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BBC TV reception
Topic posted by Norman ... dated:10 September 2020

Is anyone else in the Urmston area having frequent reception difficulties with both BBC1 & 2 on Freeview?

For quite a few weeks I have experienced either total or part failure of both channels. This can be circumvented by tuning to the HD channels, but the trouble here is that the regional programme is not yet available in HD so you cannot watch the regional programme at all. The screen has a statement that HD reception is not available, and that it would be resumed with the next following programme.

I have tried contacting the BBC but they refer you to the diagnostic test pages without admitting to, or explaining what the problem is.

My reception (from Winter Hill) is perfect with all the other providers so I am wondering how extensive the scale of the problem is.

Or is it just me?!

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:15 September 2020

Freeview engineer attended this morning. The reason we're losing channels (and getting patchy reception on others) is that the signals from the transmitter are now weaker and our aerial isn't good enough to pick them all up. Solution: new aerial. Which he installed - in the loft, where it won't be affected by wind or rain. And we can now pick up something like 126 TV channels, plus radio.

Probably all a load of old tripe though, as my father used to say. But it is truly Freeview. The Government picks up the cost for the engineer and the aerial, out of the loot it's garnered from selling bandwidth to the phone companies.

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Norman ... dated:11 September 2020

My original post was several weeks ago but it has only appeared now!

In the meantime I discovered changes were being made, and did a retune when advised to, which restored all the channels with the exception of a few obscure ones. All the principal channels are loud and clear without interference.

I even paid my licence fee as a pensioner when I received a cunningly worded invite to do so!

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:11 September 2020

For what it's worth, I've been on the Freeview helpline (03456 505050) and they're sending an engineer round next week (at no charge to me).

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by AnotherPete ... dated:10 September 2020

First thing to do is retune your TV, especially as this was advised a few weeks ago.

If this doesn't fix it, get someone to check your aerial as it may be faulty.

If a retune doesn't work and the aerial is found to be OK, it may be time for a new TV.  You're right that the local BBC shows (Northwest Tonight sort of things) are only available in SD not HD, so you can't see them in HD as it stands.

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Bayray ... dated:10 September 2020

5 to 8 years ago on the last up grade of free view we had interference on our TV which was due to our aproximilty to the Curzon building with its many mobile phone masts. If you Google at800 it will give you some pointers and who to contact 

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:10 September 2020

I don't have a problem with BBC channels but I do have other problems after the last bout of retuning. One TV (a "smart" one) works quite happily. Another, linked to a digital recorder, has lost at least two and possibly more Freeview channels. If I disconnect the recorder from the aerial and retune it, I lose BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5 and seemingly all the old terrestrial channels. But I do get the missing channels (Drama and Horror since you ask). If I reconnect to the aerial and retune again, I regain BBC, ITV et al. but lose Drama and Horror.

A phone call to the Freeview helpline (03456 505050) is on my to do list for today....

Re: BBC TV reception
Reply posted by Bob ... dated:10 September 2020

There were changes made by Freeview on August 12th, a retune was recommended for M41 postcodes afterwards. Have you tried that?

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