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BT Support - IP Hacked scam
Topic posted by Gymbunny ... dated:05 June 2017

I've had a number of calls from this phone number 025489, please be aware this is a SCAM.  

Remember the Microsoft scam where someone says they're from Microsoft and if you log onto your computer whilst you're on the phone, the person will then "rectify" your computer, whilst systematically wrecking it.  This is the same format but person claiming to be from BT Support instead.  

My caller gave me the following info to prove he was from BT.  

Name: Kane Williamson 

BT ID: 0737L    Also the BT Support phone number.        

I refused to use my pc , he said the it would only take 2 mins to "sort", and I told him it only takes 1 minute for him to wreck my machine.  I ended up telling him that since I had all his details, I would ask a friend who has IT credentials to check on this, then I would call him back. Suddenly the phone went dead! 

I religiously do a virus check and full file scan each week on my iMac, so know it is clean.  Hope this helps anybody who receives a call from this number.  

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