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Topic posted by JohnM ... dated:23 November 2004
Anyone else not had there bins emptied today?
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:24 March 2020
During the present health emergency, Green Bins will not be collected. Food waste should go in grey bins. See Trafford Council's website for details.

And the recycling centres (council tips) on Chester Road and Woodhouse Lane are now closed until further notice.

Good luck everybody! Keep safe, keep washing your hands.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:29 November 2019

Meanwhile, still waiting for our bin to be emptied, a week after it should have been done. It may help others with the same problem to know that Amey will only show up for specific requests from specific addresses. They Will Not do the whole street unless the whole street complains. Bonkers, I know, when their website says "has the whole street been missed?"

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:28 November 2019

Is anyone else experiencing problems with their grey bins? Round our way the bin rounds were changed recently. Oddly, the only difference this made to us was a different cycle for the blue and black bins, which are being emptied on the correct day. The grey bin days weren't changed but the binmen are taking days on end to come and empty then. As I write this on Thursday morning I can see bins galore, all stuffed and many with the lids up in the air. They were supposed to be emptied last Friday. Complaints fall on deaf ears. The Messenger tells me that there have been similar problems at the south end of the borough.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:28 July 2015

It might be the case that the wagon couldn't get down the road due to some blockage, like a parked car.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:28 July 2015

Spr - You don't get a reply, they just fix the problem.  I've reported things like faulty street lights before now, never had a reply but the problems were fixed quickly.

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Spr ... dated:28 July 2015

Bins were emptied yesterday, I did go on the Website and reported it on the Trafford website but never got a reply. 

Oh well all sorted now ! 

Re: Bins
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:27 July 2015

Spr - Have you asked the council or reported it via this website?

Re: Bins
Reply posted by Spr ... dated:27 July 2015

No Dustbin Collection - Railway Road area of Urmston, Should have been done On Friday 24/7 ( Grey ) bins.
All the Bins have been moved to the normal collecting area i.e. Bottom of the Cul de sac. They have been there over the weekend and are now all over the place, Has anybody heard anthing ? are they on Strike or something ? 
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:10 November 2012
The Council is consulting on the changes. There's a public meeting to explain the proposals and find out what people think of them. It's at Flixton House next Tuesday (13th), 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. If that's not convenient there's also a meeting in Stretford on Monday, at St Matthew's church.
To respond to Graz's comment: I think one of the problem areas is going to be things like disposable nappies and dog waste. These cannot go in the green bins and will have to keep going in the grey ones.
Anyway, there's more information on the Council's website.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Knitwit ... dated:09 November 2012
I have not analysed how the flies are attracted to a lidded bin but I can assure you that they are there.
I use very little tinned food preferring fresh so there are a lot of peelings  and general vegetable waste. I suppose that when these decompose the flies are attracted as I do open the bin to add things to it.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:08 November 2012
Evad, the weekly green bin collection is being proposed because food waste is now placed in the green bins along with grass / garden waste. There was concern that food left in the green bins for 2 weeks at a time could be a health concern. For those of us with small gardens it does seem a very large bin for potato peelings and some egg shells!
How can flies be a problem with a closed bin? Personally I would use compostible bags.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Knitwit ... dated:07 November 2012
I was regularly putting my food waste into the green bin but as that attracted so many flies I stopped doing it. My bin storage area is only a few yards from the kitchen door.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Evad ... dated:07 November 2012
A collection of the green bins every week in Autum is resonable, but spring back through to autum seems a bit OTT. I doubt if anybody fully fills a green bin in a week. This is when green bins need to be spread out for collection surely? Unless you have a 2 acre garden.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:07 November 2012
See this
Key point is "By introducing the collection of green bins on a weekly basis, this will free up room in residents' grey general waste bins so that they will only need to be collected every two weeks."
Re: Bins
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:07 November 2012
NicNic - I think it is just an idea they're opening to consultation. 
Re: Bins
Reply posted by NicNic ... dated:07 November 2012
I'd heard that the grey bins were going every 2 weeks so when I received my calendar for next year I expected to see a change but they are showing weekly still. Is it definitely happening or just rumour do we know?
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Graz ... dated:05 November 2012
No comments on bins for a while, strange for Urmston! As I understand it, if people are recycling their waste correctly, the only waste in the grey bins due for landfill should be : plastic food trays, plastic film, plastic wrapping, yoghurt pots, plastic snack containers, plastic bottle tops and plastic refuse bags. So when the inevitable two weekly collection for grey bins is introduced who's going to have a valid reason to complain? I think I fill a black bin bag every four weeks.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Roady ... dated:06 January 2011
After watching the news last night and seeing piles of rubbish all over Greater Manchester I think Trafford should be commended for the work they have done moving the rubbish, OK the green bin at Christmas could have been done better but if that is where it fell naturally on the calender then there ya go.
Well done Trafford, good work (even on the bank holiday I noticed) and thanks.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Julie ... dated:06 January 2011
Totally agree with you Steak....just excuses being made.
Madmax.....don't you ever question anything? Or do you just follow like a sheep? If we want to voice an opinion on here we will. Thats what the forum is here for.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by DaveB ... dated:01 January 2011
Welcome to the Interweb, where people will, and do, complain about anything, and everything :)
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Madmax ... dated:01 January 2011
Northern Ireland is without water and here we are complaining about a few bins.
Kind of puts it into perspective eh?
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Boblet ... dated:31 December 2010
I think that the bin collection is very well undertaken, and credit is due to the operatives, especially working in the cold and icy weather.
I see in neighbouring Warrington, their waste collections were suspended on Christmas Eve and don't restart until New Year....
Re: Bins
Reply posted by clrMikeCordingley ... dated:31 December 2010
I hear what you say and I will certainly make sure that the message is received by the Executive Member of Environmental Services, Councillor Reilly.
Mike Cordingley
Councillor for Gorse Hill
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:31 December 2010
Thanks for your response but I would add that it is not a customizable service I am wanting, it should have been setup this way from the start and I am sure it would have been if someone had used a little bit of brainpower when setting it all up. Anyone would tell you that it makes more sense to collect the paper bin rather than the garden bin following christmas week, you may think that explanation given is acceptable but I don't, I think it is more like an excuse for a cock up.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by clrMikeCordingley ... dated:30 December 2010
Steak and Julie,
I hear what you're saying.
Clearly as an opposition councillor, it would be very easy for me to join you in condemnation, but even though we weren't privy to the contract negotiations I suspect that the alternatives were looked at (certainly we raised it when the service was rolled out to Gorse Hill). And whilst I take on board your strong  feelings I really do feel the waste collection over the Christmas period has been extremely good.
It goes without saying that we're always looking to improve the service and as new facilities come on stream (for instance the composting plant in Trafford Park) the service will change.  
I appreciate this is a bit of a bland response. And all that I can really promise is that I take your views seriously and that when (hopefully) we regain control of the council we will look at this particular aspect. But I'm not going to make undeliverable promises as I do really trust the reasons given previously are sound and the balance between a customisable service and an efficient cost effective service has probably been determined correctly. So I'm not going to point score on this one.
Mike Cordingley
Councillor for Gorse Hill
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:30 December 2010
They empted my bins on time also but the issue is why empty the green bins which have nothing in them and leave us all with overflowing blue bins full of boxes and xmas wrapping paper.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by EricJ ... dated:30 December 2010
My bins were empted today at the normal time on the normal day, TMBC got it right round here.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Steak ... dated:30 December 2010
As the council seem to spend so much money on planning these facilities why was this not thought about at the onset, or is that expecting too much.
Rather than trying to arrange a  constant supply which is the excuse given, I think it is more to do with them not wishing to take deliveries because of holiday time.
Come on Trafford admit the true reason for this cock up rather than make feeble excuses, I rather think that you had not even thought about it.
Re: Bins
Reply posted by Julie ... dated:30 December 2010
Convenience for the recyclers.....great! What about the inconvenience to householders with overflowing bins? Where do we keep all the extra rubbish? Or should we let it just fall out of the bin and blow around the street? Yes I am being facetious but why not? What will happen is that the grey bin will be getting what wont fit in the other bins!
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