Roy Chadwick

Designer of the 'LANCASTER BOMBER'

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Re: Roy Chadwick
Reply posted by Wilson Carmichael
Roy lived in Westbourne Road and attended St. Clement's School and was in the Church Choir. He was an apprentice at AVROE and I have copy of his papers.
Re: Roy Chadwick
Reply posted by Margaret Dove
Roy Chadwick was my father. I am delighted to know you have papers about him. I have made Archives of his life and career.
Re: Roy Chadwick
Reply posted by Mrs Margaret Dove (his daughter)
Roy Chadwick made model aeroplanes in 1910 in Urmston, and flew them in The field behind his home. He entered the British Westinghouse at 14 yrs in the design office, and studied at night at The College of Technology: now The Institute of Science and Technology in Manchester. He joined the Air Pioneer , Sir Alliott Verdon Roe, as his Personal Assistant, in 1911 at the age of 18 yrs, when the firm was housed in the cellar of Humphrey Verdon Roe's Mill in Ancoats. and became Chief designer of A.V. Roe and Co Ltd in 1918. He designed over 200 aeroplanes, including the Avro 504K, The Avian, The Tutor, The Anson, Lancaster ,York, Shackleton and Vulcan. He was killed aged 54yrs on a Test flight in 1947, due to an error during an overnight service of the the Avro Tudor. His machines still fly, and are loved .
Re: Roy Chadwick
Reply posted by Ste
The Chadwick Pub in Urmston is named after him.
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