Dumplington Circle

The First Roundabout in England

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Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by John Martins
The First roundabout in England which to my disgust has had its name changed from Dumplington circle to Ellesmear circle can anybody tell why it had to be changed?
Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by Herb Booth
They have changed the name from Dumplington to Elesmere because the greedy landlords, Peel Holdings, do not like the sound of Dumplington. So Trafford council helped them to "dump" the word. They have also managed to extend the boundries of Trafford Park, we now have an ASDA Trafford Park & the Comet has "Comet Trafford Park" painted on its windows. The Post Office has not helped by giving some bussiness a M17 (Tarfford Park) postcode & others the M41 (Urmston) postcode. Greed, that is what it is all about.
Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by Anthony Massey
Sadly, another example of local names disappearing. The area half a mile before Dumplington, at the motorway junction, used to be known as Wilderspool. And we can thank the Post Office for the collective name of Urmston. Flixton and Davyhulme do not exist in the eyes of the P.O
Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by Gordon Lumby
In the area of Dumplinton Circle is the supposed site of a early medieval Danish site. The Danes are thought to have settled in Flixton and Davyhulme.
Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by Tim Robbins
The earliest historical records of the area indicate that Vikings, or more specifically Norwegian Ormes, established a settlement known then as "Ormeston" between roughly 800 and 1050AD. Over time the spelling and pronunciation has changed to what is today known as "Urmston". (The "Great Orme" in Llandudno has a similar derivation.)
Re: Dumplington Circle
Reply posted by Fred
Just to the one about "Ormes town". My nana's family was called Orme and lived in Caddishead, Irlam. Her name was Annie and her father's name was probobly John Thomas. I never knew him so I do not.
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