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Bruce Sebrian from 118 miles east of San Francisco is wishing to get in touch with Kathy Walton .. I lost contact with Kathy alton 27 years ago. e started out as pen pals around 1966. She lived in Flixton, Urmston, Manchester on Trevor Road as I recall. She loved the Manchester United British football team. I think she had/has a sister named Valerie. And a younger brother as well, maybe Steven is his name. I think Kathy would be 57 today. Her kids probably have kids of their very own today. It would be a BIG thrill for me to hear from Kathy before I turn 60 in mid November, Onr more thing I just remembered, Kathy's married nane was is Mc ????. (Can't remember the married name). Anyone with valid info on this matter, PLEASE e-mail at: Bruce Sebrian (Excuss any typos you might find. This e-mail is being generated at 2:00 AM in the morning. I wish I could provide more information then I have. But, my brain cells are slowing drying up. Thanks in advance to anyone who can find Kathy or any member of her family. Bruce Sebrian (Sea-bre-an).

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