John Comer

John Started in showbusiness with brother Tony as singers,Then John Got a part in the Film I'm Alright Jack, with Peter Sellers. He then had a long run in (Last of the Summer Wine, as Sid the caf'e owner,until his death.

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Re: John Comer
Reply posted by John Lynch.
Started in showbiz as a singer with brother Tony,Then they both got parts in the Peter sellers film !I'm Alright Jack!John went on to do more film work then into television as Sid the caf'e owner in !Last of the summer wine!.
Re: John Comer
Reply posted by John Lynch
John lived on Uplands Road in Flixton.I remember a big Rolls Royce pulling up outside his house, and Peter Sellers Got out of it.
Re: John Comer
Reply posted by Sharon Swift
I used to live on Reigate Road, Flixton and remember my my Neighbour Mrs Frank telling me that Jon Comer used to live at the back of her house and ours!
Re: John Comer
Reply posted by Olwen Krunic nee Brown - British Columbia Canada
When I was a kid Tony Comer was one of my playmates. I lived on Barton Road Lostock Estate Tony & Frank lived round the corner on Selby Road. My eldest brother hung out with Frank when they were young.
Re: John Comer
Reply posted by Olwen Krunic nee Brown. British Columbia Canada
Sorry I think I referred to John Comer as Frank. My eldest brother - who used to hang out with John - is called Frank!
Re: John Comer
Reply posted by Tom Roberts Australia( Club name Tom Eaton)
In the 60,s there was a TV ad for esso blue parrafin. Show bis characters made a lot of guesses as to whose voice was behind the ad. Strong contenders were, Roy Castle, Harry Gunn(Manchester club and theatre agent) and John Comer. John was avery modest chap. When we were celebrity guests artistes at the BAF club in Blackpool circa 1980, Johns opening line on stage was " I dont know what I'm doing here, I,m not famous!" I said hi to his brother Tony on Sretford Rd when visiting UK 2002. You can still hear him sing on Friday evenings at the Urmston Mens Club with his lovely talented wife June.
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