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Joan Broughton (nicknamed Amber) from The Hague, The Netherlands is wishing to get in touch with Does Anyone Remember Me?. Having just discovered this great Website, can't wait to become involved. Until 1966, when I moved to Toronto Canada, I lived at 189 Canterbury Rd, opposite the Doctors towards the Stretford end, and attended Whitelake School on the corner of Irlam Road in Flixton (does anyone know if the little school (actually a house is still standing?) I played tennis at Urmston Cricket Club and attended Ballroom dancing lessons at Sid and Dorothy Painters (have forgotten the name of the road but it led to Urmston Cemetary). Having not lived in the UK since the 60s, Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.....could be nice or not so nice I was a bit of a bolshy lass. .

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