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Fern Sone from Hsipaw, Burma is wishing to get in touch with Elaine Edwards or Crooks. My name is Alison and I've just come back from Burma, where I met Fern Sone, a Shan princess who asked me to help find her former penfriend. In the late 50s and early 1960s, Fern had a penfriend called Elaine Edwards or Crookes (I can't remember which, maybe one was her maiden name and the other her married name). She will be around 60 years old now. After the coup in 1962, it became increasingly difficult for Fern to maintain contact with the outside world, which is why she lost touch with Elaine, but she would LOVE to hear from her again. I think the name of the street Elaine lived on was Westbourne Road. It's still difficult for Fern to receive letters, but if Elaine or anyone who recognises her contacts me, I'll do my best to set up some kind of communication with Fern. Here's hoping....

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