Hoare Belisha

Inventor of the Belisha beacon

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Re: Hoare Belisha
Reply posted by Gillian_P
Hoare Belisha, inventor of the Belisha beacon is (I was always told) buried in the Jewish Cemetry off Higher Road.
Re: Hoare Belisha
Reply posted by Sue Challen (great bedwyn history society)
I have been loaned a first copy of the highway code, when he was M of transport with his signature Leslie Hore (definately no a ) Belisha
Re: Hoare Belisha
Reply posted by Robert
he was not from Urmston but is buried in the Jewish Cem
Re: Hoare Belisha
Reply posted by Barry York
In 1986, I recorded an oral history interview with my mother, Olive York (nee Turner) who was born in south Hackney in 1916 but grew up in Iverson Road, West Hampstead, until emigrating to Australia in 1954. She refers to "Belisha Crossings", adding "as pedestrian crossings were known in those days". I think she's referring to 1930s or earlier but not sure. She says in the interview they were named after Hoare Belisha MP, who introduced them. This is or may not be of interest, With regards from Down Under, Barry York
Re: Hoare Belisha
Reply posted by Lionel Levy
Leslie Hoare-Belisha was born Leslie Belisha, his father died when he was very young and his mother remarried Sir Adair Hoare hence the double barrelled name. He was Minister for Transport and was responsible for the introduction of the British Icon The Belisha Beacon. He was Britsih Secretary for war (1937–40) who instituted military conscription in the spring of 1939, a few months before the outbreak of World War II. Although not born in Manchester his father was and buried at Urmston. He was first cousin of my grandfather.
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