Pat Mills

Pat Mills was a women comedian/actress she won new faces in 1977, and appeared in tv shows such as crown court, common as muck, and making out. she was also well known on the club circuit, she lived at rydal avenue no.2 as a child, i know this as she was my aunty but sadly died a couple of years ago,

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Re: Pat Mills
Reply posted by Colin Upton
She attended Flixton Girls School and often refered to it in her club stage act as Flixton Fleas.
Re: Pat Mills
Reply posted by bearnard manning
I saw her perform at the john alker club. see was very funny. and she had guts to perform in what was a mans world in the gruff workingclass clubs on the northern club circuit of the 70s
Re: Pat Mills
Reply posted by Ollie
She was one of the judges when I sang at Fagins Nitespot Manchester on a mid week Talent show in 1980!
Re: Pat Mills
Reply posted by susan beddings
We saw her at the John Alker club she was a very funny comic. sad to hear she passed on
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