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Appliance repairs
Topic posted by Tixylix ... dated:26 August 2012
Can anybody recommend a local person/company to fit a new element in an electric cooker please.
Re: Appliance repairs
Reply posted by Aardvark ... dated:10 February 2020

Just an update for the record: Appliance Care Manchester, as they're properly known, moved out of Brook Road a while back. They're now at Carrington Business Park. Telephone number is 0161 747 2601, and they have a website.

Re: Appliance repairs
Reply posted by NicNic ... dated:28 August 2012
Try the one on Brook Rd, think its called Appliance Care but not 100%. I know they do fridges, freezers, washer etc
Re: Appliance repairs
Reply posted by Tixylix ... dated:27 August 2012
It's for the oven. We bought the element ourselves but when we went to fit it, one of the wires fell back into the oven casing, so we now need someone to do it for us.
Re: Appliance repairs
Reply posted by SteveW ... dated:26 August 2012
Are you looking at a replacement element for the oven or the hob? If it's the hob, then if you're lucky, you may be able to do it yourself. Many are replaceable simply by switching off the supply to the cooker, removing one screw and unplugging the element and then the reverse for replacement.
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