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Bus Lane Barton Dock Road
Topic posted by Bigc ... dated:20 March 2017
I have noticed that a number of  cars are now using this as quick route into the Trafford Centre. TMBC should fit cameras as soon as possible. It could be a nice little earner for the council and help to pay for other services.
Re: Bus Lane Barton Dock Road
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:21 March 2017

Busses use whichever lane suits them best whilst the car has to use non bus lanes only. I saw a junction once and it was a twin lane (one bus only, one any vehicle), they were separated by a kerb divider in the middle. at the junction was a set of lights for each lane individually. The car had to wait at the red whilst the bus got a green to go straight on but when the bus lane was red the bus simply moved to the car lane and went through anyway. 

Only a loony left council would divise a junction like that. Its similar to where there is a centre traffic island opposite a bus stop, looks like bad planning at first glance but what it actually does is prevent traffic getting past the bus whilst its stopped thus creating a clear traffic free road infront of the bus.

Re: Bus Lane Barton Dock Road
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:21 March 2017

I avoid that section of Barton Dock Road like the plague. No matter what time of day, there's always a traffic jam there, especially at Dumplington Circle. I would be suprised if buses didn't use the lanes, otherwise it would add time on to their journey.

Re: Bus Lane Barton Dock Road
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:20 March 2017

Alternatively, why should people on busses get anywhere quicker than those in cars, odds on someone driving will be going somewhere more important and doing something more productive anyway.

Re: Bus Lane Barton Dock Road
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:20 March 2017

Quite rightly. They should also watch the buses using the roads as well, rather than a designated bus lane. 

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