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Member of the band - The Monkeys

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Re: Davy Jones
Reply posted by The Tinsleys
Davy Jones - Ex. Monkees Used to live in Urmston.
Re: Davy Jones
Reply posted by Penny
Hate to put a bee in anyone's bonnet, but first and foremost, Davy Jones is an Actor. First staring in Coronation Street, before going state-side to star in a childrens tv series called The Monkees. The series was set on an up and coming pop band ( we have in recent times had another childrens series based on the same idea known as Sclub7). Later on Davey Jones stared in another state-side sitcom called My Two Dads.
Re: Davy Jones
Reply posted by Trevor Tooze
Davy Jones was a lot more than noted in the previous comments. He starred in the great musical "Pickwick" in which Sir Harry Secombe played the lead. Davy had a major role, and was a great hit, as was the show when I saw it in Los Angeles. I also had the pleasure of meeting both stars. Davy was also a huge footbal fan.
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