Judy Lowe

Married Richard Beckinsale (of 'Porridge', 'Rising Damp' fame) and Mother of actress Kate Beckinsale ('Shooting Fish', 'The Last Days of Disco', Pearl Harbor).

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Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Herbie Booth
She was married to Richard Beckinsale, who died many years ago.
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Val McCormack
I believe she lived in Davyhulme (but not sure). She went to Urmston Grammar School for Girls at the same time as me. She would have left in 1965 or 1966. I remember her in the school choir, as Captain of Eston house and participating in school drama productions. She played Gretel in a production of Engelbert Humperdinck's (the original EH!) operetta 'Hansel and Gretel'.
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Joan Broughton (nicknamed Amber)
In the early 1960s I was a member of Christ Church Youth Club down Walley Ave. The A.Y.P.A. "Anglican Peoples Association" they called it - and Judy Lowe was part of our group. She also lived in Davyhulme only five minutes from my house which was on Canterbury Rd. I think her Road could have been Newstead. I remember performing in a Pantomine which was written by the Vicar at the time Mr. Cameron - "Aladdin and his wonderful Lamp", I was cast as a vamp and Judy excelled in the part of Aladdin. We had such fun rehearsing and performing in front of our parents and friends. Can anyone remember any of this?
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Madeleine Burchill
Yes Val, I remember the production. I played the Dew Fairy completed with a pink tutu made by Mrs Williams!
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by ngrieve@benchmark-research.co.uk
Please could you tell me where I could get a copy of " Yesterday Dreams" Which Judy appeared in. In the 1980s
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Val
Correct surname is Loe not Lowe
Re: Judy Lowe
Reply posted by Christine Scott (Seddon)
Judy was in the same class as me at Irene Williamsons Ballet School on Church Road from about 1952 - 1958. I have some photographs of us all in a dancing display at the John Alker Hall, Flixton
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