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Bus Service Cuts
Topic posted by Atlantean ... dated:15 January 2017

Several subsidised bus services are proposed to be cut in the next few months if Councillors on the Transport for Greater Manchester Bus Services Committee decide to proceed with them on their meeting of 20th January 

(All routes presently run hourly Mon-Sat Daytime)

268 – Urmston/Davyhulme to Sale and Wythenshawe

From 30th January: The Urmston to Stretford section will be withdrawn (the remaining route will run to Manchester instead).  The result of this will mean no direct link from Barton Road (Stretford) and Lostock Road to Urmston.  Route used by school children in the area to go to Ashton-on-Mersey School and Sale Grammar School.

277 - Kingsway Park to Urmston, Stretford & Gorse Hill

From 23rd April: Reduced to run between 09:00 and 15:00 only.

278 – Trafford Gen., Flixton, Church Road, Urmston and Winchester Road to Stretford

From 23rd April: Withdrawn. Bus 276 continues, but the withdrawal means only an hourly service on Church Road and Winchester Road (currently routes 276 & 278 combine to provide 2 buses an hour)

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:26 January 2021

Changes to routes 15 and 23 from next Monday. Both will be half-hourly during the day.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:04 July 2020

As the lockdown is eased, GMCA Transport Committee will meet on 10th July to approve some summer changes to the bus network. Changes impacting Urmston/Steretford are:

18 26/07/20: Will continue from Trafford Centre to start from Eccles. Will run towards Wythenshawe via Brooklands rather than Sale Moor and Baguley and is extended to Airport from Wythenshawe. Service 272  from Eccles to Wythenshawe withdrawn to allow these changes.

84A 26/07/20: Sunday joruneys withdrawn to facilitate 18 improvements.

245 - 26/07/20: Evening service reinstated

X50 30/08/20: will run via the northen half of Trafford Park to Trafford Centre that rathern than Chester Road, Davyhulme Road East & Barton Dock Road.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:01 June 2020

Stagecoach have increased the frequency of some bus routes (from today, I think). This means that locally, the 15, 23, 25 and 255 are now half-hourly again (but still very sparse in the evenings). The 256 now runs at 20 minute intervals in the day. No change yet on other routes: Arriva's 245 and 247 routes remain hourly, and Diamond's 18 and 84A only run every 2 hours.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:22 April 2020

Thanks Atlantean. Thought it might be that but I couldn't find my way through the maze of meeting minutes and briefing papers to get the details.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 April 2020

Hi Aardvark. The Greater Manchester Transport Committee decided to withdraw the Diamond 245 evening journeys at their meeting on 17 January due to low patronage - the decision predated the pandemic. This is what they decided:

245 - Revised timetable proposed where the Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening journeys are withdrawn due to high cost per passenger following retender, also Saturday early morning journeys as follows: 

  •  Stretford Mall – Altrincham at 0640 (Sat) - 2.15 passengers per trip 
  • Trafford Centre – Altrincham at 0733 (Sat) - 3.13 passengers per trip ? Trafford Centre – Altrincham at 1851 (Sat) – 8.51 passengers per trip, 
  • Trafford Centre – Altrincham at 2008 and 2051 (Daily) – 14.38 & 8.10 passengers per trip 
  •  Altrincham – Trafford Centre at 1850 and 2057 (Daily) – 7.53 & 4.53 passengers per trip 
  • Altrincham – Trafford Centre at 1950 and 2305 (Monday to Saturday) 4.53 & 3.38 passengers per trip 

Alternative facilities between Altrincham, Trafford General Hospital and the Trafford Centre exist on route 247. Alternative facilities between Altrincham and Stretford exist on route 263.

Details of this meeting are here

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 April 2020

The TfGM website says 245 journeys run by Diamond were eithdraw on 19th April. They're not listed on the link below.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:21 April 2020

Thanks, I hadn't spotted that. But why aren't Diamond continuing to operate on the 245 route? Are those journeys cancelled altogether now (with or without the virus)?

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 April 2020

CORRECTION, the evening 247 evening service hasn't been withdrawn, it is now run by Diamond since MCT's demise.

The Timetable's for all Diamond services are here:

The 247 even journeys run every 2 hours.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:21 April 2020

Further cuts and changes as of this week. The 18 is now run by Diamond, on a two-hourly headway. Stagecoach's evening services on the 15, 23, 25, 255 and 256 are reduced to two-hourly after roughly 7 p.m. The 245 has lost the evening services previously run by Diamond; last buses leave Altrincham at 1800 and Trafford Centre at 1810. The 247 has also lost all its evening services (previously run by MCT); last buses now leave Trafford Centre at 1824, Altrincham at 1830.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:30 March 2020

Just for the record here (because I posted it under the wrong heading to begin with):

Stagecoach timetables have been revised again. The 15, 25 and 255 will now run hourly. The 23 and 256 will run half-hourly during the day and hourly in the evenings. Details on Stagecoach's website.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:24 March 2020

The reduction on the 245 is probably down to schools closing - it's quiet busy with college students.

Concessionary pass holder can use their passes before 9.30 until further notice.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:21 March 2020

New Monday to Friday timetables apply on many routes around Manchester from Monday 23rd March. They include the 15, 23, 245, 255 and 256. Seems to be mostly the peak hour services that are affected at this stage, though Arriva are going hourly on the 245. Details can be found on TfGM's website.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:20 February 2020

This may not be entirely the right subject, but certainly the 18 route is under threat as MCT will cease trading in April. More details can be found in the Manchester Evening News. TfGM may or may not find other operators to fill the breach.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:02 May 2018

One of the candidates in the current local elections praised the availability of bus services in the district. Either that person (no names) does not use the buses or is completely out of touch.

We have recently lost the former direct services to Eccles and beyond, those through Trafford Park giving access to Media City and the Lowery plus the direct service to Altrincham (It still runs but now takes us on a Cook's tour of Ashton and Sale to replace another withdrawn route). If one wants Manchester or Stockport fine but anywhere else north or west is now change at the Trafford Centre.

There are two services between the Trafford Centre and Woodsend at half-hourly intervals during the day on weekdays. Fine, but, for most of the day they both depart within a two minutes of each other with a 28 minute gap until the next one appears. The opposite way is as bad, they leave within a minute of each other from Woodsend with a 29 minute gap.

On a Sunday there are two hourly services from Urmston to Woodsend. Theyare now  timed 20 minutes apart at Urmston then a 40 minute gap until the next one is due.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:01 April 2018

Thanks very much. I wonder how well the re-routed 245 will do. The timetable shows the diversion via Ashton will cost around 12 minutes, but they routinely run 12 minutes late in the peak hours anyway. Perhaps the easier going through Ashton will help them keep time.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:31 March 2018

Hi Ardvark,

Glad you fine this useful. Hope the easrly buses are of use to you.

The new timetables are on the TfGM website, under 'Bus' and 'Planned Service Changes':

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:30 March 2018

Thanks Atlantean, I find that really useful. Good news about the extra early buses. There are odd occasions when I need to catch a very early train from Piccadilly, when there are no trains or buses that would get me there in time. Now there will be!

Where do you find all these details? Are they on the TfGM website? I struggle to find anything on there since their last revamp.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:30 March 2018
In a reversal of recent trends, there is going to be something of improvement in services from 8th April, particularly extra early morning journeys and later buses: full details can be found on the TfGM website.

From 8th April:

15: Flixton, Davyhulme & Urmston to Manchester. Additional early morning journey introduced from Flixton to Piccadilly at 05:26 Weekdays and 06:31 Saturdays and 07:13/08:13 on Sundays.  These will be run by Diamond Bus on Mon-Sat. The weekly 23:15 from Piccadilly to Stretford is extended to run through to Flixton

23/23A: Trafford Centre to Stockport via Davyhulme & Urmston. Times of evening journeys changed

25: Trafford Centre to Stockport via Davyhulme & Urmston. Some evening journeys run from Stockport to Stretford only.

245: Trafford Centre, Davyhulme, Urmston to Altrincham. Route changed to run via Ashton upon Mersey rather than direct via A56. Evening journeys will be run by Manchester Community Transport rather than Arriva.

247: Trafford Centre, Davyhulme, Flixton & Partington to Altrincham. Additional journey introduced at 05:38 from Altrincham to TC.

255: Partington, Flixton & Urmston to Piccadilly. Additional journey from Partington to Piccadilly at 04:44 (05:44 Sat) and from Piccadilly 04:55 M-F.

256: Flixton, Davyhulme to Piccadilly. Frequency of evening journeys from Flixton increased to every 30 mins.  Evening journeys from Piccadilly now leave at 40 mins past (rather than 10 mins past)  and an extra journey introduced from Piccadilly to Flixton at 23:40 daily.

276: Trafford Gen, Flixton, Urmston to West Didsbury. Reduced on Sundays to run every 2 hours between 10am-2pm.

X5: Trafford Centre to Stockport: rerouted between Trafford Centre and Stretford – rather than running along Barton Dock Road, the service will run along Barton Road, Nags Head, Lostock Road, and Barton Road to Robin Hood. Sunday service introduced too. All run by Manchester Community Transport.

Cheshire Cat

A new service, Cat 5A introduced by Network Warrington between hourly Mon-Sat daytimes between Altrincham—Broadheath — Partington — Lymm — Stockton Heath — Warrington. It will be possible to catch the 247 or 255 to Partington and get the Cat5A to Lymm rather than travel via Altrincham
Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Fudge ... dated:21 July 2017

Bring back the 500 route. I will never know why it was taken off.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 July 2017
The 22 number seemingly disappeared in the 1970s. I presume at SELNEC re-numbering it became the 262 from Burnage to Eccles. The 'modern' 22 was created 26th October 1986 on Deregulation Day. GM Buses introduced a new service, the 22 replacing the 262 but extended it to Stockport and Bolton. The frequency was the same as today. In the evening and on Sundays the 22 ran split services from Stockport to Farnworth and from Farnworth to Bolton.

GM Buses ran the 22 until they were privatised and split into North & South in the 1990s. The 22 was registered with the competition authorities as a joint service because it was operated by depots (Stockport and Bolton) which fell under two separate companies, First and Stagecoach. Under the 1985 Transport Act, bus companies were to expected compete with each other. With the two depots owned by 2 different companies,  the authorities agreed that the two operators could co-ordinate timetables and accept each other’s season tickets in the case of the 22.

Fast-forward to 2017, TfGM brokered this new arrangement of the route being split into the 2 and 25. I suspect both First and Stagecoach agreed to the split for the reasons given. Personally I'd have been happier if the 2 and 25 had overlapped between the Trafford Centre and Eccles. But as First and Stagecoach seem intent on not competing against each other (except on Oxford Road) I can see why this didn't happen.
Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:20 July 2017

Thanks Atlantean. I suppose this was inevitable in many ways. I too have had to wait ages for a 22 at times. They can easily run 25 minutes late on a 30 minute headway, so you never quite knew if the bus you were on was a bit early or horribly late.

North Western Road Car's Time Table [sic] for 1969 also shows the 22 running Eccles - Urmston - Chorlton - Levenshulme. There were no through services from Urmston to Bolton or Stockport back then. Or at any rate, not run by North Western. I think the "modern" 22 was a SELNEC or PTE creation, like the even longer limited stop runs (400 and 500 if you remember them).

There are far worse places to change buses than the Trafford Centre interchange - it even has clean and capacious public lavatories open at night. But I can't help wishing that they'd kept some form of through service across the Ship Canal, if only in the evenings. Something like Swinton or Eccles to Stretford or Chorlton would be easier to manage and could overlap the proposed new 2 and 25 routes.

The 22 was of course a commercial service, for the most part, but did TfGM have any say in its demise at all?

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:20 July 2017
Thanks for posting Aardvark, I was going to post the same. Both the 2 and 25 will run to the same route and frequency of the 22, although as you say, connections cannot be guaranteed at the Trafford Centre as the two are not coordinated. 

The withdrawal of the route is sad but it doesn't surprise me. I think the 22 has run through Urmston on various shorter routes since before World War 2 - Levenshulme to Eccles via Urmston service 22 certainly features in the 1945 North Western timetable booklet.

Today, the 22 is currently over 2 and a half hours long at peak time, meaning a bus leaving Bolton at 8:45 am does not return to Bolton until after 1:30 pm - that's a long route. I have waited for a 22 many times for over 15 minutes, sometimes over 30 minutes.

Separately, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority are assessing the viability of bus franchising following new powers in the Bus Services Act 2017. If agreed, a franchised bus scheme would replace the current commercial system where bus companies decided on their routes & fares to a system of competitive tendering. This would mean that TfGM would control timetables, fares, routes bus liveries, standards and ticketing in a co-ordinated way similar way to the London system – bus companies would competitively bid for routes under contract. 
Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:19 July 2017

The 22 bus route (Bolton - Stockport) is being quite literally cut in two. From Sunday next, 23rd July, it will operate as two entirely separate services, numbered 2 and 25. First Bus will run route 2, Bolton - Trafford Centre. Stagecoach and Manchester Community Transport will run route 25, Trafford Centre - Stockport.

There are occasions when the two services connect into each other, but they are fitful and not guaranteed. If you want to travel from Urmston to somewhere like Swinton, you may need to get a 23 or a 245 to be sure of a connection with the 2 at the Trafford Centre. The bus operators say that they've had to do this because "the existing 22 service is no longer viable to operate. The length of the route and increasing levels of congestion mean it is difficult to provide a reliable service".

Furthermore: "The current reciprocal travel arrangement for one day and seven day tickets between Stagecoach and First on service 22 will end with the withdrawal of this service. You will not be able to travel on Stagecoach service 25 with a First ticket, or travel on First service 2 with a Stagecoach ticket."

The new timetables can be downloaded from the TfGM website.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:24 April 2017

The 278 bus has now been withdrawn, meaning Church Road and Winchester Road only have an hourly service run by bus 276. The good news is that a Sunday timetable has been introduced on bus 276 serving Church Road and Winchester Road - these roads haven't had a Sunday service for well over a decade. 

Sunday service on 276:

Departs Trafford General 09:31, hourly until 16:31 (except no service at 13:31), arrives Urmston 9 minutes later and Stretford Mall at 54 minutes past.

Departs Stretford Mall 10:05, hourly until 17:05 (except no service at 13:05), arrives Urmston 18 minutes past and at Trafford General at half past.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:25 January 2017

New 268 timetable uploaded. From Stretford it will run up Talbot Road, Seymour Grove, Ayres Road, Chorlton Road, Ayres Road & Princess Road towards Manchester, and out via Deansgate and Chorlton Road.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:16 January 2017

The report can be downloaded from the GMCA website , just click on 6. Forthcoming Changes to Bus Network. The changes are listed on page 24 onwards. There are a lot of changes to Altrincham services, where the supported network has been significantly altered.

More general changes are here.

The loss of the 268 means we lose the link from Urmston to Wythenshawe Hospital. The loss will affect nearly 300 passengers per week. The new route for the 268 isn't clear but it will replace the withdrawn 84, so my guess is (from Stretford) Kings Road, Seymour Grove and Chester Road into Manchester.

I agree, an hourly 253 would be an improvement. Perhaps, if the Bus Services Bill currently going through Parliament is pased, and the new Greater Manchester Mayor uses powers in the Bill to end the current deregulated system and franchise the bus network (similar to the London model), it might be a possibility in a few years time?

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Chrism ... dated:15 January 2017

I agree about the 253 on Church Road. I have to use the 255 and walk through, that service is half-hourly but the 256 is every ten minutes whch doesn't make sense to me.

Re: Bus Service Cuts
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:15 January 2017

Thanks for the tip. Is this on t'Interweb somewhere? I'm just wondering what else might be for the chop, beyond our particular part of the world. And I'ld like to know how the 268 might reach Manchester.

Getting back to Urmston: it really is high time that they brought back the 253 and gave Church Road a direct service to Manchester again. Even an hourly service would help (it was half-hourly until the off-peak services were withdrawn).

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