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Topic posted by Bayray ... dated:18 December 2020

Could the sports centres in Urmston be used for the injections as with many people needing to park and most doctors surgery only have limited parking and with the space most people could stay the the 6ft apart 

Re: COVID 19
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 December 2020

I'm looking forward to getting mine but I expect that to be around September before it's rolled out to my age range. If I was in the priority age groups getting it in the next few months I would be jumping at the chance to get it, but I have heard a few older folk saying they won't be getting the vaccination, something at present I can only dream of

Re: COVID 19
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:20 December 2020

Went for my virus jab at davyhulme medical centre today they where running about 30 minutes late so glad it was not parking is jammed both in there car park and on Broadway both sides of the road once in side very good with time calls for your jab... have to give the NHS  and staff there the highest praise thank you

Re: COVID 19
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:20 December 2020

Just had the call injection on Saturday at Davyhulme medical centre never been there be for hope the parking is okay 

Re: COVID 19
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:18 December 2020

In Urmston, they are using Davyhulme Medical Centre as a vaccination hub for Urmston. 

Move Urmston reopens on 4th January to leisure users after lockdown

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