel betrayed, as the exact location wasn't made clear to them.  There has already been a huge increase in litter, boken glass and vandalism even before the park is opened. Two dogs have already been cut by broken glass and there are no plans to fence the park off.  
The problems which have given rise to this have now spread from a small area to encompass the majority of the park.  No one is saying that such facilities aren't needed, but I can't see why it wasn't sited on Kingsway where there are acres of open space, well away from neighboring houses.  Even within Davyhulme Park, all cited criteria could of been met by situating it next to the community center running lengthways along the existing hedge enabling the open space to be retained and enjoyed by all members of the public and minimising conflict.  I have started a petition to get the park moved to this location if you wish to sign it can be found at:
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:23 March 2011
Borrowdale's link HERE
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Borrowdale ... dated:23 March 2011
Another dog had his paw shredded today whilst walking past the still unfinished but already used skate park. This has prompted me to reply to everyone who responded to my post.

Firstly though, I'd like to say that I am in favour of the skate park and believe it's a good thing for kids to play on. My only gripe is with the location.We had a great facility, an open space, which was used by many people for lots of different activities every day. Now that facility is gone. This is my gripe. Yes there are other open spaces but that is not the issue. The space I and lots of others used daily has been taken away from us. That is the issue.

Tom. I never said the kids physically harm older people. It was verbal abuse I was at the receiving end of.

Cls. There might have been an open meeting. However, I was not invited. I don't understand why putting the skate park slap bang in the centre of the open space is a good idea. Surely, the side of the field would have been the obvious choice. The opponents of the facility suggest here The map shows how big the space was before and how it compares to your suggestion of the space next to Canterbury Road (not a great idea to exercise dogs next to a road).

Ssh. Yes the new facility is great (but my children aren't interested in it). As you say, the park is for all ages including those wanting to walk in an open space. Unfortunately, the biggest open space has now gone.

Pris. Yes the kids are entitled to somewhere to go and they had lots of places on the park. Now they have more places and I only have the small corner next to the substation and the busy road which might be a good place to walk a Yorkshire Terrier but not a large dog.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:17 March 2011
The same comments are surfacing as it was with the one at Woodsend, yet I have read nothing further since its inception.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Mandy ... dated:17 March 2011
If you talk to people who use the park regular and by this I mean every day, sometimes more than once a day, the vast majority think that the skate park:
-was built without enough consultation (in fact with virtually  no consultation whatsoever).  If you missed the meeting in July as we did because we were on holiday, you knew nothing about exactly where it was to be sited until about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  Most of the dog walkers using the park knew nothing of it until construction began.
- is sited in the wrong place - it is much too close to the back of the houses on Winchester and the front of the houses on Canterbury. It should have been sited near the basketball pitch where it would have been the furthest away from most houses. Or even, as somebody said yesterday, in Golden Hill Park. 
- is an eyesore.
- is an accident waiting to happen.  Some of the concrete constructions are 4 or 5 feet off the floor.

.... I could go on and on.
The reason it has been moved from its current site is the problems the people who live on Canterbury have had with noise, graffiti and vandalism.  I am told that this was caused not by the skateboarders themselves but by other teenagers attracted by the facility and who hung around later in the evening.  I am not trying to blame the skateboarders but surely this is going to happen again only in the new location?  The community centre has already been torched and the school is close by.  There are already groups of youths accumulating outside the school railings and smoking dope during the evening.  I just hope the police are going to keep a close eye on what goes on in the park when it is all finished.
We shall see what happens.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Chianti ... dated:17 March 2011
Sorry to disappoint you Pris but every time I go to the car park in Urmston there are kids there skateboarding! God knows what damage they do to cars. I can imagine what an uproar there would be though if a car hit them.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:16 March 2011
When I was a child (late 70s) I stayed away from playgrounds.  Instead, me and my friends preferred to play in the following areas:
Old tip
Disused coal hoppers
Slag heaps
Disused mill reservoir (for toads and frogspawn)
Huge sandy escarpment with dangerous drops
Derelict canal
Derelict brick factory
Personally, I think too many people think too hard about what facilities are available for kids.  When I was that age, life was an adventure that was free to enjoy.  These days people seem to think that the adventure should be enjoyed behind closed doors, with hi-viz vests and safety lessons. 
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Pris ... dated:16 March 2011
I spoke to a lot of youngsters before and at the meeting at Davyhulme School regarding the park and they were all very excited about the skate park. I think it is a great idea and there should be more of them. Firstly, it keeps them from skateboarding on the streets and in the shopping parades, secondly it keeps them fit and burns off energy and also it's safety in numbers.

I've looked at the park recently and there is still plenty of room for dog walking. The kids are entitled to somewhere to go too. However, those old ponds are disgusting.

Maybe we should be looking at ways for all ages to integrate, communicate and help each other.

I'm also hoping for massive improvements on Kingsway Park field for children of all ages. I attended a meeting for that a long time ago at George Carnall and all that has happened is a few trees have been planted, a ridiculous baby park has been put in and the pully thing. That field has so much more potential. Anyway, I will climb down off my box now sorry.
Re: Davyhulme Park
Reply posted by Ssh ... dated:16 March 2011
As a mother of 2 children aged 11yrs and 6yrs and the owner of a dog that is frequently walked on Davyhulme Park, I think the new skate park is fantastic.
The park is a facility for all to use and I am happy to see people of all  ages using it, whether it be the play area, the basketball and tennis courts, the bowling green or just the open space to enjoy a walk.
There is plenty of  space for the dog walkers on the Canterbury Road side of the field if they feel intimidated by the youths near the skate park.
I'm not sure how to combat the litter problem apart from adding more bins close to the skate park, however littering can't be blamed on just the kids alone.
The park is very busy after school and during the weekends which can only be a sign of good facilities.
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