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Haunted Urmston?
Topic posted by John ... dated:10 June 2004
Does anyone have any experience of paranomal activity in or around Urmston. I've never experienced anything that I'd decribe as a ghost, but a few evenings ago I was walking near the Ship Canal (at the end of Irlam Road near the locks), suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I felt a chill. I just put it down to a gust of wind or something, but suddenly I heard the sound of a horse's hoofs walking close by and saw the water ripple as if a boat was passing in a 'v' shape - but there was nothing there, no horse or boat !! What do people make of that?!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Dale ... dated:18 August 2017

It's getting to that time of year again!

I'm Dale and I'm a Paranormal Investigator - I'm thinking of doing a documentary about the ghosts and hauntings of Flixton, Urmston, Davyhulme and potentially Carrington if there is anything known to be there.

There are some great stories on here and I'd like to speak to people who know of any hauntings in the area, either what they've heard or what they've experienced.

Let me know if you would like to be involved.

Once haunted locations are determined, I'll aim to spend some time there.....all alone, armed only with my cameras.


Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Elliemay ... dated:02 November 2011
Thanks for clearing that for me JohnH, thought for a minute my mate Al was knocking on my door again!!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:02 November 2011
I do apologize. I saw the link on the Messenger's Most Read and assumed is was current!
I can always blame the ubiquitous Robert Downes!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Jayess ... dated:02 November 2011
I thought the mystery was the date.  The Messenger is dated 2nd November 2011 but the article is dated 22nd October 2009.  I am still trying to puzzle it out!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Dave - ... dated:02 November 2011
The helicopter was the mystery Elliemay.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Ed ... dated:02 November 2011
I seem to be troubled by horrific dreams of long ago, when pubs in Urmston and elsewhere being forced to close at 11pm or even 10.30pm.
When I'm an old man I might tell youngsters of it. Of course, they won't believe that such a thing ever was.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Elliemay ... dated:01 November 2011
Can someone please tell me what the very unusual event was last night as I can't find anything on JohnH's link. Thank you.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by JohnH ... dated:01 November 2011
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:01 November 2011
Halloween has come and gone, were there any new ghosts and goblins to talk about this year?
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:13 December 2008
LisaK, you can read about that particular ghost, the Gammershaw Boggart, in the A-Z. For those interested in the subject as a whole there are other stories too.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by LisaK ... dated:13 December 2008
Another story I've heard in the past was of a figure that used to be seen crossing Stretford rd where it joins Urmston lane not far past Simpsons Foods, a lady in long old fashioned dress would run across the road. Apparently there was a gallows located on the junction (well the road just changes name there, not strictly a 'junction'), many people were hung there and that's why it's haunted. Allegedly!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Herb ... dated:12 December 2008
I used to work (one of the many then but not a lot nowadays) at Procter & Gamble which is situated at the top end of Trafford Park Road & we had stories going around that there was a ghost wandering around. There are at least two stories of a ghost being seen in the kettle house & in the IDM building but both of these buildings have been demolished over the past 10 years so where the ghosts went is anybodies guess. It was rumoured that the ghost had been displaced by knocking down the old de Trafford Hall that is now a fork lift truck maintenance building just off Trafford Park Road.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Gill ... dated:12 December 2008
The Bent Brook was supposed to be haunted from the ghost of a previous landlord. I actually saw someone when I worked there many moons ago - thought it was a customer but when I turned back to serve him he had dissapeared. There was no way he could have walked past me either without seeing him. Spooky!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by GillianP ... dated:12 December 2008
You might have a bit of luck trying the local history society. I know that years ago I knew somebody who went there regularly and said they had a list of all the haunted places in the Urmston area. I personally know of a few places that are haunted from first hand/first hand accounts and if anyone is intersted if they contact me via David I'll let them know. I'm not posting them on here in case I worry anyone!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by LisaK ... dated:12 December 2008
Many years ago I worked at the Britannia Restaurant (now Mambo's), and that was supposed to be haunted in the upatairs restaurant. Apparently, before it was a restaurant it was an electrical showroom (Rumblelows was next door to restaurant but used to be on restaurant site, not sure how accurate that is mind!), a bloke hung himself there, his spirit was said to lurk up there. Non of the staff including me would go up on there own after closing time, weird atmosphere. Probably just our paranioa!
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Chris ... dated:12 December 2008
Does any one know of a warehouse/factory in Trafford Park that supposedly was haunted probably about 20 years ago.
Trafford Estates had great difficulty in letting out this property and it lay empty on and off for many years.
Apparently an article was written about the strange goings on in the Manchester Evening News but I have been unable to find any thing.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:05 November 2005
Here's the other picture I have:

Which is which? I think this one (now demolished) is where the 'old rectory' building now stands, guarded by a brick wall, gates, and holly bushes.

I think the one I posted previously was on the corner of Parsonage Road/Hampstead Avenue.

Mind you, they both might be the same building - there is a vague resemblence.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 November 2005
That's the answer then Tom, there were two Parsonage's. The P became an R probably because they don't have a Parson anymore but a Rector. This could be confused further if one adds the Vicar who lived at the Vicarage and not a Parsonage or a Rectory. I guess gentlemen of the cloth lived in a wardrobe.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:03 November 2005
It is confusing to say the least. According to Alan Crossland the parsonage was, as said, where Hampstead is now. The Rectory I refer to is just a top the hill as you go down to the old terminus. The place you refer to along side the 'new' Vicarage was the caretakers house for the school. In my day a Mr Henshaw lived there. The new vicarage is exactly that, new. Being a non-conformist excludes me from trying to sort out the why's and wherefores.:)
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Tom ... dated:02 November 2005
Old rectory on Parsonage road:

Now then, have a look at this:

Old map of Flixton

I don't really know which is which.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Geoff ... dated:02 November 2005
David (Divad) now you've thrown in The Vicarage and totally confused me!

I know from old maps that Parsonage Road used to lead to The Parsonage although I thought it was at the other end of Parsonage Road towards Western Road - I never knew it was on the present Hampstead Avenue.

The property almost opposite the bus terminus is called The Rectory but was a replacement for The Parsonage. And The Rectory (the original one) on Church Road is still there but a modern replacement (with similar brickwork designs) is alongside it opposite St. Michael's church.

So is there some sort of hierarchy for Rectories, Vicarages and Parsonages? And where do Presbyteries fit into things?
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Jules ... dated:02 November 2005
Claude - you should be a stand up comedian!!!!!! You are very funny.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Claude ... dated:02 November 2005
Oscar, you were there all day without seeing a sausage? perhaps you should have been looking at the Walls.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:01 November 2005
Just to clarify;
Geoff, the "Parsonage" 1400-1500 was built where Hampstead Ave is, the Vicarage 1825 a little further up Carrington Road.

John M. Naturally one thinks of it just being in the wood but close looking it is not there. Then again it is Halloween.:)
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by JohnM ... dated:31 October 2005
I can see the face, but why is in not just the grain of the oak?
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:31 October 2005
p.s. I can't see the face in the wood either.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Oscar ... dated:31 October 2005
I have been working at a supposed haunted house in Bowdon, there is meant to be a ghost that walks past the back window but despite being there all day (and a few days last week) not a saussage, on today of all days. If you ask me its all in people's imagination.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad ... dated:31 October 2005
In keeping with the time of year (Halloween) There is another strange situation at the cottage called Larks Rise. On one of the walls inside this place is embedded "a face" that has never been explained. Again I shall forward a photo for all to see.
Larks Rise is the white cottage near the Greyhound, probably the most photographed home in Flixton.
Re: Haunted Urmston?
Reply posted by Divad. ... dated:31 October 2005
Geoff, you are obviously a young man and only know of the present situation. If you go to the "old" Rectory on Carrington Rd you will see for yourself that even the gates are forged in wrought iron saying Rectory.
I took a photo of the place and it is in the Gallery.
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