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Topic posted by JohnM ... dated:23 November 2004
Anyone else not had there bins emptied today?
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:25 February 2021

Weekly collections of green bins begin again next week (see Council website or advert in Messenger).

Re: Bins
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:20 December 2020

We  sometimes find the bins swapped to other houses and in one case completely missing - they wanted us to pay for a new bin, but I managed to argue that my neighbour had gone out to collect the bins within minutes of the wagon emptyying them and it wasn't there, so it likely ended up damaged and they threw it in the wagon. What a surprise, they were unable to recover the CCTV footage from the wagon!

Anyway, the main gripe is that we always place our bin on a BT access cover in the grass verge, out of everybodies way only to frequently find that they've dumped our and our neighbours' bins dead in the middle of the pavement, blocking wheelchair and pushchair access (we are near two primary schools and home for the elderly and severly disabled, so we get a lot of both) and also directly in front of the driveway, meaning having to park up somewhere else or block the road, while removing the bins, before being able to access the drive - which is not much fun in the pouring rain when wearing a shirt and no coat.

I have even had one occassion where I was sat in the car, in the drive, with the engine running, waiting for the wagon to move on, only for them to deposit the bins within a couple of feet of the front of my car, blocking me from driving out!

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:18 December 2020

The weekly 'keep the nation fit' continues too, with bins being left anywhere from one end of a road to the other end rather than  from where they were collected for emptying.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:16 November 2020

Weekly collections for green bins have been reduced to fortnightly (again). From the Council's website:

"An increase in cases of coronavirus means we are not able to operate a full waste collection service.

"From Monday 19 October, green bins/green caddies will be collected every two weeks, together with the grey bin."

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:16 July 2020

Weekly collections for green bins are back. Details on Council's website.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:23 May 2020

The Council's website tells me that Chester Road recycling centre has re-opened.

And that all sites are now accepting "general and garden waste (excluding soil), cardboard and wood". But nothing much else.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:04 May 2020

It's mainly Royal Mail who decide but you can ask them to change their records. I suspect they thought like you - to have another Woodhouse Lane in the PAF database in that vicinity would be confusing so better to use Woodcote Road. Although there is another Woodcote Road where (South) Trafford College is, wonder if that's a continuation of the same road as well?

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:03 May 2020

Graz - it certainly is odd. Streetmap throws up over a hundred Woodhouse Lanes in Britain, and the ones that look like they might be the tip are in Dunham Massey, Dunham Woodhouses, Timperley and Sale. Someone just relying on the address and a map might well try to get there off Washway Road and travel west along Woodhouse Lane. It's the right one, but Google Streetview shows locked gates and cul-de-sac signs at the western edge of the housing. Who decides these things anyway? Is it the Royal Mail?

At least the post code (WA14 5TB) takes you to more or less the right place.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:01 May 2020

Aardvark I bow to your greater knowledge - didn't realise that was Woodhouse Lane! In my defence, to use an unmarked road and not use the postal address of Woodcote (which SatNavs will use) is a bit strange. 

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:30 April 2020

Graz - to reach the tip, you turn off Sinderland Lane onto Woodcote Road, yes. But after crossing the old railway line, you turn off Woodcote Road and onto a side road. That side road is the western extension of Woodhouse Lane. If you keep walking east you end up at Cherry Lane in Woodhouses. (That's Woodhouses in Sale West as opposed to Dunham Woodhouses. There are lots of Woodhouse Lanes.)

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Rozzer ... dated:29 April 2020

There has been trouble with the bins, long before this Pandemic. To use the Pandemic as an excuse is SHAMEFUL. I myself haven't  had any trouble, not having my bins emptied on the stated day.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:29 April 2020

Hmmm Woodhouse Lane off Sinderland Road? Could that be Woodcote Road off Sinderland Lane or are they keeping it a secret to limit visitors.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:28 April 2020

I should add that there are some complicated rules to follow, and that they can be found on this web page. Note particularly that only cars and small vans (smaller than Transit) will be allowed in, and absolutely NO trailers. And you can only go on certain days, depending on whether your car/van has an odd or an even number on its registration plate.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:28 April 2020

The Council has announced that Altrincham Tip, sorry, "Recycling Centre", will re-open on Saturday, for disposal of bagged general waste only. It will only be open to residents who show proof of address, such as a utility bill. This is the Woodhouse Lane site and it will be open every day from 8am-6pm. The number of cars on site will be strictly limited. The Chester Road site will NOT re-open, or not yet anyway.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:28 April 2020

It's not that easy if the compostable bags are squashed under a load of hedge clippings.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:27 April 2020

Ah, I see. In sensible households people don't put food waste straight into the bin, they use compostable bags. This means if the instructions change, it's easy to pick them out of the green bin and place them in the grey bin. 

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Dogsbody ... dated:27 April 2020

We cannot expect things to carry on as normal during this pandemic.    

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:26 April 2020

Graz, read my post again. I am refering to food waste already placed in the bin before the suspension was announced.

In my part of the world nothing has been collected for a month yet other areas have had three collections in that time. Twice we have been told to put our green bin out for an extra collection and twice that collection has failed to take place.To complain about failed collections is not pathetic considering what is in those bins and has been since before the suspension was announced. If it was just grass and leaves then it would not matter so much.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Atlantean ... dated:26 April 2020

Over 20,000 have now died from Covid19, Councils are struggling to organise emergency food deliveries to the vulnerable self isolating, helping protect care homes, vulnerable children, and support businesses that would likely not survive.  

Yet all some people can complain about is a bin not being emptied. How pathetic.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:25 April 2020

Edward, the instruction was to place food in your grey bin during the suspended green bin collections. Why would anyone not do that and leave rotting food in their green bin? I'd tip the contents into their gardens. :-)

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Edward ... dated:24 April 2020

Where I live we have not had our green bins emptied for a month (up to 16.00 today).

T.B.C. announced the suspension of collections part way through our normal collection day and our green bin was not emptied.

Two weeks ago there was supposed to be a one-off collection on black bin day but it failed to take place.

Today part of our road was done mid morning and then the bin motor turned off down a side street, leaving two thirds of our road untouched (as of 16.00 today).

Many of the green bins on our estate have been left out at people's gates and on the footpath for the past two weeks in protest. There is waste food from a month ago, placed there before the suspension of collections was announced, rotting away in these bins, joined by flies and ants.

Other areas have had their green bins emptied every time but T.B.C. should have prioritized those areas where collections had been missed on previous occasions. It is not right and poor service that some roads have had three collections over the past month whilst others have had none.

Now to bend the ear of some of our councillors!

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:20 April 2020

In a change to any plans you may have heard before, our green bins will now be collected fortnightly again, for as long as enough staff are available. Green bins should be put out on the same day as blue and black bins. There's more information on the Council's website.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:24 March 2020
During the present health emergency, Green Bins will not be collected. Food waste should go in grey bins. See Trafford Council's website for details.

And the recycling centres (council tips) on Chester Road and Woodhouse Lane are now closed until further notice.

Good luck everybody! Keep safe, keep washing your hands.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:29 November 2019

Meanwhile, still waiting for our bin to be emptied, a week after it should have been done. It may help others with the same problem to know that Amey will only show up for specific requests from specific addresses. They Will Not do the whole street unless the whole street complains. Bonkers, I know, when their website says "has the whole street been missed?"

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:28 November 2019

Is anyone else experiencing problems with their grey bins? Round our way the bin rounds were changed recently. Oddly, the only difference this made to us was a different cycle for the blue and black bins, which are being emptied on the correct day. The grey bin days weren't changed but the binmen are taking days on end to come and empty then. As I write this on Thursday morning I can see bins galore, all stuffed and many with the lids up in the air. They were supposed to be emptied last Friday. Complaints fall on deaf ears. The Messenger tells me that there have been similar problems at the south end of the borough.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:28 July 2015

It might be the case that the wagon couldn't get down the road due to some blockage, like a parked car.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:28 July 2015

Spr - You don't get a reply, they just fix the problem.  I've reported things like faulty street lights before now, never had a reply but the problems were fixed quickly.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Spr ... dated:28 July 2015

Bins were emptied yesterday, I did go on the Website and reported it on the Trafford website but never got a reply. 

Oh well all sorted now ! 

Re: Bins
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:27 July 2015

Spr - Have you asked the council or reported it via this website?

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